Saturday, May 12, 2007

The postmaster wants to be the match maker and said that he just missed the most beautiful warmest oriental girl. She lives in town and only comes to the post office to see Matt .
Then he sees her at an Iep meeting with the Borg and then again at the coffee shop. They strike up a conversation ...he feels electricity and her warmth that she shares for her middle school children that are now his...he is afraid to let it go further and does not make the next step...
He types away at his laptop and then she comes over,
"you bought one of those Kuchina dolls?"...
"are you checking our the Art Walk?"
"cool maybe Ill see you on the walk.."

Walter Mitty is again in one of his delusional states chatting with an old Bohemian Chek who knew Ivan Lendl's mother.
"This is your studio?"
yes he says in heavy eastern european accent and a big smiles shows his need of dental work.
"So this is your zazrani...Ivan Lendl talked of his zazrani for Wimbledon."
He then said the word and understood.
"It is a healthy obsession ..."
"like your art" and G felt a connection with the artists of this Bohemian town...He finally connected with them...another sign ? to stay and let the seeds blossom!
Muffy rolls her eyes at her auspergers' boyfriend with mild delusions....

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