Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Im imagining the way it could have been last year talking to you on the computer while having the most beautiful view of Mt. Serendipachi...I feel I could fly over Whiskey Lake on the long beautiful 9000 ft plateau as if I was soaring on Google Earth. I see the lake all frozen because the temperature is 2500 ft colder...what is the difference in degrees? I'll have to look up that fact...Now I'm hearing coffee from my muse...never have I felt freer financially, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically and mentally to become part of this earth that recycles all over the planet and eventually the universe....more so am I connecting with the general conciousness....
We travel together in our mortal conciousness while taking up a speck of dust on life's expanding timeline in the narrow microcosm of the universe!
puff, puff, pass.... wow

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