Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's great to finally talk to you again! Here I'm finally back in the local city library where I can find access to my own site and speak to the world... I can smell spring in the air even though all the snow has not melted on the northern slopes of the hills in this western Land of Enchantment where all water flows into the rising Pacific Ocean! It is warm enough now to bug the corn pollen class to start painting our large chess board in the middle of the school courtyard. I will have to ask the teacher of the class, Brad, to pick a day to start painting. Maybe we both can go outside tomorrow with old clothes to clean off the cement...I will make an announcement about that and for our district tournament. We have no budget except my limited salary for chess, $300 after taxes to pay for a driver. Unfortunately there are no drivers available for next Saturday so I again will have to depend on the kids and their parents getting there themselves.
Please, Oh Goddess of the universe, let the forces of the universe get our players to this town 2 hours away so that these kids will have a chance again to compete in the state tournament!

It's great to finally check out my site again and say Hello. I have to make a trip into town 30 miles away to have access now! Boredom drives me crazy but I'm glad that our principal is finally back. I truly like him and he had a death scare when he moved into his new home. There was a gas leak! He was evicted from our village because of he had more than 2 dogs! Believe it or not but fortunately one of his dogs barked when the gas man walked into the house with everyone asleep from carbon monoxide poisoning!

I almost feel like the witch has put a curse on this area since she found out where I teach!
My favorite Iep facilitator's husband coincidentally killed himself with co poisoning in the garage last year and I had troubles with the law that I am still fighting. The water alarm went off in the hotel before my hearing and they have sent me a bill for $200 for damages! Of course Muffy is having problems with her daughters and was forced to call the police on the youngest one who continually harasses her and drives her nuts! I bump my head on the sharp corner of the cupboard, so I think I need to be extra careful!

The good news is that we will finally be painting the outdoor chessboard tomorrow and I hope that my players will be able to make it with their parents' help to our Nwest district tournament two hours away. I am feeling really good vibes from the principal and a few others, especially the sped powers that be in the city when we had our in service day in town!

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