Saturday, June 21, 2008

havent written in about a's nice to recuperate even if we have to live next to Koreshhka!!
Im ready to head to hill billy country..It's too hard to take everything with me..

ok a day lata...a little herbalized taking it easy in Utopachi...camping out for the last few days in this village...will I say goodbye , adieu, see ya lata??, or auf wieder sehen...see you again???

when you are can be a player (one that wants to just play,not the present day defintion according the hip hop lingo>...
(that was a thought I had while watching L'auberge Espana...)

19 June 2002 (France) more view trailer
Genre:Comedy Romance Drama more
Tagline:They came from Paris, Rome, London and Berlin to... l'Auberge Espagnole ...where a year can change a lifetime. more
Plot:A straight laced French student moves into an apartment in Barcelona with a cast of six other characters from all over Europe. Together, they speak the international language of love and friendship. full summary add synopsis
Plot Keywords:Bed Lesbianism Undressing Scene Teenage Boy Nudity more
Awards:8 wins & 8 nominations more

Now I'm realizing how much I have to figure out who I am...
what role do I play??
...when will I seek the confidence to know that I can take care of business as a good father would??...
How will my life change after becoming a father??
almost getting a pep talk from a neighbor in our secret herbal society saying that I shouldn’t let my very showing wife campout... ( That reminds me about how we need to buy a really good air mattress!! Will Buffy claw some more holes in the new mattress after fighting off the skunks and cougars while we survive in the American wilderness?? ;)
"I feel that I've been doing a very good job as an expectant father with the most freedom from bills and financial responsibility while we can concentrate on our greatest responsibility, our love child on the beach..." I reply indignantly!

Now my biggest job is getting ourselves safely to Oz
"You haven’t even bought your tickets?? from the nosy overly protective neighbor??

June 22nd...2008 continued 336 pm...
a beautiful day...I’m more content this weekend before I visit the principal and talk about the future of this community....

Oh boy!! so many things I have to do...and to ask for Angel's help in letting someone else take over the bank note...will they have a commitment to continue making the payments..
just relaxing...chilling... attempting to take a perspective on life while I watch these movies in Spain and OZ!!

nursing the last half of the beer...while rice and beans warm ont the stove for my love and me...what kind of stew can I cook to please her??
( really hit the spot with her really pigging out on my stew...Buffy cleaned the pot!!)
it will take us at least a couple more days before we can decide what to pack in our two autos...and will Buffy accompany me or my angel??
in the next two days, I have to write to the Aussie embassy about taking a 6 month visa, reserving flights and deciding what I need to take out of this flat?? HAVE A BON VOYAGE PARTY AND CUL DE SAC SALE… GETTING RID OF FURNITURE, TV , ETCETERA…..
June 22, 2008, 10:46 PM
It is such a cool feeling of summer when it’s very hot…it is cool “surviving” in the high desert..
The temperature is cooling down as the outside air from night goes through our flat…
My love is relaxed in knowing we will depart Wednesday…
We will just take the main things…like 3 bicycles, helmets, clothes…everything else we need to get rid of or I could hold it…finally get rid of the evidence with a mass burning of trash and the past…failures ….or when do we free ourselves from the image of being pathetic??

What is one’s definition of a loser??
When do we have fun with the limitations and the responsibilities of leading a growing family??

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