Sunday, November 30, 2008

What can I say?? hmmmm....
any relationship goes through ups and downs
My baby has a chance to go on a tax refund spending spree...
I just worry that we can keep the modest expenditure of lower middle class beach bums....
I have herbal induced delusions of writing a bestseller when I see how great the pics are with the verbage of words!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Imagine the Republican image of Jesus coming back in a gas guzzling bubbamobile with 6 behemoth tires, a rifle in the gunrack, and Bush/Cheney bumper sticker replaced by McSame and Palenface for 2008!"

Things are looking up at whatever God is on our side (??)
I dont have the image of this kind of Jesus coming back from 2000 years ago....This republicon neoconkristian version believes that he would also have a chainsaw to make sure to make the desert even more totally devoid of trees....
Making room for the suburbs of Bethlehem for all of His flock to come pay their homage to him preach the Bible!

Today I realize more and more how lucky we both are!!
When I forget about all the things I should be doing and focus how happy and lucky we are together..! We are blessed to have the most beautiful angelic looking boy! He is so healthy and having a water birth makes him even more agreeable...I hope...

Today a huge storm came in from the mountains rushing over the coast...we could see it get dark and look as ominous as an Okie Tornado fixing to inflict the wrath of mother nature on the natives!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Ok for one brief mom ent I will show you my face before it loses it's anonymity....

I think what better favor could God give to a family ??

a little over a year ago last summer before I met my angel,

bringing up a family in Oz was the furthest thing from reality in life...

I had no clue I could be so happy!!

a little share of Hedges Avenue, on the beach, absolute beachfront, the waves are mine!@!!

Is this my second trimester??
all this swimming every day has barely made a dent in my belly...

Ps the ocean is behind me...

all I can say is

"Wish you were here!"

and thanking you george bush for making me realize we need to be in another country where the folks aren't so stupid to vote for the most retarded president in history twice in a row!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another dreary day during cyclone weather here on the Gold Coast. We are getting ready for the adventure of shopping at Pacific Fair while we have to brave the elements and hopefully don't have to walk home in a cyclone with little Colin Murray...He is sleeping now so we can work out our rests and breaks during these times...
We have to get on to a better schedule with our ADD so we can plan out our ventures better and deal with the accidental shit outbursts. Today it exploded out of his diapers all over my angel's black pants instead of on our bed...

We are developing a system so we won't be on each other's backs so often...

I suppose that both of us get cabin fever when it's raining the whole week with nowhere to go in the rain... I thought that I could lighten up the mood with these pics!

"2.3m great white shark was pulled ashore off Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast yesterday, after getting caught in a shark net." was caught by the baited hook that they leave on buoys intermittently along the coast,

Tourists are lead to believe that the shark net is all across the coast but there are only nets at various spots along the coast so sharks can go on both sides of the nets.

They hope that if the rogue bull shark comes close to shore because of the whale migrations he will be attracted to the bait left anchored at various spots along the coast.

Here is another article about the episode:

Great white washes up on beach
October 18th, 2008
GOLD Coast City Council lifeguard Dave White found himself in a scene straight from the movie Jaws when he spotted a buoy and then a fin moving off Mermaid Beach yesterday. See the photos
COUNCIL lifeguard Dave White found himself in a scene straight from the movie Jaws when he spotted a buoy and then a fin moving off Mermaid Beach yesterday.
When he grabbed the buoy in shallow water just off shore, Mr White received a surprise -- on the end of the hook was a 2.3m great white shark.
"I was checking the flags on the beach when I saw the buoy moving and thought, 'that isn't right'," said Mr White.
"When he swam back against the current and I saw the fin I realised something was going on."
Thankfully the beaches were empty yesterday, as the grey skies kept many swimmers and beach revellers away. (Of course, I was the only fool swimming along the coast that morning totally clueless!)

Photo gallery: Great white sharkHave your say on the feedback form below
It was the second great white caught off the Coast in the past three days after a 2.1m shark was hooked off Rainbow Bay on Wednesday.
It follows reports from scuba divers who saw three 4m great whites at The Pass at Byron Bay and at Smith's Shoal, near Flinders Reef off Cape Moreton, in the past two weeks.
Yesterday's action happened about 12.30pm. With the help of another lifeguard who left his tower up at Nobby Beach, Mr White managed to drag the line and wrangle the shark to shore.
"It was shock more than anything, especially when I realised it was a great white," he said.
A number of stunned witnesses watched as the shark was taken from the water.
Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries Queensland shark control program manager, Tony Ham, said great white sightings were not uncommon on the Coast this time of the year.
"It's a bit unusual in that they normally tend to be held in the drum line once they have been caught," said Mr Ham.
"However, from time to time they will thrash and bite frenetically at the anchor rope, as happened yesterday."
The shark was on the beach for about 20 minutes before DPI&F officers took it away to be studied and to check its stomach contents.
Yesterday's catch was the twelfth great white caught in the nets on the Gold Coast since 2003.
Mr Ham said swimmers should be mindful of the great white's presence on the Coast. They would be around for at least another month as they followed the whale population on its migration south.
"It goes to show people should still exercise caution when they are swimming at the beaches, even if they are in the patrolled areas," he said.

and did I exercise caution. I was swimming with my now lost in the surf Aussie hat!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TODAY is drizzly and time for the fatal great white sharks!

So I will just have a quick swim before they can smell my cheeks!

Gold Coast shark attacks - statistics and related information
Since the instigation of the Shark Control Program by the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries in the 1960s, sharks are rarely sighted on open surf beaches (perhaps once every six months) and there has not been a fatal shark attack off a Gold Coast ocean beach since 1964. However, shark sightings in the canals are very common and since 2002 there have been two fatal shark attacks in canals and inland lakes.
The following table shows the number of recorded shark attacks on the Gold Coast, where the attack took place, the nature of the injury, what the person was doing at the time, the time of day, species of shark and other relevant information where available.
Please note that shark attacks have not been listed where it was clear that the shark was provoked (for example there have been a number of incidents where shark fisherman have been bitten while trying to remove sharks from their nets), or where it has not been proven that a shark was at fault (there have been incidents where people have gone missing and it has been presumed that a shark took them, but there is insufficient evidence to confirm the details).
Unprovoked shark attacks on the Gold Coast: 1905-2007
This data is Copyright © 2008 Gold Coast and may not be reproduced without permission
Information Source
Fingal Beach
male, an American tourist

No injury, board broken in two

3m shark
Herald, 4/10/1990, p.4
Body surfing
Frank Ilett
Leg lacerated & punctured

V.M. Coppleson (1958), pp.92 & 238. Note: L. Schultz lists date as 1/15/1934
Kirra Beach
Norman Girvan
3.6m Female Tiger Shark
V.M. Coppleson, pp.51, 81-84 & 234; A. Sharpe, pp.94-96; H. Edwards, pp.114-115
Surfers Paradise
Douglas Bright
Chest lacerated

V.M. Coppleson (1958), pp. 93 & 238
Burleigh Heads
Body surfing
Leo Vincent Ryan
Part of buttocks & fingers severed
3m 'White Shark'
G.P.Whitley (1951), p. 194, cites Sunday Herald (Sydney), 11/26/1950 edition; V.M. Coppleson (1958), pp. 93-94 & 239
Burleigh Heads
Leo Ryan

Lost left hand

Palm Beach
Swimming or wading out to warn bathers that a shark had been seen
Neil Tapp
Bruised shoulder chest & foot

V.M. Coppleson (1958), pp.95 & 240
Surfers Paradise
Peter Gerard Spronk

Surfers Paradise
Trailing the field in a surf race
Jeffrey Francis Sasche (or Sachse)
Lower left leg bittten, hand abraded
3m-4.3m Shark
Daily Mirror (Sydney) 11/23/1959 edition; G.P. Whitley; P. Gilbert, L. Schultz & S. Springer (1960); J. Green, p.35
Surfers Paradise
taking part in a club race
Geoff Sachse

bitten on both legs and arms

North Burleigh
Standing in chest-deep water
David Beaver
Right foot lacerated
Small Shark
Sunday Mail (Brisbane), 11/29/1959 edition
Greenmount Beach
Lance Maloney
Shin bitten
60cm shark
Courier Mail (Brisbane), 2/5/1962
Fingal Beach
Rescuing swimmers
Glenthorne Prior

Daily Mirror (Sydney), 11/19/1964 edition
Surfers Paradise

Jan Ligrov
Arm lacerated

Grey Nurse
(1994) #1524
Currumbin Rock

Mark Worman

Hand bitten

R. McKenzie, Sunday Mail, 9/6/1987, p.11

Gary Jones


R. McKenzie, Sunday Mail, 9/6/1987, p.11
Mermaid Waters
Swimming in canal
Kristoffer Fredriksen
Left ankle broken & lacerated

2m Shark, possibly Bronze Whaler
Courier-Mail, 11/7/1989, p.3
Mermaid Waters
Craig Coleman
Buttocks & hip bitten

Sunday Mail (QLD), 10/28/1990, p.1
Nerang River
Michael Pignolet
Abdomen, hip, leg & arm bitten

1.5m Shark
Herald Sun, 11/30/1990, p.34
Mermaid Waters
Michael Sproule
Hands, legs & buttocks lacerated

Sunday Mail, 1/20/1991, p.1
Nerang River (Carrara)
Left leg biten

Small Shark
The Advertiser, 3/1/1997, p.12
Main Beach
Andrija Rojcezic
Left calf bitten

Miami Lake
Beau Martin
Bull shark
T. Peake, GSAF; Northern Territory News, 12/20/2002, p.9
Burleigh Lake
Bob Purcell
2m Bull Shark
T. Peake, GSAF; Sunday Territorian, 2/9/2003, p.9

Thanks for doing a great job! Lifequards!

Executive privilege!

Imagine George Jr. after a hard night drinking. He gets up and has his morning quart of coffee on the White House trailer trash porch ..

using executive privilege on preventing the blocking of emissions in California

Hell...A man ought to pass gas anywhere he wants in his country he fought for!!

while taking a load of his mind!

Why not have some Bush beer in case you get thirsty sitting out in the heat!

Best thing for a hangover!

Another dawn in paradise. My window to the Pacific!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Full Moon with sky writing!
I walk down my backyard for a swim every morning and evening!

A picture is worth a thousand words....

while getting herbalized on the expensive herbal medication

the creativity pours out...

thoughts inspired to search for words

that inspire more pics

created in the brain

and then visualized

you capture the thoughts with a photograph or drawing??

It's about an hour before dawn

while my reality changes

we are the dawn of a new beginning...

A song that has haunted me with bittersweet love memories

infused with a new found love for my son

while he sleeps in the bassinette

soundly dreaming after tasting the mother's milk I gave the angelic cherub...

He was crying so hard a few moments ago...

and now he feels the cool subtropical breezes permeating through my cousin's flat


We are here at the Parthenon because of an incident in time 42 years ago...

as a child you decided to check out the haunted fibro mansion

serving as a boarding house for young students from Russia??

all you see is the money that the green transparent coke bottles will bring!!

threepence for each bottle

two toy soldiers for 2 shillings!

You will be able to have extra for a small ice cream cone or a milkshake

Next thing, Dad is questioning you about the place in front of Uncle Ron and the rest of the extended family...

Am in in trouble??

I explain the whole breakdown of the big old 2 story haunted mansion with thin fibro walls towering on top of the beach dunes...

Brother, Ron, thinks that the frame of the building shares the same basic design as the Greek Parthenon...

My uncle's family and my family buy the place!!!

Was it all because of your seeing money in those gorgeously green coke bottles....??

You smile with anticipation of the toy soldiers??

You had no clue that you would own your home 42 years from that magic moment of excited anticipation!!!

You sneak in through a little hole in the outside wall just above the outside stairs!!

You have opened up your future residence in paradise with that one little glimpse into the unknown future home of your new Australian family!

It's about an hour before dawn
What can I say other than we deserve it!! I have been waiting so long to have my Mermaid Beach in my backyard!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

By learning from the example of our winged guides, all of us can feel empowered to take on daring challenges as we chart adventurous courses. Feel the strength of others moving alongside you, as their presence lends power to your wings during this journey across the sky of life. When buffeted by unexpected gusts, we can choose to find refuge in the loving shelter of friends and family. We may even marvel as an otherwise difficult day passes by like a swift wind, as a kindred spirit charts a way for us through the clouds and rain ahead. If your wings begin to ache on your journey, look around for somebody else to fly at the front for a while. All of us move faster when we move together. Let your ego drop earthwards as we all soar ever higher.What do you think...
I couldn't resist republishing this quote that seems to parallel our lives!!

"beginning of a great adventure"

"it might be great to have a kid that I could kick around
a little me to fill up with my thought
A little me or he or she to fill up with my dreams
a way of saying life is not a loss
I'd keep the tyke away from school and tutor him myself
keep him from the poison of crowd
But then again pristine isolation might not be the best idea
It's not good trying to immortalize yourself
Beginning Of A Great AdventureBeginning Of A Great Adventure
Why stop at one, I might have ten, a regular TV brood
I'd breed a little liberal army in the wood
Just like these redneck lunatics I see at the local bar
with their tribe of mutant inbred piglets with cloven hoovers
I'd teach them how to plant a bomb, start a fire, play guitar
and if they catch a hunter, shoot him in the nuts
I'd try to be as progressive as I could possibly be
as long as I didn't have to try too much
Beginning Of A Great Adventure
Beginning Of A Great Adventure
Susie, Jesus, Bogart, Sam Leslie, Jill and JeffRita, Winny, Andy, Fran and JetBoris, Bono, Lucy, Ethel Bunny, Reg and Tom
that's a lot of named to try not to forget
Carrie, Marlon, No and Steve La Rue and Jerry LeeEggplant, Rufus, Dummy, Star and The Glob
I'd need a damn computer to keep track of all these names
I hope this baby thing don't go too far
I hope it's true what my wife said to me
I hope it's true what my wife said to me
Hey I hope it's true what my wife said to me
She says, baby, it's the Beginning of a Great Adventure
Baby, it's the Beginning of a Great Adventure
Take a look
It might be fun to have a kid that I could kick around
create in my own image like a god
I'd raise my own pallbearers to carry me to my grave
and keep me company when I'm a wizened toothless clod
Some gibbering old fool sitting all alone drooling on his shirt
some senile old fart playing in the dirt
It might be fun to have a kid I could pass something on to
something better than rage, pain, anger and hurt
I hope it's true what my wife said to me
I hope it's true what my wife said to me
I hope it's true what my wife said to me
She says Lou, it's the Beginning of a Great AdventureLou, Lou, Lou, Beginning of a Great Adventure
She says baby, how you call your lover boy
Sylvia, quite you call your lover man "

Thank you, Muffy, for thinking of me when you heard this song of Lou Reed
I definitely empathize with him dealing with redneck lunatics at the the crazy bars of Oklahoma!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ok "Ich bin ein dichtes ass!!"
but that is the only way we can survive and be bums for a year and have the freedom to just concentrate on being parents...
. aber das ist die einzige Art, wie wir überleben können und werden Bums für ein Jahr und haben die Freiheit, nur auf die Eltern ....
posted by Randy Hayes at 7/15/2008 11:59:00 AM

I couldn't resist doing a cut and paste of my blog in German! I am amazed how computers can do such a perfect translation into German! I wish that I could write and speak German as well as this!!

My cheery cheeky regards to the departing neoconservative administration!

Neoconservative Newsbuster's ass. editor Noel Sheppard >>

My cheery cheeky regards to the departing neoconservative administration!

When I pull up this hilarious site run by Mathew Sheffiel and Noel Coward with Brent Bozo Bozell taking credit for the farce,

the following few words comes up on my computer in a similar fashion to what they did to censor the school district access fearing that teachers would expose the right wing corporate controlled media!

They banned the whole IP for the school district a couple of years ago for a few months ...

Fatal error: Call to undefined function drupal_get_path() in /services/web/virt/

/docs/modules/ troll/troll.module on line 74

These right wing fanatics need to be exposed for exactly for what their plans are for fucking up the universe along with making sure the country goes down the tubes!
puter from pulling up the site.

It is so hilarious. Newsbusters is so scared that I will do cut and pastes of their interpretations of the
"liberal media!!"
it was so well brought to the attention of the ignorant gullible redneck public by rush limblob!!
Now when I attempt to see their articles, I see the above , instead of just "access denied"

It is so funny that they put troll twice in their response....
The future totalitarian government would control acess to media in the same way!!!
It parallels George Orwell's character who was watched continually by the state...
they would love to control your computer and see every bit of literature that you write so that they could send you off to a Guantanemo prison to brainwash you to be poor and ignorant like the rest of the proletariat!

wow!! I am so lucky...we are so lucky!! starting a family in the best place I can think of...
This is paradise!!
And I love Oz and the people so much more!!
I feel ownership here...I guess I can say that I am happier than I have been in such a long time..
The memories of chilhood keep coming back when I used to romp , surf and play on the beach!!
I never thought that this would materialize but it is everything that I fantasize life could be just being beach bums~~~
I see the way this government is so much more helpful for folks encountering disaster...
The primininister, Kevin Rudd, was there immediately in Brisbane telling exactly what the government could do to help the folks with many homes destroyed by the hurricane...
Brisbane is only about 60 miles inland from here on the Gold Coast!
I compare this to the way our current neocon government did such a shitty job attempting to help the poor folks of New Orleans!
There is no comparison!

The choice is obvious, I need Colin Murray Garvald to see how he can be Australia if he so desires...He will be able to visit the states and see if it has finally imploded on itself in 2 decades...or he can live on the beach with low carbon imprint...
I want to show him an positive environmental life style with a low materialistic upbringing..
I want him to understand how it is so easy to be happy riding a bike instead of vehicles!

We have someone to carry on our traditions...
I have become friends with my cousin Lou's son, Sam...
Interestingly, I have met only one relative, Jane of my extended family in Oz!
Sam is living opposite from me....
I see the Krimmer traits from my mother's side
He loves the beach just as so many others love being part of the beach...
We went body surfing yesterday and have had some good chats...
He and his friend, Ryan, went out to Surfers!
They are young regular studs in their last years of UNI! (university)
Australian love to party...
Sam has thick red hair and smilingly showed me all the condom wrappers from their young high testosteroned life styles!
I am glad they are wearing gloves!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Americans Rejected 'Drill, Baby, Drill' -- Bush Should Respect Our Choice"

The Bush Neocons are trying to slip this by the people. They will do their best to continue fucking up the environment the way they have been successful in doing so for the last decade!
<-(When did Republicans start believing Jesus would carry a gun and love to chop down trees??)

Americans Rejected 'Drill, Baby, Drill' -- Bush Should Respect Our Choice
by Robert Redford from the Huffington Post

Part of the change Americans just voted for in overwhelming numbers was to move away from the failed energy philosophy of "drill, baby, drill" to a more farsighted strategy, emphasized by Barack Obama, based on clean, renewable energy and efficiency. Yet on the very day that we raised our voices for change, the Bush administration dragged us in the opposite direction.
The Bureau of Land Management cynically chose November 4 to announce a last-minute plan to lease huge swaths of majestic wilderness in eastern Utah for oil and gas extraction one month before President-elect Obama takes office.
As its clock runs out, the Bush administration also is trying to open-up drilling all over the Rockies and Alaska, to green-light oil shale leasing, and to weaken the Endangered Species Act. Though sad, it's no surprise, coming as it does from the same crowd that designed a misguided national energy policy in secret meetings with the oil, gas and coal industries.
The BLM didn't just try to slip the audacious Utah lease maneuver past the American people on an historic election day, it actually hid the ball from its sister agency, the National Park Service, and then rejected the Service's request for more time to review the scheme.
Among the 360,000 acres to be auctioned for industrial development is pristine land near Canyonlands National Park, adjacent to Arches National Park and Dinosaur National Monument. This Christmas gift to the dirty fuel industry includes parts of Desolation Canyon, named in 1869 by the explorer John Wesley Powell, which has been proposed for national park status. In fact, the BLM itself described Desolation Canyon nine years ago as "a place where a visitor can experience true solitude -- where the forces of nature continue to shape the colorful, rugged landscape."
Words alone cannot do justice to the beauty of these places, but they do capture the absurdity of the Bush plan. Oil and gas drilling in Desolation Canyon? Industrial development along the meandering Green River? The thought makes one wince.
The Obama transition team already has signaled its opposition to the leases, and said that once in office the Obama administration will try to reverse them. Let's hope that's possible. Utah's eastern expanse is one of America's few remaining wilderness treasures. It's our land, it's our legacy, but will it still be here for our children and grandchildren? We made our wishes about that known loudly and clearly on election day.
We voted to take control of our own destiny by breaking our addiction to dirty fuels. We voted to re-power America with clean energy from wind, solar and geothermal power. We voted to use of our greatest resource, American ingenuity, to build economic, energy and climate security, and to preserve our natural heritage. Yes we did. And yes we can.

Robert Redford, an actor, director and environmental activist, is a Trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council and is the founder of Sundance, in Utah.
This post also appears on NRDC's Greenlight blog. "

wow!!....if we are not careful they will continue to screw us. Bush is putting many from his administration into the high level career spots where they can continue to screw up the environment or block and prevent Obama from attempting to prevent drilling in pristine wilderness!
""It is an attempt by the outgoing administration to limit as much as possible [the incoming administration's] ability to put its policy imprint on the Department of Interior,"
Bush "Burrowing" Key Political Appointees In Career Civil Service Jobs

I believe as I'm sure many others do that we need to be continually wary of how the neocons are fucking up the environment and screwing the American people as possible.
The right wing corporate controlled media are telling us to bend over so that we can be screwed again!

That reminds me of along time ago when I was unsucessfully trying to hitch a ride in the very red state of Okiehoma. Folks would stop and ask what party I was. I said that I was an environmentalist and they would drive on. Finally this gorgeous woman stopped and asked me the same question. I said I was Republican so she picked me up and started hiking up her skirt more and more until I got so excited that I had to say.
"I'm sorry. You're gonna have to let me off. I've only been a Republican a few minutes and I feel like screwing somebody!!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

This is an example of Australia's racist past. I thought that it might be of interest.

Believe it or not, there is a large mountain still called "Mt. Niggerhead"! I am afraid to say it for fear of being labelled a racist myself. Amazing but true!

It has been raining here all day on the coast and I'm not in the mood for writing very much. I guess that I could say that I am a little bored but I went for my daily swim regardless of the rain and changed the diapers for Colin early in the am. I talked to brother Ron and he told me how great fatherhood is!...other than that I wish that I had a little herb ;)

Neocon Nemesis: Original thought!

I couldn't resist putting the evil face of Cheney at the front of this post about neoconservatives.

"Quote: Originally posted by Hy Colonic
#1 - Having an original thought?

That is probably what neoconservatives fear the most.
These folks listen to Rush and Fox and only use talking points that you have heard by the right ad infinitum.
They listen to these hot air egotists and suddenly they think they have all the arguments plugged into their little brains to respond to liberals ( what they call anyone who disagrees with Bush or Fox)
If you get away from their standard talking points, they don't know how to respond so they call you a liberal lunatic or worse
they will try to find out your real name and even go as far as to find out your career! They will attempt to say anything in their attempts to destroy your credibility..
If that doesn't work, they will finally ban your IP
so now my laptop can't even pull up
ONLY two words come up

they (neoconservative thought) have mastered the Rovian technique of succesfully swiftboating anyone that disagrees with their way of rationalizing their right wing thought..

What is scary is these fascists could be back controlling the government in 4 years!

If you do a search for, my site will come up number 3! Exposing Liberal Media Bias
About the organization, commentary, forums, images and links to media sources. - 241k - Similar pages
Audio: Obama Tells SF Chronicle He Will Bankrupt Coal Industry ...
Nov 2, 2008 ... UPDATE: NewsBusters' Tom Blumer has found out that the San Francisco Chronicle story published on January 18 based upon this January 17 ... - 132k - Similar pages
Escape the Okie Zone: Check out Its hilarious!
Check out Its hilarious! Entertainment Weekly Upgrades Al Gore's 'Cool' Status Posted by Greg Sheffield on July 17, 2006 - 11:18. ... - 91k -

I mistakenly put instead of because of my mistake people come across my site when they do a search for it with their mistaken name!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My wife said that it was the most excruciating pain that she ever felt in her life. She wanted an epidural but it was too late after she was induced with a natural hormone gell, called Prostaglandin at 930 the previous evening. We arrived the night before about 8 pm at John Flynn hospital.
(Vaginal prostaglandin gel - a hormonal gel which is applied to the cervix to encourage it to soften and open. It can take between six and 18 hours for the gel to take effect and trigger labour. Dilators inserted into the cervix may also be used.)
"It feels like your eyeballs are gonna pop out of your head any minute."
At about 1, I was woken up with her next to me in the small bed demandiing an epidural. The midwife came and gave her some tylenol like medicine. Then Angela sat in the shower stool for about an hour.... about 3 or 4 , we were moved from our room to the birthing suite... at the time, only one midwife was there to help us out. Angela went to the toilet about 4 am
"The bloody show happened."
You females know what that is about.
At first she was on the bed but we soon moved to the small hot tub. Another midwife arrived to help turn on the warm water for us and make sure it was about body temperature. We both got into the tub while Angela was screaming bloody murder! I had a watch and saw that her contractions of extreme pain were about 2 minutes apart. I sat in there with her at first until the battery went dead on the videocamera. The other midwife was filming some of it but she had to find the signed release to videotape the birth.
We fortunately had the other digital camera which also takes movies. So I got out of the tub and I took over the filming. Doctor Dolittle (Doolabh) finally arrived and told me the baby was due any minute.Sarah did most of the work while we kept Angela focused on breathing through her nose while continually sucking on the laughing gas.
I was worrying that I wasn't going to film catching Colin's first moments of this world! Fortunately most of it was on film. I wish that someone could help us put it all the computer so we could send it to you and our relatives!

Angela went on all 4s and made several of the largest excruciating grunts in her final contraction while his head started to appear! I was worried that his head would bump up against the side of the tub. The doctor helped guide him out while attached to his umbilical cord. He set him on her chest for skin to skin contact.
Angela had the biggest look of relief !!
I was so proud of her. She smiled and said "I love you" after I said "I love you" .
I was told to cut the umbilical cord while they took pictures of the process!

We went out into the suite with large windows everywhere. The sun was coming up over the Coolangatta bay. We had the most gorgeous view of the coast being high up on a hill with the most fantastic view! Nothng could have been more spectacular about the whole event. It was like staying at a 5 star luxury hotel with great food from Tuesday to Saturday!
Colin Murray Garvald was born on the 29th, the same day as Angela's son, John. He was born coincidentally one day before my neice and nephew's birthday! (to be continued)

Friday, November 14, 2008

From the Huffington Post:
"As we've learned throughout the last ten years, it only takes some persistent badgering and a series of red "SHOCK!" headlines for the crazy to travel by osmosis into the mainstream.
So we're in for many more years of insanity from the far-right. They're not dead. They're not as irrelevant as they deserve to be. And they certainly don't suffer from writer's block when it comes to outlandish and illogical attacks and smears.
Put it this way, if President-elect Obama so much as takes a long weekend off this August, you can bet that the far-right will crap their cages about Obama being lazy and shiftless"

Bob Cesca

There is no point in arguing or debating with these closeminded red staters. They have a voice in the right wing media to rationalize the reason why they vote or believe the same way. I saw how folks were regurgitating Rush Limblob's finest talking points for almost 2 decades in Okiehoma!
This is exactly what I have been ranting about the last 4 years! First, I have been living in the right wing redneck red state Oklahoma...where it was not physically safe to criticize Bush in a bar...There is right wing fanatical fundamentalist bent in so many when you debate them. It passes on into their minds so that even my mom and dad in law believe that Barack Hussein Obama must be connected with the evil Muslims because of his middle name. My mother in law voted for Mcsame because that is the good "Christian" thing to do!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Access Denied from

The Right Wing Jesus's place of blogging?

You talk about censorship in the right wing media. I mentioned a question,
Wasn't Fox news gushing over Bush when he won the election?"

After the right wing fascist site was suffering from severe depression and anger to the point of almost being homicidal! (So this bloke, Mathew Sheffield was born dur ing heheheydayoofReaganomics?? tdf :) These kids missed out on Vietnam and grew up gung ho about war..what
motivates these fools??
Access Denied
were the only written on the screen when I pulled up newsbusturds!

The site loved to give it out when the liberals lost with Gore thanks to a stolen election
and then did the same by swiftboating Kerry on this site.
Now they take anger when their man is not elected...
They all suffer with anger towards liberals to the point of violence..
LImblob calls Obama a Chicago thug
rascist rednecs attempt to kill Obama
This site bans another liberal giving them a taste of their own medicine and they won't swallow their medicine...most of their editors are in the late 30s at most so we were out of vietnam by the time most of them were born!
They ban even my computer now from gaining acess. They have gone to the point of finding my IP and banning even access to even looking at the fascist site. That is the fear. They want to censor anyone that differs from their views.
This is why that if these lunatic thinkers take the democratic system the way they did with Bush they will surely do it again. I want my son to have the option to live in another country away these crooks and liars!

Here is their behavior that exemplies the normal behavior of the new neoconservative party that started invading the Reagan administration like a cancer...
I was curious about how other liberals or folks that differ in opinion would be treated the same and censor folks that have differing views!
Apparently since they have discovered my site and done a search for who I really am, I would not put it past any of their past behavior! They are a despicable group of folks that want the government to totally control the world and set up the economy to help the rich and greedy!
Now their philosopy of a succesful neconservative government with the right wing fundamentalist in their pockets they can totally control the media, the schools and the common citizens' pocketbooks!

Forum Issues and Religious Wars
By Matthew Sheffield
Created 2008-07-09 16:01 (These are the some of the resident newsbuster nazis that believed Bush was the best Kristian choice for this country. They will never regret voting for the idiot below!)
{The long haired bloke above is the editor of the long hair a facade for being cool or a right wing redneck hippy???}

That's coincidental given the huge flamewars we've seen develop on them over people arguing for/against various religions in forum posts. I don't like the divisiveness that we've had from this and am half-way thinking that perhaps we should just not have religion discussions here on NB considering the mission of the site is about media bias, not promoting or attacking various religions (or lack thereof).

Update 07-10 15:47. After giving an amount of time for those interested to comment. I've settled on the policy.

* Religion threads within the forum will not be allowed.
* Comments attacking particular religions/sects on blog posts addressing media bias against that religion/sect will not be allowed. Certain small, cultish groups including (but not limited to) Westboro Baptist Church and Scientology are still permissible to criticize.
* Since radical Islam is often a topic of discussion here, it will be OK to criticize it, however, extended disquisitions on how it is affiliated with evil supernatural powers is not OK.
* Persistent 'calling out' of others within the forum will not be allowed.
* Persons who abuse the private messaging system to harrass other users who do not wish to talk to them will have their user privileges suspended upon first offence and revoked upon second.

We will not tolerate people attacking or promoting their religions on this site. Those who continue to do so will be suspended or banned as circumstance warrants.

This decision is final so those who don't like it can look elsewhere if they wish to talk about religion in different ways.

Source URL:


As can be seen by the above, Sheffield thinks he has the right to suspend freedom of speech and freedom from religious discrimination, and freedom from the institution of a religious test for participation on a publicly owned forum.

Why do I say it is a public forum? Because as a non-stock corporation, the MRC (NewsBusters) is owned by the State of Virginia and is not a private corporation and because it is a 501(c)(3) organization under the U.S. Code, it must accept and operate under the federal constitution's rules as well as the State of Virginia.

Matthew Sheffield has publicly, and with his own words, insulted and discriminated against the deeply held religious beliefs of the Christian members of NewsBusters blog and instituted and enforced a policy that restricts religious speech and has had a chilling effect on those who stand up for religious liberty and freedom of speech. The MRC should immediately fire Sheffield for his unabashed religious bigotry and ugly and offensive policy against religious speech, and Christians who engage in, or stand up for religious speech. To ignore this blatant offense, or to sweep it under the rug, would be anti-Christian, anti-conservative, and patently un-American. Something the MRC claims it is not, and even claims it is against.

I did try to contact L. Brent Bozell, the president of the MRC and publisher of NewsBusters about this issue, but to date, I have received no reply.


Here is my original comment:

I disagree with blocking religious speech

July 10, 2008 - 02:18 ET by Britcom

I have noticed that folks who live out on the libertarian West Coast and up in the North seem to be of the opinion that Politics and Religion are separable; in the South and the Mid-west they never have been separate, and are not separate to this day. For us, they are just two different sides of the same coin of society.

This is exactly why the Founders of our great nation, in thier wisdom, chose not to open that can of worms by either establishing a state religion (like Britain), or banning religion altogether (like France tried to do). They chose the best option, leave it up to the individual, keep it free, and keep the government from taking sides.

The idea that 'religion' causes the flame wars is the same as the old
argument that guns cause murder. And I don't think that anyone believes
that flame wars are going to magically disappear if discussions about
religion are banned.

Even by discussing a ban here on the main thread, you make religion a political issue, and in effect, choosing to ban religious discussion would be discrimination. Suppose we substitute another group to apply a ban to. Suppose someone were to propose a ban on discussing feminist issues here on NB, or a ban on discussing racial issues, or a ban on discussing gun ownership issues, or a ban on discussing money related issues, or a ban on discussing death penalty issues; do you see how ridiculous that sounds?

Politics and Religion are forever intertwined, and since
Religion is so deeply rooted in American Politics, I think it foolish
to attempt to dispense with it and not expect a negative unintended result for NB.

Let's clarify the issue by seeing what is or is not a religious issue for discussion:
See if you can answer these current events questions:

1. 19 devoutly Moslem hijackers killing nearly 3000 people by crashing 4 jets into 3 buildings and nearly hitting a 4th as a way of expressing their faith in Islamic jihad is not a religious issue. [True or False]

2. Prohibition of prayer in public parks and public schools is not a religious issue. [True or False]

3. Whether or not churches will be required to perform same sex marriages is not a religious issue. [True or False]

If you answered 'False' to any of those questions, then you believe that religous issues are political issues.

The truth is that religion is the biggest political issue of all and every political discussion is on some level also a discussion involving someone's religious beliefs, and if you ban religious discussion, inevitably someone will start a discussion about religion and you are going to have to enforce the ban and punish them, and discriminating against someone based on his or her religious beliefs is illegal. I don't think NB wants to open that can of worms either. The lawsuit would be front page news in the left wing biosphere and a media circus would ensue. I can see the headlines now: 'Conservative Blog Bans Religious Speech'. Can you see how ironic it would be if a first amendment protected news blog were to ban first amendment protected religious speech?
There is a solution to accommodate religious discussion so that it does not become a disruption to NB.

1. Keep religious debates separate as they are now, and enforce rules of order.

2. Don't let people get away with insulting each other on the forums. Give the creator of any forum topic the power to 'kick' a person out of his topic if that person gets out of line.This would allow the creator of the forum topic to police his own discussion, instead of just flaming back at the other poster(s).

3. If two (or more) people (one of them being the person who created the forum topic) start a flame war that becomes little more than an exchange of insults, and the topic creator doesn't stop and doesn't kick the other flamer out but just keeps the war going, then an NB editor or moderator should lock the forum topic. But the rule should be that the topic is only shut down if insults are exchanged, not legitimate religious debate on religious or political issues, or scriptural or legal interpretations.

I don't see any reason to blame religious discussion for certain individual's habit of being rude, condescending, insulting, and/or abusive in the forum.

Most of us who engage in religious debate on occasion are perfectly able to converse and debate without being rude or insulting to others. Those who cannot manage to do that, should be sanctioned as individuals. Collective punishment is not the solution, it just creates hidden resentment and people would start to abandon NB.

The bottom line is a ban would hurt sales of NB stuff and Clicks on NB ads. I think it much better to let them argue any topic they want, including religion, so long as they play nice, all while those NB sponsor's ads are running on their screens. Really, how can you complain about that?


City, Florida
U.S.A .

Monday, November 10, 2008

I thought that I would show you my revised letter to produced by Kurt

I lived in Oklahoma for 30
Submitted by garvald on Sun, 2008-11-09 22:17.
I lived in Oklahoma for almost 30 years out of sheer stupidity... I was told that it was a good ole boy state when I first arrived. A few very powerful people control the state and deliberately keep folks poor and ignorant so that they can keep control. As long as folks are uneducated, they will believe the front page anonymous editorial of the Daily Oklahoman!The plantation economy has been successful for over a century in the south and in Oklahoma.It appears that the neoconservative movement which started in the 60’s has adopted the successful (for the powerful few) plan of Oklahoma in a much wider scale. They have achieved what Oklahoma achieved . The disparity between the rich and poor has continued to increase in the US. The rich get richer and the poor continue to struggle and stay undereducated. Little money goes to public schools! The powerful few want folks to be continually in debt to the metaphoric "store".While I lived in this state, others were paying to the only "store" in town. I refused to buy the daily disappointment, buy cable, and saved on natural gas by having free solar hot air panels ( they were a tax credit under a more liberal government). I would not buy cable from the only cable company or buy the daily paper from the only paper in town. It seems that greed benefits those who grab their “store” first or "sooner" than others so do that they can disallow any competition. It is funny how Rush Limbaugh replaced the other talk radio on KTOK to have a monopoly in Oklahoma of conservative radio! That became the only talk radio “store” in town!
And we wonder why Okies always vote in the party that is worst for their pockets??
check out my site
I have successfully escaped the grips of the okie zone and I’m now living on the Gold Coast of Australia now! I wonder how many others have escaped the state tired of close-minded redneck fundamentalism with right wing Christianity being the only religious store in town??.Yesterday, while riding my bike in the park along the beautiful Pacific surf, I said hello to a sour faced middle aged lady wearing an Oklahoma Sooners shirt. She didn't even say and kept walking not even looking up. Most friendly Aussies even greet strangers with a smile. I guess maybe she hasn't lived here long enough to lose the sour attitude and learn how to smile. Living in Oklahoma can do that to you!
I don't want to be living with unfriendly rednecks that love Bush any longer. It would be bad news to be stuck in Oklahoma at 50!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Someone from LA did a search for "David Cogswell USC" and my site comes up to the "Bipolar Saloon"...
I guess someone was curious was about George Bush's childhood where he evolved from blowing up frogs to blowing up the middle east!
"DAVID COGSWELL - We are talking now about a guy who as a kid put firecrackers in frogs and threw them into the air to watch them explode. ..."

Of course, we have less than 10 weeks of this bastard, Bush, who will get by without any consequences for the millions of lives he's destroyed...just as there were none for George Sr. and his grandfather, Prescott Bush, for loaning millions to the Nazis and stealing Geronimo's skull!
Republicon revised history doesn't tell the whole story of how Bush Sr. really ran the bureaucry and paperwork of the administration while Reagan's alzheimer's slowly invaded his brain. He could still do a good job acting liking a great president while Nancy and Daddy George sr., took care of everything else! With Daddio of the Bush dynasty, vps became very powerful in the evolving neocon administrations with the exception of Quayle, since Daddio controlled the shots. Daddy Bush made a great move for their botomless pockets defending the rich sheiks of Kuwait from Saddam (we actually helped helped create the Frankenstein monster, Saddam. The Neocon brain team was the Frankenstein!)

We have to be really careful and let the public know about the true history of these pricks that somehow float to the top the way shit does in a whirling cesspool. Because of how he looked so much like his father, someone of his incompetence managed to become president and steal a very close election!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Early some morning after Ive had plenty of sleep, I will figure out a way to add images of the shark that was swimming close by to moi?? Who knows how close?? tp://

I also wanted to leave an essay written by John Cusack...
His writing reminds me of someone like me who rambles a little too much:

"As I contemplated the real possibility of an Obama victory and listened to right wing pundits revise history still unfolding, I thought of titles for this blog:
"Neocon Logic: This Statement is Untrue""The Modern Free Market System is False But a New Revelation Shall Come"" They Would Feast on Themselves: All the Money's Gone, Nowhere to Go"I decided on:"No Currency Left to Buy the Big Lies"
In the pre-capitalist reality, James Madison said when he put power in the hands of the business elite, he would be entrusting "enlightened statesmen and benevolent philosophers who would devote themselves to the welfare of all."
Clearly, he believed this statement in the way I guess some modern Republicans do. The only problem was that he eventually realized this didn't work and in 1792, disillusioned and worried about the democratic experiment, condemned what he called "the daring depravity of the times." He went on to denounce the business elites who, given ultimate power, "become tools and tyrants of government...they overwhelm government with their powers and combinations and are bribed by its largesse." That's how he perceived the system he had helped design. In 2008, this is an apt description of the Republican relationship to government and power.
Finally, some blue light, tectonic plate shifts, a sea change, we hear... a wave of despair carrying us to a new place. The bastards are finally meeting their grisly ends and will be discarded and abandoned as men come to power who will actually try to govern. I know we're supposed to be civil but I'm not a real believer in this method when dealing with crimes.
What does the sea change mean? How can we help people understand what is happening and help them contextualize it?First the past: Senator McCain, Governor Palin and assorted surrogates are delusional and breathtakingly corrupt. They disgrace themselves and their country as they lie, smear, slur and write it off as political manner.Yet the creeping truth must frighten them late at night: there is no currency left to buy the big lies.
There is no more money left to loan or borrow the big lies or to sell them. No more money left to pay off the debt, the wreckage in the wake. The orgy of excess has drained every bottle, smashed the furniture and left the cupboards bare. All that's left is derivative debts -- bets between liars and lies. Trillions of dollars. Turned capitalism into a Ponzi scheme for trading worthless paper. No real value anywhere. No matter how much money Ben Bernanke prints.We are asked to stand over the abyss and experience our own destruction as another political game show -- just another surreal horse race. We watch millionaires and paid Republican hacks appear on television yelling "Socialist!" at Obama as if the Bolsheviks are coming to rape our daughters. These are the same people who oversaw the greatest upward redistribution of wealth in the history of this country. The same people who, through general lawlessness and a privatization frenzy, succeeded in shredding the Constitution, turning war, illegal domestic spying, security, border patrol, interrogation, and even torture into profitable industries gorging on the state.
So define the big lie: free marketers want free markets. Not so, the facts say. They are the biggest welfare freaks on the planet.These men and keepers of the faith would lecture us with a straight face on the evil socialists/ communists/terrorists /vampires/space aliens who would dare "redistribute wealth" by amending the tax code. Two wars and the only shared sacrifice they want is more tax cuts for the rich and for the U.S. citizenry to continue shopping. As Sidney Falco said, you gotta give it to them, their gall is gorgeous.If we stay the course, we are told, we will finally, one day, reach that shining city on a hill, the free market-based fundamentalist utopia. Even though all evidence points the other way, we should listen, reason, step back and watch them as they devour what's left of the government. They will feast on themselves -- the feast of carrion the Book of Revelation tells us -- but I digress, sort of. It's over. This would be a great system if there were no human beings.
Mathematical realism. Eat what you kill. The bottom line. Greed is good. Graphs and flow charts and metrics for success. All social organization is based on profit as the unifying force and engine of the common good and even social justice; worship the market, even as you corrupt it.
Our perfect system will provide for all.
And yet Wall Street cripples America and the world because it won't adhere to the same rules it says we must obey for the good of freedom. Because reality won't be a slave to their machine.
And so this is how we can rationalize privatizing war. At last look, with 630 corporations like Blackwater and Halliburton getting 40% of the $2 billion spent each week in Iraq, no one can doubt the corporatist dominance of the war machine.
Mathematically, the market crash shouldn't have happened according to their system, but human feelings make panic and panic cannot be calculated. I would bet that someday someone will discover that math adheres to a quantum reality: the participants and the observers affect the outcome. I digress again. But not really.
Instead of an international consensus based on trust and global community, the Neocons say trust no one, need no one, ask no one. Rigged, "open" markets are created at the barrel of a gun after bombing a country. We must all bow to the market.Collapse, chaos, lawlessness. And even the market voted with its feet.
The era of market idolatry is over.
This is the end of Milton Friedman, Reaganomics and supply-side theory. This ideology has never been about free markets but a fundamentalist vision that is a cover for naked aggression and a social contract based on fear and greed. The government's job is to create optimal conditions for corporate profit, to privatize everything in sight and to sell off its own body parts. To literally devour itself.
So we have laws that allow borrowing money against derivatives -- basically a bet between two people who create nothing without collateral. They leveraged the public financial health on something you wouldn't be allowed to do in Vegas. It illustrates the corruption that has become institutionalized through deregulation and a culture of predatory greed. Alan Greenspan testified that he was shocked: business didn't regulate itself. The common good was not achieved by greed. Naomi Klein read him the definition of crony capitalism and asked if it fit the description of the Bush administration's relationship to its favorite corporations."

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Far , far, away from the descending nasty neocon empire!

Im getting up early...
or Im eventually going to bed for a long nap
while enjoying the the variety of mornings in our paradise!!
Ive been sipping a little coffee ...a little hesitant because I will be crashing shortly but enjoying the herbal creativity of the magical herb
folks are walking across the street and I would love to feel the freshest air after a long cleansing nightly rain.....
I chat with BJ happy knowing I will have an herbal buffet!!

"It's almost 8 as I laugh at the characters on newsbusters ...I see how they are getting prepared for giving Obama at least 4 years of hell...I feel I have to be careful about my posts or they will ban me again in reprisal for our Obama victory for leadership sans the Bushistas and Darth Cheney!;)
> Randy, If you go back to that thread, you will see my replies to blonde and rd helm. I think I did pretty good. Thanks for your support! I am Voting Straight Democrat Today!> > Im in Australia so I have a different time zone but let me know when you are having difficulty. I havent posted much later because Blonde baits me and if I respond to her, she appears to have connections to get me banned. This site doesnt appear to want intellectual discussion or opinions that differ from the editors!> > > > > > > Thanks randy, I see these people as unwilling to discuss intellectually. When are you posting on there? I will try to go on then> > > > > > > > Blonde writes this to you, Jeffro:> > > > "> > > > Fair warning, jeffy> > > > October 27, 2008 - 02:14 ET by Blonde > > > > This isn't DKos nor Huffpo. > > > > > > > > We neither encourage nor desire the likes of that last post of yours here. > > > > > > > > Keep it up at your own peril. "> > > > > > > > Does she have some sort of authority on this site because she can say whatever she wants!> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Blonde has continually insulted me and said crap about my career. Yet I was banned several times. You have not even come close to her nasty remarks.> > > > so hang in there!> > > > Randy> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

"The Hobbit Enigma examines one of the greatest controversies in science today. Just what did scientists really find when they uncovered the tiny, human-like skeleton of a strange creature on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2003?
Since the discovery was made public a bitter dispute has split the world of anthropology.
Are the bones a previously unknown and bizarre primitive species of human..."\

Wow!! and what a bummer...I just gave my total self as I wondered about my immediate and far distant ancestors...
my mind was with my great grandfather
I;m sure that he had many questions about this huge unexplored world of the mid to late 1800's..
David heard about the beautiful paradise of Oz from other mates wrote to him
Imagine in the 1840s and 1850s...Rather than suffer the cold damp winters of the Scottish coastal lowlands...why not take a boat and papers to explore an uncharted continent on the other side of the world!!
His brother,Lt. George ....bayne, went to fight against slavery...
He and David kept up a correspondence
George was killed trying to escape a southern prison
"Lieutenant's Young and Turbayne, who were shot for being too close to the "dead line"
afterwards, David went to Queensland and founded the Queensland rifle club after running a station in the desert outback!
Dad had all the pictures and they are somewhere...especially David in front of the club of hunters all posing with their rifles...
I remember the pic as a child with no clue of the value of all of the things kept in storage in the attic...the childhood pics of Mom and Dad stored away in the comforts of Dad's attic study where he would walk away to do his writing and researching of philosophy...
Dad would live for the tennis and swimming as part of his daily ritual...
Now some of his daily rituals have become mine with the lack of my father's strict military discipline while enjoying the good things of life...such as
Life on the beach!
We are drawn to the sea and the ocean...
my son will take over our habits ...
the love of the water and the sea...

...It's 1030 and I just want a power nap before we make all the necessary phone calls and get on about paperwork...
my renters aren't paying....My Midfirst account is overdrawn for the first time!
I have to call my credit card and bank about those costs..
I have to call the IRS about taxes on interest that I never earned...
It doesn't come cheap having a family and inheriting all the problems of extra assets and now having a family as a financial liability...of course the intrinsic awards far outweight the other costs!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Some one did a search for Brian Truong, Okie Orchids and again my site comes up in the top 5 for phrases with the word, Okie,!
Maybe it's a little of my OCD nature where I am very curious about how new readers can find my site! The biggest search word where my site comes up number 1 is prograsstination or prograstination!
As usual, I love to prograsstinate as I prayed for a little creative inducement herb...
I thought, most laborers probably know other blokes who enjoy the medicinal health benefits and can make a little beer $ for their expensive brew habit! SURE ENOUGH, WHEN I PRAY FOR SOMETHING REASONABLE,,,,IT HAPPENS!! I walked over to where the next palatial mansion is being built (less than 5o meters from my southern facing window) and decided to chat with several plasterers on their break at the entrance of the beach (about less than every 100 meters are beach pathways unlike the states who privatize their own beaches!)...conversation wandered specifically to legalization of herb and where can one find some of "Puff, the Magic Dragon"
BJ , a young bloke barely out of school, was pointed out by what appeared to be the group leader... BJ came through and came by with a little ganja to obviously make my evening of parental epiphanies...
Later I got to have a conversation with my cousin's young 21 years old son,Sam, who's staying over next door in his extended familie's beach flat (both of our flats have the same marvellously long 2o something foot view of our Pacific backyard!! I remember seeing all of Louises' sons and daughter about 17 years ago when I was Angela's age...Time flies and during this evening's herbal epiphanies, I realized more and more how lucky we are to finally enjoy our familys' (from both Mom and Dad's sides) Mermaid Beach...I asked him about helping me to let the other relatives of Mom's side of the family to come down for a reunion!!
Angela is now taking an extended power nap while I type away talking away to the variety of readers from around the world especially in their searches for certain words and phrases!!

One phrase, Hobbit Woman, would be ocassionally be searched. My site would sometime come in peoples' searches.
Now, about 4 years after I wrote about the article about the tiny race of humans, this movie about this species is coming up on ABC tonight at 8:30..
We will have to go eat earlier tonight so we can come back in time for the show...and tomorrow are the elections!! What an exciting time!

I thought the following pics of celebs stuck in this " great state or what" might amuse you?

This is one of the many google searches!

‘Okie’ on the Lam » Blog Archive » This Is What ‘Insane Rage ...
12 Oct 2008 ... What's to say? She was an absolutely great dog! -- 'Okie' .... People as dumb as you should *NOT* have the right to vote.” - 75k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
Oklahoma Corporate Power Structure Versus Working Poor Okie Funk ... - 2 visits - Nov 1
Imagine an Oklahoma City grocery store named “Dumb Okies. .... fighting the ugly tyranny of right-wing oppression in Oklahoma and its surrounding environs. - 25k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
Okiedoke - Vintage Okie opinion » 2006» April
That Crazy Kid, The Okcitykid wants Okies to rally against Bush and Haliburton .... I realize that political bloggers sticking to a left-wing or right-wing - 47k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
Escape the Okie Zone: News basturds angry over making fun of Ms ...
30 Sep 2008 ... If they have their way, the right wing media will only allow neocon ... a pig spot from obama when it had nothing to do with the dumb bitch. - 28k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
Seattle, the Okies are playing you
13 Aug 2007 ... Do nothing ville is no match for the Okies it seems. .... swift-boating right wing wackos are going to pull one over on us! - 63k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

‘Okie’ on the Lam » Blog Archive » This Is What ‘Insane Rage ...
12 Oct 2008 ... What's to say? She was an absolutely great dog! -- 'Okie' .... People as dumb as you should *NOT* have the right to vote.” - 75k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
Oklahoma Corporate Power Structure Versus Working Poor Okie Funk ... - 2 visits - Nov 1
Imagine an Oklahoma City grocery store named “Dumb Okies. .... fighting the ugly tyranny of right-wing oppression in Oklahoma and its surrounding environs. - 25k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
Okiedoke - Vintage Okie opinion » 2006» April
That Crazy Kid, The Okcitykid wants Okies to rally against Bush and Haliburton .... I realize that political bloggers sticking to a left-wing or right-wing - 47k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
Escape the Okie Zone: News basturds angry over making fun of Ms ...
30 Sep 2008 ... If they have their way, the right wing media will only allow neocon ... a pig spot from obama when it had nothing to do with the dumb bitch. - 28k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
Seattle, the Okies are playing you
13 Aug 2007 ... Do nothing ville is no match for the Okies it seems. .... swift-boating right wing wackos are going to pull one over on us! - 63k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

I found this site since we both share the Okie word which often comes up in searches. I was motivated to write this letter

I lived in Oklahoma for almost 30 years out of sheer stupidity... I was told that it was a good ole boy state when I first arrived. A few very powerful people control the state and deliberately keep folks poor and ignorant so that they can keep control.
As long as folks are uneducated, they will believe the front page anonymous editorial of the Daily Oklahoman!
The plantation economy has been successful for over a century in the south and in Oklahoma.
It appears that the neoconservative movement has adopted this ideology in a much wider scale with this country where the rich get richer and the poor continue to struggle and stay undereducated with little going to schools! They want folks to be continually in debt to the metaphoric "store"
check out my site
I have successfully escaped the grips of the okie zone and I’m living in Australia now!
I didn’t want to be living with rednecks that love Bush any longer. It would be bad news to be stuck in Oklahoma at 50!