Thursday, February 07, 2008

I have had a dream of doing something wonderful for this Native American community...I feel that I have already done many things here proving that chess helps students in academics and even life; introducing an acting club and the dream to create movies...I feel like the seed has been conceived for the chance to come back and it’s growth... but then teaching can take such an emotional toll in today's environment of declining academics ...
so it is very easy to to go on hiatus while I still feel young enough to enjoy the world instead of the back breaking challenges of helping very poor teenagers see the light outside the Rez!
it is a nobrainer!
I'm hit with a $12000 land tax for living in this country instead of Australia because I want to keep my Dad's apartment on the beach so duh!
My other common sense dream is to acquire dual citizenship and live on the beach , be a volunteer life guard where I will be much healthier swimming every morning in the surf and then eat locally grown fruit from the market a block away for brekkie!...and then see our children born in Oz so they can have the choice to live far from away this country that is rapidly in decline going further in debt for a stupid senseless war for oil!...

It would be nice to come back and see the students blossoming knowing that maybe I made a little bit of difference to their lives!

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