Saturday, June 09, 2007

Maybe it's a challenge to accept the mirror's reflection on the laptop.???..all those extra wrinkles since 911...your hippy witch gf breaks up with you almost 6 years ago..but it seems like only last year.. experiencing Einstein's theory first hand...sitting here in a bier garden in a town outside a big metropolis of the anual concert is going on for a 59$ fee, you can have your car break down or get a flat due to prograstinating baldness...Buffy is sitting with you at this new location that allows your canine soulmate to accompany you...she still has separation anxiety...
"is my master gonna just tie me up and leave me all alone to fend for myself?? Ill just bark at his ass to make sure he doesnt leave me again...I know what its like when he deserts me for long periods of time...hanging out in his yard while he goes "walkabout"...ooh I like that pretty blonde with long hair to her asssss"
Buffy has a preference for young pretty waitresses...maybe she's a canine lesbian??

I realize she is the only female that I can trust since Mom and Alene passed away a long time ago...she gives the warmest feelings especially in the morning of a new day...she sighs and I feel it with her...or she is the best empath in the world...better than any human bitch could possibly ever least in understanding your feelings...
so a bunch of single blokes are all hanging out on a lazy summer weekend watching time fly by in it's accelerating fashion

later on in the evening
I come back by and chat with two attractive couples of course talking about our favorite conversation piece , Buffy...I walk by in the neighborhood a poor middle aged lady is sitting outside smoking..
Does your dog want a mate??"
the dog is all blonde and looks like her except for the face and more squat features of a chow...
1137 am..Nadal beats Federer in the French Open
YOu don't realize what you have until it's gone...alene was so patient, loving and especially forgiving...I dont think Ill find anybody even close to her on the flip side of Im not as fit and as energetic to do the things that I want to do ...even the independence to walk alot of places..
But at least I have made myself at home in this little town in the summer before it gets too hot..I read about Joy and the ways to keep happy..sometimes it is so hard
as usual, I am a very slow learner...muffy insists I see her before I go to australia and then cant wait for me to go as soon as I arrive...I think always with her the anticipation is far better than the meal..
Is it always the same things that get on her nerves? ... money and my add?? why argue....resign yourself that it will not work and make the best of the last day...If I say it's the last day of our relationship then she'll start pushing me to go and I can't keep up with her or her impatience..

Thursday at the Peanut:
its cool that there is a beer garden where Buffy can be the social butterfly and greet everyone person that comes on the patio...


  1. what do you mean you experienced einstein's theories first hand?

    i'm self diagnosed cured adult ADD
    check out

    and see what i mean.

  2. Im flattered that you found my site. how did you find it?