Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Angry reader defines Garvald!


4 up, 5 down

Like grr, "garvald" can be said in times of great stress and/or annoyance. Can also be spelled "garrvald", "garvaald", or "garrvaald".
Garvald! I lost the game again!

I saw this in the Urban dictionary . I wondered when my name might draw some notoriety. I saw it posted from late this summer..probably from an angry reader.

note: my new word was published... it's cool to not become angry at a reader's malicious perspective on can develop the philosophy of just observing their anger almost from a distance
they have rationalized a reason to despise what you represent???
freedom?? perhaps?
instead it's just fun to write about your feelings and the characters you meet in your life!
Making a joke about others and especially yourself is the best way to deal effectively with liebentraumen
by the way
a new word was just published and accepted by the majority of editors of this new found word bank!

bipolar wiccan-

Dec 30th, ... the years are flying by and he can't capture those brief moments when he truly was in love...and his mind continues to go to morbid thoughts or the fantasies of what could have been??..
.How many years can he realistically keep his fleeting youth(??),,,when
He feels the years now as he swing his mixture of Ginger Ail and Jim Beam...

Yesterday AVO he could have very realistically felt he was Burt Lancaster in the movie, "The Swimmer" about an aging man not ready to give up the fun and frolic of youth...the movie ends sadly with him banging on the doors of his home....his wife and family had long since left him and cool rains of autumn were arriving....

So he wonders how many folks think of Garvald as an annoyance in their lives or maybe by some small chance that he helped someone else's Karma
He wants to feel good that someone was actually helped in their small journey of life...

He feels that the spirits that once loved him are still around...
He carries Mom's sweater with him everywhere...
But how can he take her to Australia with him in search of his magical gangamaiden!

then he wakes up to reality in a big city with a gf that does'nt see any use for him...she goes downstairs for a couple cigarettes and comes upstairs to him sleeping with his canine soulmate..
seeking solace and comfort in her warm furry blonde body...
she puts on her best Mommy dearest face and yells,
"You disgusting middle aged pervert!"

Just kidding, Mates, I'm not bestial......yet :)

wow...sometimes small victories help overcome the continual onslaught of losses in your life in order for you to come to terms with your own mortality and eventual demise or....
or just realize that you will be recycling into new life??...Will this energy be carried on or will you just hypnotize yourself in believing that the conciousness will continue in some you wake up each morning, wondering where your aging body and soul(?) will go...
my journey is more than half way's nice that the visit to Muffy ended well in the full moon phase....You

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  1. A Letter From Gaia, Our Earth Mother

    You say you are listening, but it is not so. You are so used to being numbed
    by the noise in your world that you do not know how to be with me. When you
    ride your bikes through my wilderness you speak with others of your business
    when you walk together I hear you talking of dinner plans, friends who do
    not keep promises, the results of your latest mutual fund.

    When you jog through my trees by my lakes, you wear earphones that hide the
    real music that is me. So numbed are you by your world that you must even
    numb yourself when you are with me. When you travel through my country in
    your vehicles you look at your maps instead of my glorious scenery.

    Can you not see how I weep that my symphony is not heard? How my beauty is
    invisible to you?

    The beaver slapped his tail for you on the water, encouraging you to come
    view the results of his very hard work. The red breasted robin landed in the
    tree in front of you. She wanted to remind you that a nest is built one tiny
    branch at a time. The rabbit that ran across your path stopped and sent you
    a smile, reminding you to be soft and stay out of fear.

    The stream's spray over the rocks wanted to remind you of the power of
    renewal and the cleansing results of staying in the flow. The rocks in
    the stream were showing you how being washed over can make you smooth and

    It is good to let life wash over you.

    The duck upstream who was diving for food was showing you the life he lives
    each day, the life of trust. He does not try to catch his fish and store
    them for the future. He simply trusts in the bounty that each day will

    The golden butterfly that landed on your t-shirt was promising you a golden
    transition. If you are willing to go within and cocoon your own inner
    spirit you too may one day fly. She landed on your heart, because that is
    where you must begin listening. She was telling you that somewhere, deep
    within you, there is a butterfly waiting to be born. If you want to fly, you
    need only listen.

    The tree at the end of the path that waved his leaves at you was sending you
    a kiss. You thought it strange that the leaves were moving. There was no
    breeze that you remember. But you walked on by and a tear fell across his
    heart. Unseen. Again.

    The flock of geese who flew above you were showing you the beauty of
    togetherness: you can fly farther when you fly with others.

    Remember the tiny mountain flower peeking her head out of the tall grasses?
    She was showing you that every place is a good place for beauty, even
    surrounded by grasses that might seem to dwarf you. She was telling you to
    show your beauty regardless of where you are.

    Beauty has no boundaries.

    Did you see the smile in the clouds? They were sending you a cosmic gift
    from the heavens to remind you that you are never alone. They see you.
    They want you to see their artistry as they create all those images for you.

    It is an ever changing art gallery they offer you, if you'd just look up and
    use your wonderful imagination.

    The raindrops that began falling as you reached the end of your walk
    offended you. Yet they cleanse the earth, offer nourishment to the soil and
    feed the many plants and animals that share this world with you. They feed
    YOU. As you hurried from them, some of them became tears, weeping that you
    did not see their part in continuing creation.

    Today the robin spoke. Did you hear what she said?
    Today the sky spoke. Did you hear what she said?
    Today the ocean's waved roared. Did you hear what they said?
    Today the sun folded into the sunset, and the sunset folded into the night.
    Did you hear what she was telling you?

    Listen to my rhythms. Feel my heart pulse within you, within all of creation
    hear my messages by hearing my messengers.

    Wake up. Feel me. Hear me. See me. Love me.

    For I am you. And if you cannot see that, we will both disappear from lack
    of viewing.

    I am GAIA, The Earth. I am You. I am part of all creation. You are part of
    all creation.

    Love yourself.
    Love me.
    Do not suspend your heart for that which is illusion.
    Anything that is outside of love is illusion.
    See love and you will see yourself.
    See love and you will see me.
    See love and we shall carry on this cosmic dance forever.

    Open your eyes to love.
    Open your heart to love.
    Open your vision to love.
    Come, let me show you how to plant the colors of ecstasy.
    Come, be the butterfly.
    Come, please come.

    (c) Montana Gray - 07/1999

    What you can do, or dream you can, begin it: Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

    I thought this quote was speaking to me.