Thursday, June 05, 2008

It is a weird feeling...almost an emotional letdown after school...suddenly I'm done with the year and possibly the community knowing that I have a year's leave of absence and have a job if I come back from Oz ...I feel it is 50/50 whether I come back to the school or somewhere in the large school district??

Still so many things to do...but both of us dwelling in a state of prograsstination..
We need to have a garage sale but we will delay getting out of here until we get the glasses we will be cool to check out Silverton and other parts...

Thankyou, M, for being the steward of my paintings..I love the way you fell in love with the Murch
I'm so happy you don't still hate me..

553: on a commercial break .... while doing my best to tolerate the hungry sighs of the hungry mother ...constantly

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