Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

" Somewhere over the rainbow"

This beautiful rainbow appeared after the storm...

Maybe that is a sign for us and the brave new world that Colin is arriving into!

(I had no clue this song would show up frequently in the movie, Australia!)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The End of the Greedocon Era!

Will this econonomic disaster help us learn to not be consumed all the time with spending ??
The media brainwashes us into thinking the "economy" depends on it!

Rather than just saying to yourself that you don't need those Nikes or a brand new Bubburban or a brand new home you can't possibly afford,
why can't Americans think ahead and save for the rainy day??

So many have been brainwashed by this crazy American attitude that if you don't spend every dime you have, you are a tightwad!
Saving money in the bank or under the matress doesn't help the economy!

Would it not be nice to have enough to afford to tell the Man to just take this job and shove it??What is wrong with saving money for that rainy day or better yet, for that place in paradise??

There is something wrong with rampant consumerism and America's constant hunger for material goods just to keep up with the Jones next door!..
Suddenly you are out of a job
and have to let your home go
for what??

Buy now and who cares about the future until Shylock asks for his pound of flesh!!
Well they are asking for payment now
and this country can't come up with the dough!
America will have to give up it's pound of flesh again at the expense of the American people!

Here in Oz,
a bloke down the beach about where Hedges avenue ends and Flamingo Avenue starts has been rumored to have burned down his beautiful place for the insurance payments...
he was one of these greedocon stockbrokers who bit the dust

even here across the Pacific far away from the States...
the wake of the Madoff madness has reached the shores of Down Unda
so imagine this poor bloke collecting all the the insurance payments for the replacement value of his smoldering mansion ...
and then he sells his burned down place for millions on the beach...

If you want to see how the rich and greedy live on holidays
come to Mermaid Beach

You wonder how many other multimillionaires on the coast ripped off unsuspecting people and even the government???

Ironically, there was a wonderful statue in front of his place with an old man admiring the view..
that is gone now...

I wonder about the very rich family who owns the palace almost next door to us and the brother owns another palace on the same block??
It was worked on for the better part of a year...
Every morning about 6 or 7 we were woken with their noise with laborers working busilyon redoing a palace that looked fine already...

a holiday home for the very rich

What a humongus carbon imprint so he can have his family enjoy Xmas and a couple holidays a year...oh yeah but he supplied maybe a 100 laborers with work... so he's good for the economy!

they had already been working on it for several months before we arrived in September

they import all of the palm trees and extend their area over into what was the sidewalk area for the public to use as a free entrance

Why do people trust greedy basturds
that will generally shaft the common bloke who knows no better
Havent we learned from the depression?...

The only thing that is safe are the government backed banks...
We should question the salaries and credentials of anyone that has acess to our lifetime investments!

PS...Hey it's cool that my site comes up first when you do a search for
"Bush"+"has a grandiose sense of self-importance" "
It seems like I get a hit every other day for Bush and his dry drunk syndrome!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ok....I figure that it was raining outside after attempting to sleep through Colin's incessant crying in the morning... I get and see him smile at me...It looks like he might up end up as redhead...
his grandma sent us some mobiles...He has been constantly watching his new toys as they wobble in the bassinette...
Both of us have so much ADD combined with the inherent laziness in the condition
We bought a fan and carried it back all the way on top of the tram ...about a mile away
with no clue that it would be such an operation to figure out how to put it together
and also the toy that Colin will was missing screws we have to find the right screws at the market and then put it together
I'm thinking that both of us will have to try a little addaboy
tomorrow after a good sleep...we will figure it out...

Now it's almost sunny and I'd rather smoke a bowl and enjoy this Sunday after xmas and write to you while I look out at the ocean...

I was curious about some of the searches for my site
They were searching "famous family psychologists marijuana"

and this was one of the sites that came up along with my blog in this bloke's search..
Others have realized how cannabis helps create fantastic ideas! as long as one figures out which garbage to throw out or edit??

William Shakespeare
"Several 17th-century clay pipes found on the site of William Shakespeare's home may have been used to smoke marijuana.Though marijuana degrades over time, eight of those pipe fragments showed signs suggestive of marijuana. Two of the pipe samples also showed evidence of cocaine.The results of the study are published in the South African Journal of Science."

I often get up early for Colin's early feeding ..

then I wait for the sun

and go back to bed to sleep till 9, 10 or sometimes 11...

I need this almost to replenish my soul or I forget how gorgeous the ocean is especially when she meets the sun and the waves from the other side of the world where most of my readers are right now
It is such a wonderful luxury to have this view and this ocean of the world to swim in several times a day...

I had forgotten how to play as adults we very often forget what is was like to play as a child...

I think that I've got a long ways to go before I can call myself a good father... The least I could do is learn to play again as Colin grows and see the world as it opens up to him..
Horoscope from Daily Om:
"You can always go within to seek guidance, or a new perspective. By turning away from the trappings of the material world to connect with the source of energy within us, we can renew ourselves and look at life from a different vantage point. By using our inner compass as our guide, we are more likely to discover connections at the right time or even just be in the ideal place when opportunity comes along. Whether you’ve found a new use for old files or you come up with a way to use your skills with those of various partners, you are likely to discover that the resources have always been available to you, it merely required the initiative to put them into use. Today is a perfect day to tap into all the resources available and creatively consider new ways to bring abundance into your life."
What do you think?

Friday, December 26, 2008

I thought about an image that has delved itself into the subconcious...

I have a beautiful Murch painting in loving care right now until we decide on where we we will be ...

We will probably most likely be on our paradise on earth with the damaging sea air??>> Will I need to enclose it behind glass??..

But I guess I should not put oil behind glass..

Thank you anonymous ;) I think I was probably told that and forgot.
When I went to sleep as a child that image of the two beautiful blondes with the baby child on the beach was etched inside my subconscious ..

it gave me an image the perfect nurturing females and it was almost heavenly..

It is the most natural painting and so beautifully evocative...How prophetic...!! Loving parents with a beautiful baby and on Mermaid Beach.... an image came true..

I wish that there was a copy of it on the internet so I could show everybody but I pulled up some other Murch paintings to give you the feel of his paintings and his idea of heavenly maternal women! ...

It was what I grew up looking at in our cozy family living room in our large home in Rochester!

That image of those two almost heavenly women lovingly taking care of their little female baby must have forever lodged itself in my mind.....
When a woman reaches that point with me where they become my nourishing milk of love

I am theirs...
Who wudda thought?...

Images like these get delved into our subconcious...

It was an epipheny that just happened right now!...

I suddenly realize that when I would fall asleep, I would have images of these heavenly angels nurturing me and later in my adolescent wet dreams making love to me?? Does that help explain some of my inner id feelings??
apparently so..
is that just a little bit too much information??

try to understand these natural feelings...
religion makes us supress these feelings

our culture makes us believe that these instinctual feelings are wrong or immoral !

It is only natural to realize the feelings we have

and then can actually see how beautiful the result can be....

At this late age it is such a wonderful feeling evolving(?) lover to father....
ppuff, pass

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Xmas to friends and family!!....

"Greetings Garvald from the land of the lost. Rafeal here Wednesday 24, 2008 colorado springs cl, my brother's house. Eroine and i have added one more boy, Vander, to our family and Aiden is doing great. Your son looks beautifull, Hope all is well in the land of waves and beaches. Is your bike
still running? Hows Father-hood? When did you escape? Hope to here from you."

Wow!! That is so cool that you have a new boy! compardre, Miguel!
When did he arrive into this world?
It's funny that almost a year and a half ago in summer before I met my wife ...
I was visiting your family in that high oasis in the middle of the desert of Arizona
over a few tokes over the line
we were chatting
about the possibilities of me being a father..
I believe you put the idea of having a child in my mind since Aiden was born
I thought about how it changed your life
and now it is changing ours!

We finally escaped the "land of the the lost" in early September to have our baby and work on becoming full time Aussies! :)

I was just thinking about you guys and I lost your old number with the old cell phone ..

My bike and Buffy are with the inlaws. I had to build an outdoor pen for her.

I've bought a mountain bike here and it runs great... I do all of our family shopping by the vehicle so we don't have to be slaves to autos and have a fantastically low carbon imprint..

"Land of the lost is a great way to discuss the screwed up way greed and capitalism have destroyed the disorganized states of America!
Write another comment, Raphael!

....mmmm....coool...I have some epiphanies and thoughts that need to be written down... Time keeps accelerating,,,,,
I wake up to the baby crying...we are both exhausted ...I go for a swim and bike...
come back surf.... write on this journal only what I feel like telling you about...
The New Year is aproaching...and we have to

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Had to put back the Mozzy screen...I just wish we had a real balcony....

What could be more romantic??...

looking at this everyday...

Just had to really hit the surf today...Now that I bought one of hats that has a strap to stay on and is waterproof....I can stay out in the sea a lot longer!

I felt like I could be out there a long time and strong...a new self image of myself!

It is the coolest feeling when you really hit that wave at just the right angle to zoom sideways along the coast with the wave...

swimming twice as fast as any Olympian ...

taking the power of the wave!

It's really being in the zone!

We have to approach the time here as a wonderful holiday...We want to enjoy everyday as much as we can...And celebrate our new family...

Passion Flower was named after Jesus....hmmm..I buy it and put it in my bicycle cart along with a pot of catnip and the next day my flower blooms in the image of Jesus

Just kidding...

But it was so cool about signs...
We have our passion now ..our flower

our child... each day he smiles a little more and moves his head a little more...we have lazy almost idyllic days... we went shopping at the Oasis and we felt more a family than ever before!

I thought about which image of Jesus I should show??

..and then thought of the Okie they imagine if Jesus came back he would drink beer and go hunting with them!

My wife really believes in Jesus. I figure that I am waiting for his second appearance...and then I think about God...

He is easier to fathom than Jesus walking on water and turning the lake into wine!

I buy some passion fruit and I put it on the ice cream and cheesecake...mmmmm....

Sunday, December 21, 2008



Im learning the keyboard so I can perform a masterpiece some day!

oh...well...another day on the beach

tough life!

Maybe we can take a trip to Byron Bay??

It is such a chore trying to get everything ready for our first trip with the Bub...

I am amazed how a single parent can take care of a baby all by themselves!

Friday, December 19, 2008

I prograstinate on taking that surf ...

...The days keep swimming by in this beautiful paradise
.....I suppose that is one of the frquent depressing

thoughts that often invades humans' minds...

where as animals don't have that ability or does an old dog realize that he's too old to learn new tricks??

I have an image of a dog deciding he would rather just take a nap instead of going after an old stick!!

Maybe I could do a search for that and see what funny pics show up for a dog debating about the stick ??...

I guess the only thing that I have discipline to do daily is put more pics on this blog that less than 5-10 read everyday...

We need to make another adventure!!....
Where could we go without spending an outrageous amount??
Both of us are so tired being full time parents....
But the wanderlust can compensate for our frequent state of inactivity of winter/summer hibernation??

With our ADD and very tired state of exhaustion, it is almost too much energy to get out to go shopping on my bicycle...let alone mail all these xmas cards that family and friends that we should be in touch with...
I worry that when I send pics to the in laws, somehow porn will be sent luck...
Porn is so horrible... ;)

neked images of women...horrible.. I guess in ancient days it was ok make pictures and statues..but today that puritan ethic invades our cultures...

(low carbon imprint rationale for laziness...I need to send that definition to Urban dictionary!)

I feel almost like not having the energy combined with the overwhelming feeling and need to get together by my extended Australian family...

If the inertia would take hold we would both be so proud of each other... I want to do it without feeling the crutch of ADDAboy...
I suppose that both of could accomplish so much more when we try it...but it is an amphetamine so it would not be at all healthy for my lactating wife...but me??
I try to get into the mindset of that this is our holiday "babymoon"...
We should be enjoying ourselves!!....

Aproaching this year as our very low carbon imprint babymoon is our best philosophy of life for the moment...
No worries mate!
Hey Mate! Shutup and pass the bloody bong!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Message From VERONICA
"Thinking is one of the daily aspects of linear living. Everything you participate with right down to the brand of toothpaste you use is a thought process. It's something you do automatically without understanding the grandness of what is occurring.
Every time you think of something it manifests itself into your daily routine. All occurrences and experience in linear are a result of your thoughts.

Often we are asked to define what will occur with one's life.

A more informative answer would be for us to ask the questioner what their thoughts include. Are they positive? Negative? Or are they a jumble of randomness with no direction? We find that the more troubled the individual is the more scrambled is their thought process.

Our advice is to understand how important thinking is.

If you are currently dissatisfied with your life for any reason take the time to examine your thoughts. If you are truthful with yourself you will be able to see the process that has brought you to where you are now.

How do you change it?

Start by carefully examining what you think about but more importantly how you think.
Consider it.
Your thought creates your reality.

Would it not be a comfort to change those things that are unsuitable for you?

It is within your power.

Thoughts are the most powerful tool in the universe and they are right there in your head.