Saturday, April 21, 2007

We only have 5 more weeks of school and I have access to the internet universe... It is springtime and I feel the energy of change about to happen again as I wonder about getting out of the comfort zone again chatting with Bob who is 60. He is lonely and depressed also since his gf has been gone for a couple of months but will see her in a couple of weeks...Ladonna was great help with me during the crisis of the Navaho matriarch/assistants that sit on their butts and gossip..There's a little tiny blurb with my name in the paper and I'm just waiting for the inevitable(??)...almost as if it's so much easier to let ourselves have a premonition of bad luck. I imagine the worst case scenario with my picture on TV.
hese last 2 weeks have been the hardest but them when I'm down about the futility of my chess project, 2 squares short of a chessboard, the band director says not to give up my dream and then I open up the fortune cookie from the only Chinese restaurant in Grants
"Happiness is the joy of creation"
I'm wanting the signs and they come to me...
Muffy wants to marry me and move to Oz with her daughter so they can all just relax and lay on the beach..funny now how her daughter is nicer to me now especially since she loves when Buffy comes and visits!
I see her wagging tail. It's her period now and so she has low energy for two weeks twice a year. I lay down a white towel beside my bed and I look down when I wake up at first light in the am. Her blonde 50 lb. body lays down in her cute little curl. I say, "allright" and encourage her to jump on my bed. I put another little clean towel under her butt so no more blood will be left on my bed. She sighs in my arms and she cheers me out of my mild depression...

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