Monday, March 26, 2007

"Imagine your most treasured dream in every detail, and then set about to be the person who can truly experience it. Your dream will fill the home that you build for it."

We came back from our was an epipheny and then I had trepidation...sure enough my instinct for paranoia was correct...I feel that I can more and more tell the future...or is it predicting human nature and all of its' weaknesses....
Why is it when we feel that everything is going so well, how others want to tear it down!
Our kids came back from the state championship, undefeating...I thought that they were well behaved but somebody reported that they were playing pool,,,,the problem was that the room with the tables was right next to the bar! I have a feeling they were there when we were thinking they were relaxing in the hotel room...who knows if or when it happened but my job is on the line for sticking my neck out so these reservation students were given a chance to get out of town and enjoy themselves away from their poor existence... they will benefit so much from this trip and most others know this...but then there are some jealous(?) folks the sluttish young school teacher who wouldn't allow one of my best chess players come! I wonder if she saw me peer through the kitchen windown to see her and the young gangly first year math teacher hug and kiss each other after spending the night together. For some reason , she parked her car right outside my house far away from his house..amazing the intrigue of this little village...rumor has it that she was even sleeping with Jesus when His fiance was out of town??/

"What is the difference between a bitch and a slut?
A slut sleeps with everyone and a bitch sleeps with everyone but you!"
I saw this comment and it made me think of this lady I was once in love with. I wonder why am I attracted to these type of women??...They sleep with many men , but end up with assholes and then claim to be victims...she had 4 children from four different men and hates all 4. Only one of the fathers is responsible and of course the kids want to live with him??

I wonder why they would actually think so viciously of men in Hawian t shirts :
"And it was definitely worth the six cents I found in the drink tray at McDonalds to watch the biggest a-hole in the world drop ketchup all down the front of his stupid hawaiian shirt. There is still some joy in the world.... ?"

I guess love take holds and we paint this blurry image of someone that evolves into this defensive schmeagol full of pain from the school of hard knocks...they want others to share in the same pain??

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