Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"the disasters and the grief... and yes... even the rage... is all directed to one purpose. To wake me up!? " I love the writing of Ted Roosevelt and Two Feathers! I felt that I have woken up in the last few years in regards to what is really important in life ... finally waking up and smelling the coffee!"was it the Buddha said when asked if he was a God? He said. "No, I am awake."Does that mean we sleep for the rest of eternity or?? and when we are alive we need to wake up and go for it during our "waking" hours??"..the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood;"I love that quote from Teddy! He went after adventure all the time his brilliant career and he reminds me so much of how wonderful life can be when regardless of all your failures in life, you can still have success!...or just the happiness in the pursuit of success for somebody other than yourself; it brings on an abundance of intrinsic rewards that you never experienced before!."
8:25 PM

"There is something about you... something within you that is miraculous and special. What is it? How do you nurture it? How do you keep it safe?" ( from "question of the day")
What I meant to say earlier so as not to upset any readers for not answering the question correctly:I believe that many of us can have something miraculous and special to give to the world if we understand our strengths and weaknesses...We can nurture the wonderful gift of giving when we see the results of our gifts....I keep it safe when regardless of what others say I will walk tall as I know my students will when they feel good about what talents they have discovered within themselves!

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  1. When will this site dare to show a pic of George?-exposing hypocrisy of Newsbusterds and it's loyal followers.
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    By Montana lyons | December 8, 2007 - 12:41 ET
    """ You fools just wait till' I turn the FBI and CIA into the Stasi and the KGB. You will all be thrown into the Gulag or join Vince on holiday,"

    Another loyal follower attempting to make a poor joke about Hillary but not seeing the forest for the trees! They will never see how this administration has done a wonderful job of putting the wool over your nearsighted eyes.

    It is amazing how much George and his loyal Neocons would like to take and gain as much power as this dictator from the former KGB sucessfully did..

    I worry about how the neocons will do their best to take a democratic government and force it into hostage again as well as they did to this country after 911!

    Putin's Russian news station is almost as bad as Bush's FOX snooze!