Friday, May 18, 2007

yesterday could have been the best day in a year...maybe the best as far as my career in teaching and hope for my own success...where people will look up to me as a teacher..
Jesus wants his desk in his "resource room" next year and wants to be "dept. head"
I can tell he is very jealous and wont be happy unless he is in total control

I am so happy the creation of the chessboard is finally happening. ...the counselor asked me how I might be incorporating "Character Counts" into the classroom . I wrote about each of the major characteristics and how chess helps these students in trustworthiness, citizenship, caring,
and good sportsmanship..

right now I am in between feeling very tired and on the other side wanting to write a book about chess..sad that I was politely told by the husband of a couple from our village that they needed to talk....
OK..Ive been listening to the "Doors" while climbing physically and mentally Mt. Taylor with my old infinity and Buffy! I HAVE the wrong energizer unfortunately so I can only chat with you a little while..The epiphanies seem to occur so much more under the influence...but avoiding overthought which kills the mild euphoric delusions unless you have mocha or a burger!..then you feel better!
I drove about 180 miles just for some trophies...but it's worth for the kids who might be grateful or just take it for granted...the fact it cost them only a dollar causes one of my success stories to throw the
"cheap ass dollar!"

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