Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's great to finally chat with you again!..Lots of coincidences happening lately in the longest week of the school year!!...I get a little love Valentine from Muffy ...LOve Dice... I roll and it says to do it on the couch and then I immediately hear the DJ mention the word "couch" within 5 seconds of rolling the word!...Then I walk into the city library and there are all these folks from Utopachi including one of my peace corp neigbors in our cul de sac!...I walk outside for a little fresh air on this beautiful day and there is the counselor looking more relaxed...I feel like my tongue get's a little loose when I haven't had herb in a little while!! I really enjoy the euphoric feeling far more without the depressing feelings that often when imbibing more frequently...
The desire to chat or write takes over and so here I am finally able to express my thoughts to you again!
It was a long week but it finished well with momentary feelings of anxiety, paranoia about job security and then the realization that I will most likely take at least 12 months off to enjoy the world while I'm still young and healthy enough to enjoy them in my "Golden Years"..(M laughed when I said those words so happy that I got her Valentine present..)
love is nice...she's been my best friend these past 4 years meeting her in KC, First Friday's at the Nelson! She was the bartendress that enjoyed the flirtations from me and a younger chump!
thinking about how our relationship evolved both of us sharing our ups and downs together often on the phone or praying for snow days to avoid the wicked black queen of the middle shool in KCK... I'm not prejudice but it's funny how by far by two worst bosses were African American with severe insecurities and power a female canine that has to piss in every corner of her territory to show that she's the top alpha bitch! They want every one to kiss their behinds or they are banished from their queendoms!

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  1. has a caption fest with Ted Kennedy being interviewed by Tim Russert!@ I couldnt resist!

    I will gladly give advice to
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    Being the famous alcoholic womanizer that I am,.I will gladly give advice to poor George on how to continue having his affair with Rice while being an alcoholic. I was able to make my marriage last with Joan through many affairs and binges.

    Now that he's back on the wagon does he need to snort in order to stay wake? I never did coke so I can't help in that regard.


    neocon logic:"Person A makes claim X There is something objectionable about Person A Therefore claim X is false '

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