Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Angry reader defines Garvald!


4 up, 5 down

Like grr, "garvald" can be said in times of great stress and/or annoyance. Can also be spelled "garrvald", "garvaald", or "garrvaald".
Garvald! I lost the game again!

I saw this in the Urban dictionary . I wondered when my name might draw some notoriety. I saw it posted from late this summer..probably from an angry reader.

note: my new word was published... it's cool to not become angry at a reader's malicious perspective on can develop the philosophy of just observing their anger almost from a distance
they have rationalized a reason to despise what you represent???
freedom?? perhaps?
instead it's just fun to write about your feelings and the characters you meet in your life!
Making a joke about others and especially yourself is the best way to deal effectively with liebentraumen
by the way
a new word was just published and accepted by the majority of editors of this new found word bank!

bipolar wiccan-

Dec 30th, ... the years are flying by and he can't capture those brief moments when he truly was in love...and his mind continues to go to morbid thoughts or the fantasies of what could have been??..
.How many years can he realistically keep his fleeting youth(??),,,when
He feels the years now as he swing his mixture of Ginger Ail and Jim Beam...

Yesterday AVO he could have very realistically felt he was Burt Lancaster in the movie, "The Swimmer" about an aging man not ready to give up the fun and frolic of youth...the movie ends sadly with him banging on the doors of his home....his wife and family had long since left him and cool rains of autumn were arriving....

So he wonders how many folks think of Garvald as an annoyance in their lives or maybe by some small chance that he helped someone else's Karma
He wants to feel good that someone was actually helped in their small journey of life...

He feels that the spirits that once loved him are still around...
He carries Mom's sweater with him everywhere...
But how can he take her to Australia with him in search of his magical gangamaiden!

then he wakes up to reality in a big city with a gf that does'nt see any use for him...she goes downstairs for a couple cigarettes and comes upstairs to him sleeping with his canine soulmate..
seeking solace and comfort in her warm furry blonde body...
she puts on her best Mommy dearest face and yells,
"You disgusting middle aged pervert!"

Just kidding, Mates, I'm not bestial......yet :)

wow...sometimes small victories help overcome the continual onslaught of losses in your life in order for you to come to terms with your own mortality and eventual demise or....
or just realize that you will be recycling into new life??...Will this energy be carried on or will you just hypnotize yourself in believing that the conciousness will continue in some you wake up each morning, wondering where your aging body and soul(?) will go...
my journey is more than half way's nice that the visit to Muffy ended well in the full moon phase....You

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It is really upsetting that I can't even access my own blog to write.

I feel good about today, although I lost a game of chess to a teacher I usually dominate!
Now the school district doesn't even let me see my own blog after 330! I guess they must be monitoring teachers and their searches. I almost have a feeling that one of my many enemies called the district and exposed this blog. Are they waiting for me to write something that incriminates myself and then only allowing me access during school hours when ...I hardly have time to write since I have been busy...But then the limited access time makes me just want to write more!

I had a relatively good Iep meeting where most of the meeting was with me and the 17 year old student who skips classes most of the time. I asked him what was the reason that he even comes to school other than to just socialize with his homies!
In a week's time, I'll be going walkabout through mid- America and enjoy the nomadic existence with my favorite canine soulmate! I was debating about going to Oz, but I would get so depressed about coming back to winter in this country!
TGIF December 15th 51 goin' on 15! the birthdays accelerate faster and faster to our eventual recycling!...
This has been the longest week in a while with all the holidays. It was great chatting last night chatting with the band director about the 6 traits of writing papers that we had to grade for the students. These grades are so subjective that we work with another teacher on rating these papers. We discussed the politics of the community and how the students and staff have such little stability with the very transient faculty and administrators especially. It is the roughest for new administrators working with an established community that knows they will still be here after the staff have left.
It's nice to say somethings on here during my lunch break. I have a feeling some angry emotionally disturbed readers have called the district about my site regardless of my statement about the creative fiction. I have a feeling some of them think I'm talking about them in their egotistical delusional paranoia. For some strange reason, it's only during school hours that I can even go to this site. It is banned! "Surf access denied"... I have had some very nasty comments probably from the Joan Crawford wannabee... lata mates..just wait till I'm relaxing in Oz and see their reactions when the book comes out! Will they serve their papers to me on the beach or in the outback?? rofl!

Buffy and I are having a party tomorrow afternoon at my hovel. It will be nice to splurge for a big party in our little teacher village. Hopefully, the principals will be there and others that I consider my friends (not enemies)... those that I feel are on my side or at least not after my job...
Right now, I will probably just take a nap and attempt to enjoy the evening watching a movie with my canine soulmate.

The party went well. Karaoke helped save the party and we all sang till late in the evening. I have a long way to go on my singing.

The faculty party is on tonight but I don't have the energy to face highway 666 and the dangerous drivers that use it. I need to go into town but there is supposed to be a snowstorm tonight and we are predicting a snowday tomorrow. I could just go ahead and take a nap and curl up to some of the movies that I borrowed from the nice Phillipine math teacher.

Yesterday's snow day was refreshing abeit boring.... I could have driven into town but I couldn't even be bothered just as going to a faculty party in town on a monday evening! Clay's Iep and hearing were scheduled and he was a no show like the last time. I wonder if he's just hanging out on some street with winos getting intoxicated... Only boot camp might help him from his downward spiral! I wish that I could write to you during off hours but now my site is banned after school hours ?? Is it a bipolar witch's curse or just angry calls to the Super from Mommy dearest??

It is sure nice having a snow day in the middle of the week to revitalize your juices and recover from Monday! Unfortunately, there are no exotic dance clubs that I know of within 100 miles to waste dollar bills on! I lay off the Addaboy for 4 days and then when I try a few beads of the addaboy, I'm wide awake and almost happy... just no woman to share the beautiful snow drenched mountain view with! I'm sure I'll have a lot more things to say to you later but the access to this site will be cut off. It will be nice to buy my laptop so that nobody can stop me from writing or arguing with until they ban my laptop's ip! It will be nice to chat with the world without fear of the powers that be monitoring every site I go to!
When we are snowed in, it feels comforting to know we have free heat and I have plenty of food for me and Buffy! It was nice to get a thankyou card from my sometimes jovial principal thanking me for the party. I saw a good relaxed side to him that I had not seen. I won't mention how he reacted when we listened a Door's song on karaoke...maybel later when I'm far far away from angry readers that want to snitch on a teacher that they feel is a reprobate(?)
Well, it's 4pm now and the Stern network is off limits. I guess they don't want teachers going to this site when kids are gone (?)....
I have a continuing tirade against the hypocricy of and their stubborn whining about the liberal media when in fact most media outlets with the exception of cyberspace are controlled by mutliconglomerate corporations.. They hate liberals with a passion ... They will not ban me, only the ip adress of the school computer. I suppose they can claim that one of their few liberal voices has not been banned!

please forgive my rambling .... I go outside and see the sun quickly hiding behind the snow capped mountains ..I get on my mountain bike and take in the bright orange glow on the sandstone cliffs ... It is a beautiful show from God at the end of the early day as we aproach the winter equinox... I wish that you could share this this vision! All I have is a cell phone which won't come even close to the image that I still have in my mind.

Winter Solstice: 22,000 hits!
One more day here in the village before Buffy and I take will be a nice break to get out of here..! Maybe I can check out the Rockies and hang out somewhere cool or in an ecclectic hippy town in the Land of Enchantment...Maybe there might be a place to find intellectual discussion and cool vibes??
FreiTag- Merry Pagan Celebrations!
Today is a shortened day I will have a couple of hours of daylight to get everything packed for my journey with my canine soulmate, Buffy! Snow is predicted for this afternoon, but I think the majority of it is over!

Finally made much travelling to be finally with me Muffy...Buffy of course was a big hit along with the Cappucino machine that I brought with me. After getting a xmas present for M to smoke later, I continued to be her love slave...waiting like a lap dog for nourishment for his waning libido.
"He shows up with a wall to wall beard":
she remarks while primping her naked body in front of the mirror... He reads it to her and she yells
"you asshole, are you deaf and retarded?"
YOu are a special needs adult with Ausbergers, Rain Man!"
She says with that mocking derisive laugh!!
"I hate you! You have to do nothing except take of your beautiful Mutt. You dont have to do make up, car payments, lawyers fees, tuition,...
YOu dont even have cable. What kind of life do you have without cable, Silas Marner?"
She sips my cappucino elixir with orgasmic glee, Garvald, you have the right blend of Irish catholic and Protestant. JIm Beam and Baileys! I am a bartendress and I know good drinks!
Go up top and kiss my feline!"
Tuesday post xmas blues(?)
Lazy day in a big city but at least culminating the day with sky rockets in flight,"What a great relief! The pressure is off both of them.....on vacation with a domestique that was turned on by me wearing an apron,
"I know how you quickly put it on just as I drove up!"
She figured out his Casanovan/Garvaldian ways...(but now you look up Garvald in the Urban Dictionary and one finds a recent post from summer, the word/name as anger, or annoyance)...I'm mildly flattered with this new found notoriety of my name!)
Sometimes the boredom overwhelms me and I think how fun it would be hangin out on a ski resort??...what am I doing hangin' out with a family???...I compare my life with my brother's and folks might say that he made the right choices...and moi??
.. now I am alone most of my days and mainly nights with the exception of Buffy...
Chess lends solace, comfort for my existence...but I miss hanging out in Oz with this myth or fantasy (?) that I will find
working and now I almost feel the same way...almost as a boarder just consumating our long distance relationship with one