Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Armadillo by Morning" I I'm taking my time heading back west to take care of business with my school, my abode and my decisions for next year when I turn in the contract.
The hotel here in Amarillo has internet access in the lobby and not in the room like it was supposed to have, so I'm delaying my trip so I can chat with you!

I still have the anxiety but then I let the fuck it attitude takes care of it... I imagine just hanging out in my place on the beach for a few weeks with a little Ganja and some Aussie neighbors!
"She'll be right mate! Pass me a pint of Tooheys! No worries Mate, look at the gorgeous sun rise! It's my beach!"

It will nice to know that I will have some funds in both lands to use in my very modest lifestyle!

"I admire the quality of not feeling sorry for oneself. I have seen some people with some really tough lives but they just shrug it off and keep going like nothing happened, and in fact, seem to try even harder to succeed"

I have felt that way very often drowning in my self pity, but then finally waking up and realizing that I can still do something really great in this short life
.."that which doesnt kill me makes me stronger" .. just finally learninng from my mistakes so Im not doomed to keep repeating them.

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