Friday, June 29, 2007

So here I am again in my home away from home...I get used to a place and it's cool to see the same familiar streets except that it has the warm ambience of mid-summer..
the anxiety of summer accelerating without doing anything is wearing off as soon as I take a road trip and hang out for a night smuggling Buffy in the "Bates Motel" in the middle of Gallup next to some of the very limited dives ... Maybe they could call these places "Stumble Inn's"...The inn keeper saw me on the hotel camera taking my blonde bitch for a walk...She was smiling when she asked me if that was me sneaking my dog out for a walk (she has had some loose poop since changing over to the high quality dog food just before the trip...a mistake but I had run out of the other)...The inn keeper was also 50 and made me feel better about my reflection in the mirror doesn't look too bad for the flip side of the half century...
especially when exgfs a generation younger are diseased and in need of wheel chairs (was it a result of their loose lifestyles? I wonder if her teeth are all black from crack?)Its sad when I see women half my age with very ugly teeth from too much crack or whatever manmade drug of choice..

Muffy and I seem much more comfortable with a platonic relationship on the phone...It's almost a full moon so I warned her to make sure nobody is around for their own safety...just kidding, M, or am I??

as soon as sex is involved women so often feel entitled to at least half your will!
....they are never are automatically supposed to pay for everything since you are a man...I often wonder if men are expendable in the mind of a utopian amazonian lesbian? They can just get their selected sperm from the refrigerator and there might be a few very young submissive boy toys for the older matriarch of the utopian society to enjoy...(uh oh I'm either babbling, rambling or too cannabized to care)
The only worry that I have right now smack in the middle of summer without having to report to work for maybe 5 weeks(?) is my infinity parked in the shade for Buffy's sake with the windows half open...they wont tow it away but I could get a parking ticket??

Seriously friends and not so friendly, it is such a relief to finally to be almost over the lawyer will ask for a motion for dismissal since the six months is way past and I won't have to appear for hopefully the last hearing!

It's also a relief to finally make the decision to stay at least one more year and dive full force into our metaphoric pool of miracles just waiting to happen

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