Monday, June 18, 2007

How does a loony hippy witch fall in love with creepyness?

some fan mail:
a not so anonymous ex girlfriend, ( she left out her name of course) of this one ridiculous anonymous said...
When are you going to stop babbling about the same old stuff?

I guess it is a broken record about my failures...but you only married failures, your ex husband says you are a failure and now you are in very poor shape physically and mentally...How can you expect to be a mother when you have to depend on drugs to counteract your bipolarity??

'i never self-actualized, i don't have any friends but a dog, i'm lazy, i have add'....whatever, dude....the reason you don't have any friends is because you're kinda creepy , but I still made love to you. I did the same with this other old geezer named Quentin. He kept Roscoe for me and suckered him into paying my rent for ocassional sex.

again the creepy?? Then why did you live with me ?? to sucker me into free room and board? All the bs about love was really a facade??

You have a difficult time getting one single coherent thought out and putting it on one of these blogs. I would love to talk to Muffy to hear her side of your stupid attention deficit problem!
i know you. i lived with you and I made love to you! But in the meantime I write an essay about my dealer's large penis and how to give head to it! How do you work for weed?

yes , I suppose I do ramble a lot but I thought that you really loved my writing??

you are a whining pain in the ass with no personal respect for anyone and I listened to your whining pretending it was interesting and humoring your dumb ass! I have posting anonymous posts on your stupid blog but your dumbass never got the picture.

So taking care of you and your family was a front like you took advantage of your husband?? He told me how you would tell him how much of a needy nerd I was , while I worked for you and the family in a small rural town 1oo miles away while you stayed in my large house with your family, because I thought you loved me and wanted to have my family! Your wonderful child would call me Daddy and your son told me several times how he wanted me to be his father. I was trying to help him to learn to ride a bike!
You kept writing lies about how badly you wanted me to be the father of all your children. Your son even asked me to be his father! I would have been a good family man just as I am a good teacher. I would have been devoted to your family as if they were my own kids!
I realize that it was a lie like all the lies that you continually told me in your faux journal while secretly emailing your overbearing butch friend.... lies while having sex with your dealer while I was out of town working to pay the mortgage for the house that would have been ours! You begged me to marry you and bought you a beautiful ring that you said was infinity. You broke off the engagement and kept the ring. I am glad that I found out that you were a slut for free herb just as you ended up being all over your little town bartendressing.

I read your stupid website and i have to continue to listen to the SAME crap that you have been incoherently babbling about for seven years (6, 2001) at least ....then you can just read the damn answer to why you have no friends and why your relationships failed. the question was, 'how do you live with yourself,'

Maybe you should become a shrink. You sound better than Dr. Laura!

Alene loved me and she passed away. We lived together for 13 wonderful years. You are a very cruel woman and now understand why you go thru men like walmart watches...4 different children from 4 different men,,, it seem like you are only comfortable with abusive relationships. I love you but I guess I was mistaken. Thank you for the awakening! I needed this closure and from one of your exes how you refused to take medication and went crackers , and how your mother had you committed... and in regards to success, my top 4 players on our chess team have learning disabilities. They are walking tall! The parents of our chess players believe in me and they are my friends!

....and the answer to that is YOU CAN'T. you have to be right in the middle of someone else's crap whether they want you there or not. all your lovely little imagery of you and your dog and a deathwish stingray in the water is just great. has nothing to do with the question posed. so let's add this are incoherent, creepy, and you cannot stay on the subject to save your life, and you are going to force yourself on anyone you can. probably even your dog. great. still...

my dog is very well adjusted unlike the crazy witch that believes in hocus pocus and will come back as a pigeon to shit on all her male victims!

.nothing to do with the question asked on this blog by TwoFeathers....but it does answer yours. (the 'why do i have no friends' one, just because i know you cannot stay on track long enough to remember what your own stupid question was.) you can't even remember what the damn question is that was asked on the blog the same day you just keep going on and on about your self-proclaimed pathetic life every time you comment on one of these handful of blogs that you like to frequent and be 'anonymous' at. as if no one knows who you are! haven't you ever heard of a statistics tracking program??? you are just so freaking creepy. geez. enough already.......why not just comment as special ed teacher and weirdo?' i can't even believe children remain subjected to your creepyness

creepy...I thought you loved me for all my silliness brought on by the ADD. All those letters telling me what a great teacher I was for giving myself to the children. The principal told me not to worry when you kept calling over to the school with your lies! You lost sanity like your ex and your mother dearest told me. She did a great job convincing you to leave me ??
This once beautiful lady said she loved me. I guess folks that are manic depressive are wonderful manipulators. I thought that I had found my soulmate. I beared my soul to her and I guess it must sound pathetic to my readers... Oh well
I guess thats why Im going to Oz...

I have never been so cruelly hurt with words...This woman was lying to me fooling an older man into believing she really loved him and now she sends me threatening lies in her hate mail, attempting to blackmail me knowing that I teach special ed..She was and is threatening my job like she did before (she even introduced me to her dealer yet she goes on and on about my herbal medication, yet she's on anti depressant medication)
This is a woman angry at the world and hating the only man that wanted to help her and her family so much! He gave everything to her.. Now she is currently working on her latest sucker to be another father to 4 fatherless children!

All I can say is that Im sorry but poor health is often the result of a very poor and loose lifestyle, a strong propensity toward obesity, drug abuse and a body only pent up with anger towards men that actually cared about you! No wonder , Mommy dearest, had you committed! Oh well. Thanks for the closure that I had. I am sorry about what you turned into when I was conned into actually thinking you were an angel.May the universe bless you, regardless of your ill will towards me.
"today i deeply appreciate the fact that my children are healthy, and happy, and compassionate. i appreciate my sweet and loving friends, the ones that make life seem more interesting, and meaningful. i appreciate the fact that i am not living with a madman. he is not mean, and he is good hearted, and he loves me in his peculiar way. i appreciate the gift of my house, and the financial security i have been given. If this peculiar man ever crosses me, I will kick him out of my house!
i appreciate the fact that my family and friends and pets are healthy. i appreciate the presence of spirit in my life in ways that i am easily able to recognize and that are realized at just the right times. and today, i am particularly appreciative of this blog, because if i had not sat down and thought about it, i might have forgotten for a moment that i am so deeply grateful for these things in the rush of daily activity and domesticity"

who is mad and peculiar? Its interesting that crazy people are always the first to notice it in others!

""This is where Voo Doo comes in handy. I don't ever use it though, unless there is just no other alternative. For example, I once used spellwork to cause a woman who was abusing her child to have severe stomach pain any time she went to beat the child. Thank God that situation got rectified. On the next new moon, I will be getting rid of something else that's been bothering me, and it used to own a pair of grey socks with green stripes that are going to be key in my spellwork. It will be great fun, and make me feel a total release, the same as I did when I burned every lie that was written on paper to me"

and who is emotionally unstable? Now she is threatening to get rid of me using voodoo!

"I just want him to want to get married so I can waffle around about it and leave him wiggling on the hook for a change. I'd like to know how to be that one lucky bitch that all the guys want but treat with respect. I'm more like the bitch that does laundry and gives blow jobs (or would but they are apparently unwanted at this time) and puts up with constant absence and relatively no affection and certainly no sex. And no talking. And no help except a little financial help which would probably be less than child support were it ordered. ????? "

I was just checking out blogs and was fascinated with some of the thoughts the opposite gender has about their philosphies in regards to the weaker gender...

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