Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fun with Raphael and Erowyn

I'm extremely passionate about finding my niche where I can really soar.
I'm passionate about finding
my Utopian Shangri La
(Raphael says that you have to realize your Shangri La by living in the now..It's easy for him in his beautiful place)
I'm passionate about doing something really great and making a movie/documentary/book about it..
Im not passionate about my procrastination...its the side of myself that I detest.
Most think that I have a tendency to get obsessed (OCD)about some projects..

I often just smile at them and look forward to when the projects are done..I consider that the best revenge to all the naysayers!

That is what drives me and motivates me instead of just staying in bed depressed about all the things I should have already done in this extremely short life.

July 1, 2007 11:03 AM Arizona time

I's sitting here on a lazy Sunday in the middle of summer, the beginning of the very busy American July 4th week..Do I want to compete against all the traffic this week or go back to Utopachi and get my car fixed and hope my place hasn't been robbed as I knowingly left the door unlocked thinking nobody would touch anything...Muffy has a tendency to do that..

(She's been checking up on me to make sure I haven't found my Native American princess,but it's still good to hear her voice. She is still my best friend especially when I'm far away from her malicious manipulative 16 year old daughter.. The older one is fine's funny how M wastelling me how the house smelled very "skunk", yet the youngest ratted on me when I smoked a J with her neighbor as if she was going to get me in trouble with my stoner gf...I'll be glad when weed becomes legal so we don't have to deal with these closet hippocritters that smoke weed themselves and chastise others that smoke it,,, at least half of the faculty enjoy the herb and Governor Richardson passed a bill to make it legal medically! :) I just hope that I don't get too old before it becomes legal!

July 2, 2007 5:39 PM
Anonymous said...
"There is also a silver lining in being able to giggle when someone cusses and grumbles anonymously in a blog, isntead of getting angry!"yep that is fun,,writing is the best catharsis of the soul,,:)life is too frickin short to get angry... its a lot easier sometimes to do your best to laugh at your own mistakes in life rather than get all pent up with anger...anger and hostility causes cancer, heart attacks, strokes, back problems and overall poor health.. be angry and uptight all the time and will create a general restriction of live giving circulation, besides high blood pressure at a very young age!babble?? ;) "

It's cool being back near my "home" town and waiting for my Native American friend to work on my Infinity! (I often think of the line from the expsycho..
"The ring is infinity and you are not it!")

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