Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Each day I forget how wonderful and blessed we are to live on Mermaid Beach.

The biggest problem I feel is when others resent that both of us are not working
we are taking the time off to have a babymoon and help build the foundations for our family on this wonderful beach....They want the beach and the backyard to themselves...
It doesn't matter where you go...
some don't want to share the view!

I suppose our apartments are in disrepair from greedy owners who wish the place torn down so they can makes lots of money selling their investment in what they think is the eventual demise of the Parthenon.

I think that my desire to live on this beach is threatened by a neighbor that threatens to call immigration because of this blog or enjoying some herb...(even when it was their's!)

I guess it doesn't matter where you go...
You get nutty neigbors even in paradise!

I see my child and then realize that he can have his place on the beach...
Yeh....keep smiling!

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