Wednesday, April 16, 2008

we can be philosophical about the twists and turns of fate...
and let our emotions take hold of us

on a road we will take in the future but
"the future's not ours to see"
che sera, che sera, Che Guevara!

we are happilly chatting about what we will name him or her and we are both putting each other into the mindset of really starting a family... that appears to be our road

and then I hear the call..
it doesn't upset us but realize that by random chance ,
so that path won't be taken yet???..

wait till till we leap to that orbit further and farther away from the comfort zone (The Okie Zone)

we have this epiphenous and very event filled fortnight (2 weeks) away from the negative vibes of Utopachi... we discover ourselves and living with ourselves away from each other!

I come back more peaceful but lazy almost as if from jet lag getting slowly back into the work zone!
..taking two half days off so I can gradually ease back into it while doing my best to avoid controversy...where to take the stands...helping to enforce the rules

while not being afraid,, the chance to still finish off hard motivates me...I get excited about putting on a great show!

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