Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Once a week, lately, I've been able to chat with you. It's frustrating that the school district doesnt allow access to blogging any more or to or some others that I want to stay in touch with. Oh well, soon, I will have my laptop back!
I am so excited about the outdoor chessboard in the courtyard. It is halfway finished thanks to the Corn Pollen class and Brad. It's amazing how great the colors look on the cement and how quickly it dried. Now that we all see it, I am so inspired to write letters to all the staff. It almost makes me want to stay here another year when I'm having visions of all the great things that chess can do for the school and community. I wrote the letter to some of my favorite faculty and then I realized that we can do it all especially as a metaphor for all the staff to come together. I am so much more positive than I have been in a long time. I feel that much of the negativity has been removed by just adding those vibrant colors to the gray cement!
We have testing all this week hoping our AYP scores could improve. We won't know until the end of this year but I sense how chess is the solution to so much here. The kids are all getting caught up in it too. Outside, during the lunch break even though it was so coldld, I enticed as many students and a few staff to be the 32 players. We demontrated a fools mate with the players and the principal told me later how he saw all of us involved!

Well I decided to drive into the big city of Albu querky to get my laptop but I'm frustrated that the Daze Inn has a weak signal!...Im not sure if its the laptop of the signal??

Sams tag!:
So here I am on my own creation, the blog...It's cold windy and sunny outside while I'm having a few glasses of wine soaking in the comfort of Daze Inn knowing that I have acess to you anytime I want. I can't get in on my own laptop for some reason , and I will have to call some expert or drive to Best Buy, but that will be after a nap since I wanted to see how I would do without any stimulants, even coffee. It was nice pigging out on waffles that we could cook ourselves! I sliced their bananas and put some in my oatmeal and in the waffle maker mix! They were delicious. Sometimes I can even impress myself with my creations!

Speaking of creations, it was nice to chat with one of my favorite confindants, Raphael, about the idea of chess being turned into a movie! He has so much knowledge, so he gave me a lecture on the Aztec(?) emperor, Idalpo(?) and how the conquistadors were invited into the plaza and totally took advantage of a situation!

I was telling him about how I want to create this movie but not offend anyone except the neocons! It would be cool to show the similarities between the neocons and the neoconquistadors!

Just another silly love song! sunnytag
PAUL MCARTNEY comes on the radio as I'm about to go into Quizno's...I wanna hear the song bring me back to hearing that song when I was still a virgin...hoping for love at the tender age of 31 years later, it was just like yesterday...the sun is over the land of enchantment...Will I ever be enchanted??...whats wrong with that? I'd like to know!

Where will I be this time next year??..looking for a spot with free wireless??
Part of me is still the wandering mango with 3o more years of lifes' experience but the other part of me craves the magic village to settle down to sprout my roots??
When I was walking everywhere along the beaches and swimming with the sharks, my bp was low but I was still alone but not near as much with folks that shared my love of life and leisure..
part of me wants to stay so badly in this village of Utopachi and the other side tells me that life is so short and that I'm happiest when on the road checking out to new settlements!
Manic (?)Monday
Not really...its nice to have tiny amount that I mix with catnip. It is amazing how it lowers blood pressure 10-20 points! The top one comes down from about 140 to 124 and the lower one comes down from 90 to about 82!
This lower BP was
Even after I noticed that I was working myself up about Jesus and his interferring ways, acting like he's the expert on Donovan. Don't get me started.Generally wants to have nothing to do with this dangerous child who has about the intelligence of a 3 year old. He starts barking out orders as if he knows better.

Generally I've been having a good week regardless of how Jesus does his best to spoil it. I need to ask him just out of curiousity how you decided to be involved in Clay's case again. How did he get involved in him again. Did the principal ask him again rather than me?
We all need to be on the same page. What made him decide to get involved with him again? I am wanting to have success and then there are always obstacles ...
Should I ask him,
"How did you get involved with Clay again?"
I notice that I am getting angrier when it takes me a while to see how manipulative this upward bound pseudo hippy is!
as far as good news:
I was resigning myself to knowing that my chess team wasn't going to the state championships in the town where the A-bomb was created until Tuesday, I get an email that Walden was dropping out of the competition. That suddenly made our team eligible to compete with the large schools but we barely have 400 students at our school....Now I have to really hustle to get funds for our team since there is of course no budget for Chess, but you still have to go through all the paperwork ... a regular sport that gets thousands of dollars just for transportation
I'll have to hustle close to a thousand dollars for hotel, bus and food but it will be so worth for these kids..I don't think that this time, I'll have a problem getting a full team since we'll be leaving Friday the 24th and missing a couple hours of school!...The chessboard is almost finished, with the yelllow paint running out with only 2 squares is the publicity that I wanted to get students to come to chess. We had a record crowd of 24 players coming in to play chess, then I get the news that this is the last week for activity busses when we need practice the most..
How will all the students that stay for extracurricular activites get home??...Baseball and Track..
It costs $3800/week for this transportation! amazing!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's great to finally talk to you again! Here I'm finally back in the local city library where I can find access to my own site and speak to the world... I can smell spring in the air even though all the snow has not melted on the northern slopes of the hills in this western Land of Enchantment where all water flows into the rising Pacific Ocean! It is warm enough now to bug the corn pollen class to start painting our large chess board in the middle of the school courtyard. I will have to ask the teacher of the class, Brad, to pick a day to start painting. Maybe we both can go outside tomorrow with old clothes to clean off the cement...I will make an announcement about that and for our district tournament. We have no budget except my limited salary for chess, $300 after taxes to pay for a driver. Unfortunately there are no drivers available for next Saturday so I again will have to depend on the kids and their parents getting there themselves.
Please, Oh Goddess of the universe, let the forces of the universe get our players to this town 2 hours away so that these kids will have a chance again to compete in the state tournament!

It's great to finally check out my site again and say Hello. I have to make a trip into town 30 miles away to have access now! Boredom drives me crazy but I'm glad that our principal is finally back. I truly like him and he had a death scare when he moved into his new home. There was a gas leak! He was evicted from our village because of he had more than 2 dogs! Believe it or not but fortunately one of his dogs barked when the gas man walked into the house with everyone asleep from carbon monoxide poisoning!

I almost feel like the witch has put a curse on this area since she found out where I teach!
My favorite Iep facilitator's husband coincidentally killed himself with co poisoning in the garage last year and I had troubles with the law that I am still fighting. The water alarm went off in the hotel before my hearing and they have sent me a bill for $200 for damages! Of course Muffy is having problems with her daughters and was forced to call the police on the youngest one who continually harasses her and drives her nuts! I bump my head on the sharp corner of the cupboard, so I think I need to be extra careful!

The good news is that we will finally be painting the outdoor chessboard tomorrow and I hope that my players will be able to make it with their parents' help to our Nwest district tournament two hours away. I am feeling really good vibes from the principal and a few others, especially the sped powers that be in the city when we had our in service day in town!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I wonder where I might go to find a little herb...Now I'm in wanderlust checking out downtown Santa Fe...maybe a few homeless folks can help me lead me in the right direction...I know the public library is one of the best places to tune into America's homeless hippies! ;)

funny how when I'm imbibing in this forbidden fruit (?) my thoughts go to having our inevitable conversation with our resident Jesus and his disciples... I see that this power hungry peace corpnick won't be happy until he completely takes over the village with his "religion"... a sped teacher in search of his own evidence of his own miracles with our darling students of the tribe!
Heck he could do it in Uzbekistan with the native caucasoids of the Caucasion mountains bordering the middle East, so why can't he do it with the native Navahos!
Hey! In his first two weeks this "Jedi warrior" as he calls himself has already been invited to several smoke house ocassions by several of the assistants who have the status of matriachs in the desert community.
It was funny and almost predictable how the staff were friendly for a change instead of the negative stuck of vibes of him and some other peace corp egos not present for the weekly friday meeting! The sped dept survived without Jesus and the BOrg! Amazing!

The older I get with all the trials and tribulations that surviving life has to give me, I see more and more how we need to enjoy every moment of sunshine with any many smiles sans the frowns"

We have a few moments of daylight each day and I need to get out and enjoy it while I still can!

I've been to a casino and debated about wasting an hour losing money or just pig out on my buffet of the day!...Today is so gorgeous! I'm amazed at how beautiful Santa Fe looks when you finally get over this high overpass bridge...the snow captures the magic of a little hippy (?) fiefdom nestled into the Rockies!

It's good to escape from the isolation and see more of this "enchanted" state where it appears that "her" curse is still working!
What a week! I had to make sure that I was able to make the hearing last Monday come hell or high water even if my old Infiniti broke down, I'd be able to get a taxi in the small city. Me and my stupid ADD! I think what a hassle it is to have to find the closet to hang some clothes. So I absentmindedly hang my clothes for next morning in the fire squirter. I put them in , enjoy the night in the motel with HBO, and then just as I am about to get ready to get dressed and go to court, the hose busts when I take out the plastic hangers from the device above the extra bed!
Kaboom! Like a grenade with the pin taken to become an explosion of water! My laptop and all my clothes, the cell phone were all drenched in an immediate flood.
I went to the hearing with fortunately some half dry pants and my emergency blue sweater kept in the trunk. I was happy that I at least had already put Buffy in the car!

It's getting through those almost hellishly hilarious days and nights that makes you often think of the saying,
"That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"

But at least that gave me an excuse to drive to ALB and turn in the deceased laptop to redeem my ADD accident insurance with hopes of an laptop to deal with the temporary loss until she gets back from California! The Nerd Squad couldn't fix it here. I had gone to realize how badly I need accident plans on everything because of my very misunderstood disability. If the exbitches( sorry?) understand my malady, maybe they might have been a little more forgiving...
Muffy is getting there but knows how much the Addaboy helps. She told me of how it helped her nephew in schools suddenly be able to focus and get better grades! many mmms in my life....I think I'm finally able to sit back and get a much healthier perspective on my life....when I accept it's finity, then I get to enjoy it so much more and our limited time... I think that I'm alone with all my thoughts and realize I know many folks in this public and then I see they are sitting right behind me!
I wonder if the Hindu Ganesh and his positive vibes have been helping me out...sometimes, I get a little smoke and I sure can be way out there with these delusional thoughts worried that a school associated person might see what I'm writing....
Overall I feel much better ... to mix my endagered bud with a little catnip helps savor the feeling a little longer...I had to visit Albuquerkie to return my laptop knowing about my add accident prone ways...I miss the laptop as soon as I parted with it almost as she has become one of my favorite friends that I miss each connection to the infinite universe.
Yes I realize how little time there is in life to say everything I need to say to my endangered(?) audience...(am I worried when the only person that I saying this for now is myself) put everything in , school, my was cut in half. Ron will get most of the cash so I can keep my spot on the beach or with my accident prone life, it will get hit by a sunami or the rising sea will engulf it before I turn 90(?)
Will I be looking out into the sea alone with my thoughts or will a young Aussie Schwagmaiden be nursing me down to the beach for our daily swim in the surf?
...I feel slightly elated today after doing what I thought was a good thorough job on helping to write the IEP for Julio...Jesus had to almost spoil giving his two scents (?)
we kidded about how a dog wants to piss in every corner of its territory ... He had to come in and kiss up to the mother (grandmother) to show her how great and wonderful this peace corp jedi is!
He had to interrupt the meaning to announce his presence...maybe we should have sprinkled rose petals before his approach...What did they sprinkle on the path when Jesus was arriving on his mule(?)
I'm really bummed out that I only have 3 minutes to say how excited I feel about the chess but then bummed out how I seem to get in the habit of getting disrepect from my worst hour of the day...with 3 little tyrants!
Our big Utopachi Chess Fest is on tomorrow. I am very excited about setting up some wooden chess for students or adults to play tomorrow in the cafeteria....It was kinda more peaceful today without Jesus and relieved that I did not have the Iep since I was not quite prepared...I feel good and more confident in writing much better IEPS...It becomes a few day project especially when I'm helping my "mentee" with his writing and understanding of the process! Sometimes I think that I can be a good teacher when I get over my laziness and incredible disorganization!