Thursday, April 26, 2007

So the sun has just set and the moon is waxing to about a 3/4 moon...I have felt the new energy evolving at the school after the momentary lapse of energy with a new moon...things will only get better at our old hs swim coach, chuck (he would whip you with his boondoggle whistle if you ever called him charly!)Dean, when you are down at the bottom, Garvald, you got nowhere to go but up!
Ok ive had one "fat tire" at applebees and I have one hour to let it digest while getting wireless access in the walmart parking lot. I still havent heard anything. No news is good news. Maybe it will be set up for after school is out in about 3 weeks! I still have all those Ieps to rewrite and Im not letting it bother me. I will take the steps thanks to the addaboy and I will plug along. I find out that I can surprise myself about how much I can fit in a day!
At this point I am frustrated that I can get much interest in the human chess play but if I send out the letter and some posters it might get some interest.
chess clinic during freshman homeroom and lunch, see Mr. G. for appointment.,,

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