Sunday, March 02, 2008

It is so nice to get away from the Rez for a weekend to see a friend and finally pick up a little herb tomorrow morning! It has been so long...I realize how it helps you escape to the monotony of our day to day young friend resigned from the school in the middle of the year with all the turmoil and pressure created in the district from Bush's no child left behind.
I heard many school districts are having the same pressures put on teachers and especially administrators losing their heads more than the sad nobles who crossed the demented Henry the 8th!
I have been watching the Tudors and it reminds me of how power hungry some folks are... The faux Jesus in our special ed department now crossed the sped director in his pursuit of domination of the school.. She lost her temper with him in his unconcienable desire to do what ever he likes regardless of whose toes he steps on... I'm glad that I wasn't in his way. He is only about 29 and will take no prisoners, disguising himself as a peaceful hippy with a knife hiding behind his body
.. Didn't Charles Manson act the same way?

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