Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wow…we are finally on our way to OZ… I couldn’t believe that we could do it…there are still some loose ends to tie up such as disconnecting Direct Tv, putting the rip off phone service, Sprint, on hiatus, and then putting our cars on the storage plan by sending our affidavits in!…
I was never rushing so hard to make the deadline of our 7pm Amtrak ride to LA! I dawdled around as usual because my love was asleep till noon ( we were up late trying to organize our clothes)
Today I was not knowing where to start as I attempted to shove everything from the last 3 years into my Infinity! It was almost embarrassing, us struggling packing and throwing as much crap away as I could…shoving everything into garbage bags from the living room, kitchen, bedroom , bathroom and closets and drawers! Still we could do it all by the 630 deadline so I gave $40 to my friend Karlos to give to his son to finally take everything out of our abode and vacuum the place!….
I was panicking worried that someone would see the mess that I had left , especially papers with my blog !
Even though we are not working, I’m still desiring the anonymity not ready to expose my stoner habits..
(the train has just stopped in Flagstaff for 10 or 15 minutes …the nicotine addicts are allowed off tov increase their risks of lung cancer, but who am I to pass judgment when I like a little herbal smoke)
It will be hard to finally accept the reality of having the clear Pacific in our back yard to cool off our tired toes!!! Then the reality of becoming a father will start to really sink in. Colin Murray (we are still not positive of the name) but everybody loves the sound of Colin!! My father was a great man and I hope our son will carry on the family destiny in Oz!! We will finally be able to relax and exhale when I get my dual citizenship if I can get all the necessary paperwork and documents sent in!
It will save us about 900 a month for our major medical! And we can establish residency so that I don’t have to pay this outrageous 15k land tax each year!!
Well, I can’t sleep on the train, so I’ll let my Angel snooze and stretch out on the two seats…I can’t get the internet now since there is no signal, but I’ll chat with you a little while until I feel tired..probably all the addaboy I took to stay focused on getting our shit together hasn’t completely worn off..
My sweetheart is so happy now that we are finally off…She would often cry thinking that we weren’t going to get off the Rez and would have the baby here
We were feeling so overwhelmed with everything and she sensed my feeling too…
She wanted to know that I was confident that I would be able to take care of everything…
It is difficult having all that responsibility and then to think we will have a child soon, too…just that thought is enough to feel overwhelmed without thinking now we can spend our baby moon on a budget ..
This summer we have continually met each of the challenges to be able to go live in Australia…
Finally after Karlos and his Phillipine mate gave us a ride, we encountered one more obstacle that freaked us out…. The train conductor had no knowledge of us reserving the train…both of us immediately thought we wouldn’t make it to Australia…fortunately, we were able to get a hold of Amtrak and were relieved to know that we weren’t going to be dumped in the next stop, Winslow, Arizona, having to find our way back to the Rez with only a day left as far as rent! Cool now we have the internets again and I’ll send this out to the photosphere! By the way, thank you LA, for the sweet comment about how our child can now have the option of dual citizenship just in case the country continues to go in it’s downward spiral with the Neocons and all of those ugly bastards on Fox blues with the surface Britt Hume leading the sniggering of any actions of any liberal they can find some moral turpitude…Fox pretends that is the news , but then you see ugly asshole Hume, chuckling anytime there is a mistake from the other side of the right wing… And this leads a fair and unbalanced talk show…ROFL!
September 1, 2008, 12:26 PM in Oz and almost 8pm LAX time…we will be there early tomorrow morning! I cannot believe we will be on the beach!! It is finally happening with all the challenges that we have had to face…
This time arriving early to the ticket counter, Qantas couldn’t find our reservations because somehow my credit card didn’t go through! They never contacted us and Angel was very traumatized .ss
So we showed the email and after a few hours of fretting and oriental food to soothe our nerves, I went there and finally got the tickets. They also had put in the wrong birth date for sweetie and then the name change from marriage help up the visa people who didn’t know which person she was….
Then after patience with Qantas, I got our tickets! Hallelulah! And I just discovered that we have free internet in the LAX lounge while we wait another 4 hours for the plane…The only issue (which is kinda big) is many of the passengers take off their shoes, so there is an air of skunky feet permeating through the lounge…I think some of the travelers haven’t showered in a while…
Even Angela’s mom was all paranoid and wanted us to email her or call once we are on the plane…I can enjoy the net until Narcolepsy hits…

Thursday, August 28, 2008

We are finally heading out on saturday, taking an Amtrak to LA and then flying out of town Sunday!

I'll write more in a little bit....anyone is welcome to make some Bon Voyage comments!

"Whether we avoid something because it scares us or bores us, or because we think it will force a change we’re not ready for, putting it off only creates obstacles for us. On the other hand, facing the task at hand, no matter how onerous, creates flow in our lives and allows us to grow. The relief is palpable when we stand on the other side knowing that we did something even though it was hard or we didn't want to do it.'" (we will feel so much better when we have accomplished the trip and our baby will be born in Oz!)
On the other hand, when we cling to our comfort zone, never addressing the things we don’t want to face, we cut ourselves off from flow and growth. "
It would have been so easy to cling to the comfort (okie) zone with a house paid off and just take the cash instead of beach property (it is such a hassle getting visas and this outrageous land

"We all have at least one thing in our life that never seems to get done. Bringing that task to the top of the list and promising ourselves that we will do it as soon as possible is an act that could liberate a tremendous amount of energy in our lives. Whatever it is, we can allow ourselves to be fueled by the promise of the feelings of exhilaration and confidence that will be the natural result of doing it!" (Daily Om)

The one thing I have talking about for at least 20 years is writing a great book....but what baby steps do I take to get it published ... making sure to use fictitious names to protect the guilty and thex-gfs!

Our engines have Idled too long in our lives
we turn the keys to cruising speed
we take off to follow the big star in the sky
off to our island paradise

We are Out of the comfort zone, the okie zone and the george bush zone of neoconfidence closeminded intolerance!

Halle lulah!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Leaving Rumorville, anylittletown, USA

It is now August 26th, high noon on Mermaid BeACH! almost there!
Gayle, the alpha female American service agent of Qantas responded with almost snobbish disdain when my Angel asked how much first class was?

24 thousand!

That's even more than the jeep!! what??

rumors happen everywhere and from those whom you least expect...
suddenly in this little village I am hearing that one of my "good friends" who went to North Carolina for the last was saying that my wife was a crackhead and that is how the rumor went all over the middle school! They were calling my honey that awful slander when she substituted that day....

and the only person who I knew was staying touch with Donna was Madge!
I had a feeling that she knew about the drink driving charge way way back when she might have seen in it in late April of 07...that’s when the rumors spread quicker that a national park forest fire! Even the kids were making jokes about drinking

I fought it and was released with no charges
but I had to have that black cloud hanging over me
while great Manipulator, Koreshka continued to be involved with sliming my reputation and anybody who could see him for the fake confidence man that he was....
(it is so funny seeing him drive in on his cheap harley
it barely started during his own scheduled long lunch break! Angel was cracking up as he attempted to start it…

She was laughing at him sitting like a fattening faux hippy on his high horse trying to get his "magnificent steelmamba mobile" to run...
He looks like Jesus on a little harly
Like Jesus coming into town on a donkey
His long hair flowing as if he is the self appointed king of the community and the football field…

is piece of jokemachine has it's own garage while his subservient wife has to keep her car under the monsoons and the multi elements of this high desert community....)

What could be worse?
gossippy rednecks in the Okie Zone or faux hippy peacorpniks??
that wanna take over their little native community the way they think they did in Bangladesh or Ubegistan
they are often are caught riding high with their trustfunds spending money in hippy trustofarian communities such as Ridgeway, Ouray and especially Telluride....
the money seems to be flowing freely out of their high dollar down vests!

Well enough herbal induced ramblings while my muse is on the phone with her Dad and Mom...
I eagerly await the news of how my darling daughter, Buffy is doing...
my sweetie gets off the phone for a second to say that
She is being a brat with my new dad in law
Daddy bought a leash to run between the backyard trees so she can run back and forth for about 20 feet….
As usual like so many alpha females,
Once loose,
Like a bitch on wheels (her own canine paws),
she exerts her spot in the pecking order by immediately running across the street
…. harassing and taunting the local neighbor dogs behind their own fence

“I’m free from the chains and fences of our human masters
And your not! He, He, Heeee!”

She struts down the street with her tail held high
she is the meanest bitch on the block…
We already miss the beautiful bitch so much! ;)

Daddy in law has a beautiful back yard with his own little forest in between some other neighbors....enough uninhibited space for exotic plants to grow hopefully unnoticed...but the paranoia unfortunately took hold and he tore them down... I thought that I had his approval to snip off the top leaves for a little taste…
When I asked about snipping a tiny bit
He said sarcastically to just watch out for rattlesnakes....
I did not understand that they were forbidden fruit and thought that I had his approval…
gently pruning them upset
Dad's desire to look at them
They didn’t look as aesthetically pleasing when they swayed poetically in the wind

Saturday, August 23, 2008 exhibits racism again

Check out

Slate Writer Claims Racism Is Only Reason Obama Will Lose
By P.J. Gladnick August 23, 2008 - 15:43

"The liberals have already come up with their excuse for why Barack Obama might lose the election in November. It wouldn't be because of his inexperience, poor judgement, or far left political views. No, the real reason according to Slate's Jacob Weisberg is racism.
The proposition is put in the title of his article, "If Obama Loses," with his answer given in the subtitle, "Racism is the Only Reason McCain Might Beat Him."
And, of course, Obama's recent poll plunge can only be attributed to you-know-what

when I responded to the racism of this site, I was "denied access" again ...
I have been banned several times from the site for daring to criticize or God Forbid, ridicule the imbicile president...
folks brainwashed as most neocons are state
"Bush is a great statesman"
This site is hilarious but the sad thing is these fools will vote for McSame...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It’s great that we were finally accepted for our visas last week, but I still have so many loose ends before we can go…It really scares both of us about the tremendous responsibility of having a child!

Maybe we can be out of here next week…it is so easy for both of us to feel overwhelmed….
Gradually we are taking care of the financial matters…I finally put the Cobra continuation of medical coverage on automatic bank draft…I’m guessing that we will be spending at least 3k a month just for medical expenses

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last full moon over Serendipachi!

August 15, 2008, 4:03 PM in Oz
or should we say August 14th 11:48 Pm in Serendipachi??

"Schwagland is like a girlfriend that I long for...
She is always warm and comforting...she is understanding...
I love her company...
she always gives me support
and most of all, I can be myself "

That was a quote from myself a couple years about my once and future soulmate...
I believe I have met her and she is the one to carry our love child
and for the baby to be born in Australia ....
then even the possibility of him to be born Aussie!…
if I can claim my rights to citizenship from my Australian parents
before he is born??
I need to write down a top ten list!
I will write to you more in a little bit after the American girls go 1 2 in the gymnastics!

a little over 2 years ago I was forlornly leaving Oz to see if I could really do something with the students at my school....I have made an impact through chess and drama, ...
but maybe for now, I should put that dream on hold and take on the new dream of bringing up our family just on the edge of paradise! (Surfer's Paradise!)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I love checking out how folks who find my self professed (emotionally disturbed) crazy person blog when they do word searches

prograstinate. I want to:. The world wants to... be beautiful take a beautiful picture learn origami be kinder to my family learn to dance have no regrets - 13k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
Escape the Okie Zone- 9 visits - Jul 27
We have so much to do and we prograstinate about getting into town. ... Last one was definition of prograstinate and my blog comes up first? - 266k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
Is it Can be's Puma time, pleeze?? >>PUMA CONTEST<< [Archive ...
name of the site alone is awesome....need to prograstinate so designing now ... name of the site alone is awesome....need to prograstinate so designing now - 13k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
elilee8: My name is Eli, and im 5'8" tall and about 210 in weight ...
... i am in the middle and so i know what its like to have a big family :) just looking for someone nice and who is real and dosen't prograstinate. if she - 16k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
New Madlib Word List and Cuties Posted - ~~Madlibs Party Central ...
VERB [9 REQ'D] (TAUNT; INCUBATE; PROGRASTINATE; DELIVER; FLUXATE; SURF; PITY; ... Posted: 3/22/2007 11:41:00 AM 1. taunt, incubate, prograstinate, deliver, - 66k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
Gifted Children and Homework - Causes and Cures of Homework ...
Over time, they may prograstinate in order avoid that frustration. Perfectionist children may complete their homework, but then neglect to turn it in - 25k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
Flickr: happy loves rosie
I also prograstinate rather alot and I always feel responsible for silences!....I am tall, have blond mid length hair and blue eyes...I think I am 42, - 30k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
Underrated Athletics - Academics
If you prograstinate, the chances of your child getting a fair deal with the schools is less. If you know early enough what schools your child is accepted - 21k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
Tidewater Musings: How how do you procastinate?
These are Peter Stinson's musings, ruminations, rants, & raves about the swirling haze around him: politics, technology, poetry, life, war, peace, conflict, - 251k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
escape the okie zone Blog - Information, Comments, Reviews ...- 5 visits - Jul 20
Nov 20, 2007 ... We both believe that we have ADD and then we prograstinate...Now in order to have at least a 6 month visa, my wife has to have a chest x-ray - 17k

then you enter prograstinate and ADD...
and my blog comes up first with the misspelling of procrastinate??

o k.... don't bogie the herb!

You might think I have entirely too much time on my hands while blogging the internet and curious about what sites come up in searches??

But the main thing I accomplished today was talking to the Canadians of the Australian Embassy who help tourists and immigrants seeking visas... having the addaboy sure helps!
I have been intimidated from calling actually worried that I might get those patronizing ladies on the phone again who have no sympathy for my ADD like some of my ex's ;),,just kidding ladies
It's nice to know Angel has the some of the same issues suffering from many of the same symptoms

I was very happy to find out that my brother has Dad's birth certificate and naturalization papers (when he became American)
and that it will be a very straightforward process as compared to getting my expectant wife into Oz.!
I wish that I had attempted gaining citizenship by ancestry a long time ago...Id probably be in Oz right now..Of course, then according to the Butterfly effect of time, I would not have met Angel...Would I still be expecting a love child??

I called the info connection for the embassy in Canada...Jeff was the easiest person to gain the information that I needed!
He assured me about everything and realize there is hope...we can do everything in baby steps...especially with a litte bit of the Addaboy!

By the way just to be getting into Oz time I have put this blog on the same time as Brisbane! and guess what!
It is 3 pm in Tasmania and they just approved of our visas waiving the medical exams!!
Thank you, God and the energies of the Universe! Our family is on the way to Oz!!

Monday, August 11, 2008



just browsing through the internet wondering if one or two of my readers might be thinking about similar thoughts while at the same time...

and so I/we have an adventure ahead of me/us

We are here in cool desertville....she says I look happy ...

I guess it's a lot less stressful knowing we dont have to work tomorrow....

I looked on one of my favorite blogs...

I like the part about the plains indians' medicine wheel:

The Idea - East - Begin by defining your contribution to the world.

I want to help folks learn to think better and students understand how to get out of the comfort zone in order to find themselves

Peace - Southeast - Make peace with this desire within your nature.

I am making peace that I have this fire within me...

War - South - Enthusiasm/motivation, mobilization of energy allies.

Motivation and excitement come as I have been planning this trip for so long!

Prophet - Southwest - Visualize, allow future to bring its path.

We see our family on Mermaid Beach and it is getting closer and closer..and only the fear of rejection hinders me but my Angel has caught hold of the dream and we are on the way!!

I think of the Native assistant who told me about the dream she had of seeing our family come from behind the tree and a little boy(my son) was at my the time she did not know that Angel was pregnant!!

Women's Lodge - West - Dream time, true feelings, is this idea nurturing to you and others?

obviously from the native teacher's dream of us...she sees the gift that I have

I have yet to see how to give it...

Council - Northwest - How will you execute this desire in an effective way?

That is what the addaboy and getting off our ADD ASSES!

Sky - North - Is this desire in harmony with evolution/the planet?

Of course!,,,,More than ever I sense the cycles of the planet!

Law Dogs - Northeast - Will this desire benefit future generations"

Our children growing up in Oz will definitely benefit them!

from: Info on the wheel, from "The Prosperity Project"

Saturday, August 09, 2008

So we now are in limbo in the hands of the embassy officials whether to gain entrance
To the Land of OZZ…
While enjoying the cooling gentle monsoon rains falling over the native Chuskas..
Seeing the outline of the Mountains get darker after giving us our nightly show of cloud, blue sky and reddish hues of color
As if painting a renaissance version of the clouds
Almost expecting to see a vision of God touching Adam
Sad but glad to leave….
While the days drift by with a little less sun each day…
Before we visit the Land of G’day

I am much happier and mellower now that I'm taking a year off babymoon!! Angel says how much happier I am than having to deal with the negativity and back stabbing of some of the staff at this school...

I am so excited watching the Olympics...Im kinda glad that we can enjoy this before we take off to OZ!

Friday, August 08, 2008

August 7, 2008, 11:19 PM
Hey great to see ya!!…
Watchin' the “Drug Years” on the Sundance Channel…
My muse and I are so ADD, so we finally sent off the Xrays to the Oztralian Embassy and maybe we will be in Oz before the end of this month and see the eye doctor about the wrong prescription ...( I'm dealing with the results of Laser Surgery from Clear Sight Center in right eyes does not have the same clarity as my left eye).

I realize the finity of life and I am so happy to enjoy this part of the journey with my wife!
I promise that I will chat with you in the morning when I have a good sleep and some Java...
Maybe we will take a trip up north tomorrow to Silverton and camp out on our queen size air matress!!

(sorry about the constant typos and grammar mistakes....under the herb :)

August 8th

Happy Birthday, Ron!! He is 55 today...he gets 80% of the cash but I get the place on the beach...shame that he doesn't want to participate in the ownership and is just greedy for the cash...then both of us could be happy in Oz!!
I still love him with the unconditional love of a brother to a brother, even though I can't trust him , remembering how he'd rip me off trading stamps or in monopoly, as an older sibling will often take advantage of his/her younger sibling...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We have so much to do and we prograstinate about getting into town...

There are so many things to do before we can head for Oz!!
Angel is getting bigger and 30 weeks is getting close to the limit for travelling!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I know that it's been a long time....I guess I'm feeling overwhelmed with all the things we have to do in order too escape to OZ!! ,,,,I'm intimidated by all the paperwork, when it just takes the motivation to do the process one baby step at a time! ..
writing on my favorite blog for the very few readers who mostly hop by in their search for Schwagstock or Bush's indiscretions. …You’d be amazed at all the hilarious ways my site comes up in their various searches... Last one was definition of prograstinate and my blog comes up first??
delusional feelings of greatness with a little hope for my 15 minutes of fame for a bestseller when I figure out which shit sounds the best??

if you go to feejit, you can see where people are that visit my blog
I was happy Lee's Summit appeared twice...I feel safe about the paintings....

it will be such a wonderful experience becoming a father in our future Paradise!
We know when the 9 months or so is up, we will want to stay...of course, I haven't loosened the nots and ties to this declining country...
ahhh, but it gets depressing when we don't even know if we will be evicted from our current home in Utopachi
I've paid the rent till the end of August but because I'm not coming to back to teach this year.. My mind goes to the worst case scenario...of the cops or someone forcefully dumping all of our stuff out onto the street..
Then my mind wanders to feeling the negative vibes of our neighbor,
the Great Koreshka...
we know that we have paid the rent for the month...
Angel is calm and so we both have the serenity of sleeping till 12 in our sinful desire to be lazy…the bane of the attention deficit underachievers of society…whose only desire is to seek pleasure to satiate the id in our personalities!!!!!! (hmmm enjoying the thoughts that arise while under the spell of the naturally erotic and enlightening herb ! Puff, puff pass!)
We will be so happy to be away from that conniving bastard who manipulated his way up to being head football coach, gaining his own personal garage for his hippy bus, an extra room for one class or reading just to gain access of the school garage...
and his next coup will be being chess coach while I'm gone.
It wouldn’t be unrealistic if he were to do that knowing his very competitive win at all costs mentality…
Hilarious...truth is better than fiction as far as writing material..
I almost want to hang around to see how this stupendous soap opera will continue!!
I will make it a point of making the phone calls to my brother seeking advice to go to Oz... Know that he will be getting his share of the estate there is no need for him to call me.. But it will be his birthday on August 8th... I resent him but I will always love him... We used be the only playmate growing up when were traveling around the world! (and speaking of that, it makes me think of my diary that was written when we were jet setting around the world as a 10 year old...My father's feat of taking the whole family around the world was amazing...I will be so happy if I can find that diary!! just the preserving of history , even it was only from my perspective with an older brother as a friend , playmate and brother...