Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Colin Murray.... What will be in his future??

Will he sail a boat??

Will he become a lifeguard after training with the "nippers" on the Mermaid Beach Surf Life Savings Club??

Each day he takes in more and his eyes become more aware of his surrounding in his new World!!

What a fantastic birth in this Land Down Unda!!!....
We will be getting his Aussie birth certificates
in the next few days!!
Our first step to becoming an Australian family....
He will be born in Oz just as my father was
He will inherit our Australian
families' legacies....
Let's hope global warming doesn't cause our favorite beach won't be taken out with the tides when the oceans rise from the ravages of mankind!!

On another note:

It's funny one of the many reasons folk pull up my site is for "Prograstination"
and this site comes up first
but this other one mentions ADHD
Here is the translated version...
wow...it's ayear later and wonder what we have accomplished....
and then what little we have done...
I know that Angela wants her glasses
and I need to get them for her...
I need to spend time reading to Colin each morning or when he wakes up in the morning...
My spirits go way up when I know we can be in Oz next month!
I feel powerless
when I can't go outside because of this freezing col!

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