Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November 18, 2007, 6:47
Driving to Amadillo by morning…the fate of my paintings and our family heirlooms worry me while we are heading again towards Arkansas to see A’s parents; again! I am frustrated at our own prograsstination to finally take off on our trips… now she is smiling at me, asking me
“Are you gonna sell a billion copies of your book?“
I guess I’m having to pay her truck payment….she’s not making enough substituting to pay for the outrageous rates also!

I set down the lap top almost at the state of limbo where one drifts off to other realities and we are shocked into vigilance when the mulitcolored lights flash behind us... She drives her jeep into the middle grassy median while trucks zoom by in their high 70 almost swiping us into oblivion...the highway patrolman runs up to our vehicle while I take the last swig of any evidence of brew overly paranoid over the previous incident. Of course I had been smokin ...The worst thoughts run through my mind... another night in the slammer?? hoping my bowels will hold up ...worried that 40 other drunk inmates with share the one toilet seat with a diminishing roll of bumwad?..I am happy that A is totally sober..

The officer smells "alcohol" through A's open window.
"have any of you been drinking?"
He goes to give a ticket to the car that A was following behind closely.
We both open up a pack of gum and chew.10 to 15 minutes later he comes back while both of us are talking about the worst case scenario.
"You are chewing gum. That's where the smell of alcohol comes from."
I see you are sober, Mam but I will have to give you a ticket for going 92 and following to closely behind. Those trucks almost ran you over"
A stayed cool through the whole episode. Again her charming innocence worked but we still had a ticket. We were both so relieved and happy. I thanked again feeling the energy from my mother protective blue hand knit Aussie wool sweater! Again a protective talisman.

It has been a very strenuous week dealing with two long IEP meetings held up by what appears an instigator to get the school in trouble…
He always appears to make more sense and the new sped director was even agreeing how brilliant he was! He co teaches now in the reading correction class with Jesus. The second meeting could very much turn into a litigious situation because one of the students wants to graduate. They asked for a parent advocate to sit in on the meeting …It could have been a contentious meeting ..
It upsets how you keep giving to a student and then he manipulates the adults around him about the situation…

November 21, 2007, 12:38 AM
A is getting used to the village of Serendipachi…she is actually starting to enjoy subbing over at the high school much more so lately…the boys and girls don’t get on her nerves as much as the
Bratty middle schools children do when she travels to the city where they make fun of her Arkansas accent… A doesn’t think I do a very good southern accent even though I’ve lived in the okie zone for more than half life!
(right now I’m in her new truck where I have to make most of the payments until her subbing can hopefully pay for it,
+you’re not writing a book …it’s more like a journal!
Suddenly she flips the radio to “rollercoaster” and grooves to the music at a decibel level that gets of unmanageable levels for G’s present temperament… wow the song came out in 76 when she was only 3 years old !
I’m glad that M is going to help out Hillary in Iowa…A found her emails when she came to school…

I’m glad that we are honest and don’t have anything to hide about past relationships!
A and I imagine the idea of what it might be like when we bring up kids together…Will we ever be responsible enough?
I sometimes wonder if the Universe sent a female mirror image of my own traits to help me get my own self in check??
I could easily get frustrated with her own laziness or our inability to get out of a place within a reasonable time when both of us are trying to pack? Because of her I’ve actually found out that I’m a good cook…this new found self esteem has helped me become an even better cook!
It is so wonderful to finally found a non-judgemental woman!

"The greatest need in a soul is to achieve that loving of self which will bring about the unity wherein the judgements that have caused such pain are eliminated."
Emanuel's Book


  1. Very entertaining, Garvald, and good luck with all that. Maybe it's time she meet your brother. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. There's something I've been meaning to ask you. By chance, have you come across a Sony remote since June? I ask because when you were here ten million years ago I actually found the TV remote in your duffel bag in the garage after searching for 2 days...So, I just thought maybe the Sony remote to my stereo somehow ended up there too. I know it's silly but I thought it was worth asking.

  3. AND I didn't mean to sound mean, I was just imagining you times 2, now that's an IV infusion of your own medicine. There is a god and She LIKES me!

  4. Sorry, M. I don't know where the remote is. I can send you a universal remote ...
    I hope everything is going well for you.