Monday, June 18, 2007

not so anonymous ex girlfriend of this one ridiculous anonymous said...
"When are you going to stop babbling about the same old stuff? 'i never self-actualized, i don't have any friends but a dog, i'm lazy, i have add'....whatever, dude....the reason you don't have any friends is because you're kinda creepy and you stalk people. You have a difficult time getting one single coherent thought out and putting it on one of these blogs. i know you. i lived with you. you are a whining pain in the ass with no personal respect for anyone...and if you can linger around everywhere on the internet that i want to be and i have to continue to listen to the SAME crap that you have been incoherently babbling about for seven years at least....then you can just read the damn answer to why you have no friends and why your relationships failed. the question was, 'how do you live with yourself,'....and the answer to that is YOU CAN'T. you have to be right in the middle of someone else's crap whether they want you there or not. all your lovely little imagery of you and your dog and a deathwish stingray in the water is just great. has nothing to do with the question posed. so let's add this are incoherent, creepy, and you cannot stay on the subject to save your life, and you are going to force yourself on anyone you can. probably even your dog. great. still....nothing to do with the question asked on this blog by TwoFeathers....but it does answer yours. (the 'why do i have no friends' one, just because i know you cannot stay on track long enough to remember what your own stupid question was.) you can't even remember what the damn question is that was asked on the blog the same day you just keep going on and on about your self-proclaimed pathetic life every time you comment on one of these handful of blogs that you like to frequent and be 'anonymous' at. as if no one knows who you are! haven't you ever heard of a statistics tracking program??? you are just so freaking creepy. geez. enough already.......why not just comment as 'Garvald, special ed teacher and weirdo?' i can't even believe children remain subjected to your creepyness

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