Sunday, June 15, 2008's a day later after a good long sleep..I decided to edit the story and how do I write it better with a healthy perspective of a good long sleep in our bed!! Happy Father's Day...I'm gonna be a daddy!!

What can we achieve to feel good about ourselves??
Will they be talking about me in a positive way for the positive impact that I have created in young growing minds??
I come back and the dead refrigerator that I had moved next to the garbage can
I have never seen someone get away with as much crap as you have, Koreshka!!
Even after school is over like an alpha dog you have to take one more piss to show your territory…
As is you own the village, you take one more piss by dumping the garbage refrigerator in front of my home….
More and more I see through you , Koreshka, the self professed Jedi warrior and ideas of controlling the village the way you did in Bangladesh!;;
You are an enigma, a pariah
I never met an egotist as Machiavellian and manipulative as you...
you are amazing
I am amazed more with you than any other confidence man in my life ...
this year besides you manipulating your way into having your own two classrooms, you must manipulate others such as the village landlord to believe only you should deserve two garages! One for your cheap Harley and the other for your faux hippy VW bus while your wife bears the elements to save your Steel Mambamobile..and on top of that
have the audacity to interrupt my good friend and colleague's going away party!

then after exerting myself moving the monster frig, I come back to my love laying in our tiny twin bed

She brings out the best in me..
I cuddle next to her after my angry impulsive move of the wasted ole refrigerator at midnight when the pent up anger boils over the Lama’s last straw!
That was dumped by our neighbor back to the walk in front of our temporary new home
staring right back at us

I am all pumped up and herbalized…I am ready to kick some ass!
I fall in love with her again! I grab her and hold her tight finally having even more of an epiphany she is carrying my seed...
More so, I want her to be proud of me as we both grow together
knowing the responsibility of bringing up a child in this universe

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