Tuesday, May 22, 2007

its really good to chat with you!!...even though the court date is tomorrow ...I suddenly have such a good feeling especially having the contract in hand ...and having a superlative day teaching chess...
the kids were giving me a hard time and they knew that they were getting on my nerves..they dont respect me as they are with other adults..
then dealing with the last politics of the schoool..I just wanted to stay out of it and Jesus planning for his coup de tat of the sped department... and then relaying the message to the Borg
but overall, I felt that I had a victory of so many kids involved in and engaged outside in this one game of chess while bantering with adults the way uppity adolescents love to banter while Im somewhat relaxed outside in my shorts , trying not to think of the impending trial!

Now there is an air of summer relief that we are through all of it...
Then I was pleasantly surprised

May 22, 2007, 9:07 PM
Ok so Im here at coal street pub, Muffy is proud of my adventure coming to fruition…all the students engaged in the outdoor game of chess while the jealous teachers keep walking by….the old guidance counselor who appears to dislike any man over 30...she and the old IST only prefer talking to young malleable Peace corp teachers….and they want to fantasize about sleeping with young men the way dirty old men enjoy young women….it appears to be a pattern with old alpha females want youngsters that they can dominate…all 3 including Macbeth had African American husbands and probably was the liberal thing to do right after the Sidney Poitier movie of “Guess who’s coming to dinner!”
So tomorrow is the make it or break it day…either getting all depressed when the worst case scenario happens or the black cloud from her curse is vaporized…and the light is shining on our pathway…at least I don’t have to appear before the students this school year…I imagine being on the channel 7 news either way
On the wonderful positive side, I’ll be singing , dancing and only drinking when I can walk…or walk it off for an hour after spending time writing to you, and letting it metabolize for a couple of hours!…trying the specialty of the pub, “A bare Knuckles”
Then I can relax as long as there is a place to crash within walking distance..
Lovely thing about Oz is everything is within walking distance or even a free bus!!…then of course you have to walk or stumbling back from Surfers to Mermaid Beach…aah..I can feel the cool Pacific water in my toes!!
what would keep me from coming back to Utopachi??…I would need a months notice if i were to be a "quitter"…so that would have to be the beginning of July…or I start out the year waiting for the coup d’é·tat

of the school from this peace corp freak secretly desiring to have his own colony or sect....if Jesus’ domination of the sped dept doesn’t happen and we are free of his manipulations on the powers that be, then maybe??… I will see the young minds keen on learning about chess and students of all ages from k-12 making a commitment to improving their academics, test scores, intelligence, self esteem, character all while having fun learning chess… and I will be their vehicle for this greatness within themselves...so they will learn to "walk tall"
It was such a great day and then getting the contract in my hand…Julio doesn’t want to come back…Betty Lou and the other assistants want me to be the dept chairman,
“Yeh, right” responds Hesus with disdain….and the contempt that would only fit a latter day saint
Like David Koresh!…its fantastic to see them see through faux pseudo hippy saint façade…and understand him to be the back stabbing manipulative power hungry emotionally disturbed young man that he is…He is actually moving with his Newlywed (who wants the Spanish teacher’s job the way he wants my ED position. …I can almost guarantee he will manipulate himself into getting my spot just as he was going to have my class at the beginning of this year…
Muffy rolls her eyes and wonders why I want to punish myself

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