Friday, November 30, 2007

I need to discipline myself to chat on here for at least 5 minutes a dream come true about finally connecting the internet universe has come into the comfort and safety of my own home in my village ...I feel that slowly things are happening in the right way finan, cially and in my career...Like I said to someone in the past, I will self actualize by the time Im 54!
This week was the best week of my teaching career and confidence..Finally having my own two half hour math classes instead of just assisting teachers and students ,,although I enjoy teaching math to all the students. Im talking to more students everyday now than any other teacher from having only a couple of students in a self contained classroom.. I am walking tall knowing now how I am connecting with so many children especially in my after school clubs I've created!
Im so excited about creating the drama club and how the students are taking ownership in the program..
Im excited about seeing how a student in special ed now is eligible for the gifted and talented from scoring 99.6 in a test as a direct result of chess!

And by the way I am falling more and more in love with my muse who has totally immersed herself in my life on the REZ!


  1. Point taken. Reality? Check. Check Mate. So please stop mentioning me now and leave this chapter out. Thx.