Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's great to be back in school , sort of...
It is amazing how summer has flown by so fast!
I'm wanting to write more but the bug has not captured my desire to write..
At least I can say hello to everyone

now I've escaped to Serendipachi again and all the worries of reality

We are still at war and Bush is still in office but at least his "brain" is gone!

I joyously accept my beautiful home away from home on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the world, the Gold Coast.

The desires of my heart are fulfilled when I swim and surf in the crytal blue waters of the Pacific.

I'm planning on going there for the winter break for 2-3 weeks..I'll have to find someone to take care of my darling Buffy so maybe I can find someone that will be staying here during the xmas break...they can put her inside my home in Serendipachi while I'm gone...

It was sure nice having an escape from reality travelling with my canine soulmate all around the northwest part of this still beautiful country despite the onslaught of RV's and noisy overtestosteroned motor bikes...
we saw so many gluttonous gas guzzlers escaping the heat and crowding from the ever expanding megalopolis's of over cemented suburbia with all of its "bubburbans" driven by Bubbas and Bubbettes totally oblivious to their own thoughtless trails of their carbon imprints!

I loved seeing all the wildlife and natural geographies of Yellowstone, Glacier, the Tetons and the most beautiful and least disturbed by our eco-monsters, the Olympic National Park....
It is said how our forests are being destroyed by fires as a result of the warming. I heard on NPR how a new beatle has arrived due warmer summers that leave the trees even more succeptible to forest fires...All throughout the midwest the beautiful forests are being ravaged by fires!

I'm sorry that I have to modify comments. A lady that physically threatened me has been leaving some nasty comments..

Other than that, I'm having a wonderful time exploring all of New Mexico with a special friend!

It is amazing how life can be so wonderful when one has found his niche with his wonderful muse and who doesn't go hormonally insane before Aunt Flo arrives!


  1. I was wondering. So, you're back in the chess capitol of NM? Good. Is Buffy your bedmate for now?

  2. How else am I supposed to communicate with you? M

  3. It was never Babble to me..G I still come here to read your storys your apart of my daily fix to Read..

  4. Im glad she burn the socks you sound more at peace...It's behind you now??Our contry is amazing..

  5. It was nice of her to burn the socks. Only wonderful things have been happening. Im glad that you still get a daily fix. Hopefully I will get internet soon so that I will write more when the moment takes me! ;)

    How is our country amazing? amazingly beautiful if we dont screw it up!

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  7. Check out
    Did you see Hillary on Letterman?

  8. its from the "Daily OM"
    How was Hillary on Letterman?

  9. Daily OM? Daily dose of castration? Just kidding. She was great, I thought. Oprah endorsed Obama - Chicago connection going way back - Fred Thompson doesn't have a chance and neither does Rudy, notwithstanding some October surprise or otherwise. Thompson is like 60 and has a 24 yr old wife. It'll never fly, she's his worst liability, I think.
    I miss talking to you, if that is UNOHOO.

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  11. Nevermind. We should talk, don't you think? Will you call me please?

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  13. I have something to tell you. It's important.


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