Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am excited but at the same time very nervous!! I was telling Mary about how everything else is petty compared to the future of having a family in the land Of Oz!!!
We are going to Vegas but the mean time we have to find somebody to take care of Buffy...we will be so overwhelmed by the paperwork...I dread sending checks...Its almost like I need to hire a full time accountant to help with all of it!!! My add and old age oltimers!!!
but then there is a little bit of the age difference but that hasnt stop me before!!
then the pettiness of the politics of this younger generation of nozy Nazi teachers with their greed for power and control...
They want to plan and hope that their obstacles will be gone from their total domination of the school...
and then jesus koresh starts his own community of grape drinkers in some south american country...

so he asks in a meeting of the four of us special ed teachers,
Garv, I hope you dont think me rudo or impetuous...
but are you coming back next year?"

"I havent decided yet..."
20-20 hindsight , I would have said, "none of your business or yes it is rude and impestuos and I dont like nosy teachers getting into my business."

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