Saturday, May 05, 2007

Last night I was so depressed about the impending courtdate. I just received the notice in the mail yesterday that we will meet on the last day of school! Do I need to come back that afternoon?? Will they ask me back inside...Do I stay the night in a motel?? What will be the worst case scenario. I get into this state of perservaration. Muffy laughed when I told her but she was in angry mood about Bush having a photo op on his bike in a bicycle state. I wasn't sure if she said that and then set her off or even asking if it was close to the time period. She has no patience for Auspergers Syndrome.

Then I woke up this morning and felt so much better where I could take my time and get an extra 100$ (I think tax free) for listening to a seminar about Project based learning! I was so inspired by the snow that fell in the middle of was so beautiful walking to school with snow on the mountains this late into the year!
We didnt have to be there until 830 so I was early! I could sleep in till 7 cuddling Buffy and actually trying a little herb to put me in a nice mood. I mentioned my chess project and he talked about it first to our group of faculty. The young inner circle of teachers and the old grandmother counselor who loves these younger studs all rolled their eyes or sniggered. Jesus of course was in that bunch and I knew what behavior he would have. Coincidentally , when I was talking about himand the peace corp disciples of his, he drove by on VW faux young hippy van..
I'm in town now so I can have computer access at the internet cafe!

It snowed about 4 inches and was still continuing till about 11 am. but now its about 3 and it all has melted. Im sitting here at Applebees and I discovered another place where I can obtain wireless since the cafe is closed on Sunday. I am very bored except for the access to the universe and that access is severely limited at our school. I'm arguing with the resident repub trolls on newsbusturds and looking for anything else that might be interesting.

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