Monday, April 16, 2007

plop, plop, oh what a relief it is!...funny how I am so relieved yet still very angry over the system we have in america.
We are slaves to our automobiles
automobiles are killing machines. I was lucky that no one was hurt including myself
all it takes is about 3 drinks to be over the limit even for a big man well over 200lbs!
...we cannot get around without them...
unfortunately one time you have one too many drinks you make a poor judgement and think that you can drive about 30 miles home. Wrong,G!
someone calls you in from the pub or wherever. ...any chance to get a bellagonna in trouble!
you are about 3 or 4 miles from refuge and safety and the lights go on behind you to give you one of life's large wake up calls!
maybe and you have this black cloud hanging over you...I was enjoying myself and the bloke next to me bought me two beers. That is all it took. I have a good lawyer and the fact that it took so long, for a couple of weeks that I did not know about, my only means of transportation was supposedly revoked. I ask the lawyer to appeal it. But the fact that is appealed before we even go the judge, I am immediately guilty until proven innocent. Thank you , God or the Universal Energies for rescinding the revocation almost immediately but not before it is put in the paper for everyone to read. The actual court date that we have been waiting for almost half a year will be tomorrow and there are two obstacles that the prosecutor has to deal with. The amount of time that it took for me to finally take the test (almost 2 hours) and the fact that the state policeman never sent the certification papers for the equipment's reliability. I was 1/100th over the limit. The state policeman even stated that the reading can go up or down 2/100ths in a 2 hour period!
This was a lesson to me in many ways!
I have been very cautious about ever having a drink before I drive. I did this once and made sure that I had been walking around walmart for at least one hour before venturing to drive!
I keep going back to that moment when friendly folks were buying me beers and saying if only I just walked to the nearby motel. Even though it was expensive , it would have saved me thousands of dollars!

..another week has happened and this last week was so full of ups and downs...MONDAY morning! at least the principal and the Borg weren't here to make it worse. Now I have that important piece of paper to show him. I will get there at 7:30 with a copy of it and then to say if you have any more questions, you can contact my attorney.The revocation was rescinded!...but its dealing with all these judgemental squaws with nothing better to do than rat on others. Someone showed the asst. principal the paper with my name on it! publicity until we appeal the revocation! amazing! now even some kids have seen it or they are making gestures.
Part of me was wanting to just escape from the drudgery and thinking these kids, adults and parents don't really apreciate me being here!
I will appear before the judge tomorrow and then I realize how much scrutiny teachers are under...even from expothead gfs who would love to see you lose your job over something like this because they expect the worst out of you....Then I feel like something great would be really wonderful just to prove those assholes that will hate me know matter what!..Im in town 30 miles away just to get that piece of paper that I can show the cops or administrators concerned whether I have a license or not. times , I want to be like Martin Luther or even Popeye
"I yam what I yam!" accept me for what I am with all my mistakes and blemishes...if you love me great! if not, fuck you!
then of all folks the native born again secretary who has always hated me walks by and attempts to ignore me the first time I say hello. She finally says hello after she knows that I have spotted her. She continues walking but at least aknowledges me with barely allowing me to engage her in conversation. She has hated me even more since she became one of Jesus's disciples!

April 18th
The cloud will still be hanging over my head since they every chance for the police to show up in court! So now I wonder if it will show up in the paper again??
If it will be a month from now, that most likely will be when school is in session.Im bummed out but still relieved that there was no decision. A new moon has started and I hope that I get my energy back...sometimes no news can be good news.

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