Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bummer,..I wrote a few things to capture the moment before I could make the reluctant decision to have one long green beer with a green shamerock necklace in the bottom of the long cup...all that green dye #2
going into your I limited it to one beer...somehow I felt the bf of this other peace corp maiden was acting very protective when we were in a long conversation about the school,(I realize this bloke had grey hair but more of it..probably closing in on 40...He didn't want to sit down!!

I have just a tiny buzz and the discovery of a hidden pouch in this expensive swiss gear laptop backpack helped accentuate the feeling some I wonder where I could drive to, take in the desert scenery...the red cliffs accentuating by the high altitude sun...

I'm hanging outside the coffee shop in the small downtown next to the El Morro Theater since it's the only spot with free wireless...sad that they are not open on Sunday...she spilled the cream when she poured it into my coffee..maybe she was around my age and nervous....wanting to close up...Before I could even plug in the laptop, the jealous older bf informs me that I need to buy a cup of coffee or pay $3 for the service, in feign apolegetic manner...
I just start chatting with this other newly in love teaching couple...I saw him making the initial moves last semester when we were all involved in on these frequent sped meetings!
....there is politics everwhere, even in my retirement (?) home in Oz??
I almost like the state of entropy here with the principal gone so much but supportive when he is here...I am so grateful for his efforts in getting funds for our weekend in the Atom Bomb City! Our state tournament is where the bomb was invented and made!~
Do you know that there is a high rate of autism in children of geniuses?
I wonder what it would be like to teach in that town??? It is so close to Santa Fe...maybe I would not be so depressed....
Where will I find a community where I will be loved or will that eventually happen or will there will be jealousy??

nature is a universal mind organizing(?) this universe..

3/21 2nd day of Spring!
I come on here once or twice a week. I feel so frustrated sometimes, but it's good to relax at the coffee shop and chat even with
Talking to these brainwashed neocons actually makes my day!...almost like winning a great chess I come here and play a game of chess with Russell, managing to win a game and then he traps me into a draw!
He is actually more obsessed about chess than I am!
We will be going to the state championships in less than 48 hours! I am happy that 4 of our best players have made the commitment to come. It is still very difficult for the logistics! I will have to clean up my old Infiniti and make sure I call AAA with all the extra towing ...and bring Mom's homemade sweater to feel her spirit with me!
I am excited about the Art Class continuing the chess project!

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