Wednesday, November 08, 2006


The beginning of the end for the neocons! Rummy resigns and we will control the house and shortly after we count the last votes we will control the senate. Bush and his white house Mafiosa will be held accountable for their crimes including war crimes!

What a day yesterday was! The police came in to do a check of red verses blue gangs and do an assesment of our campus! Jesus has taken over the sped department with his pseudo hippy bs ...saying to everybody that he didn't want to do it but the principal asked him to do it since the Borg is out on mental leave for a few weeks. We had a meeting about the conflicts in the life skills class with those matriarchal ladies who love to sit on their gluteus maximusses. The first meeting went well but then they all continued conspiring for the next hour while I taught finally in my old room without pass interference from these meddling ladies! Wfhen I come back from teaching they are all sitting there in the life skills class (there were no life skills students so they could have meetings about me the whole afternoon!). Betty Lou motions for me to sit down so the ladies and Jesus can take turns setting me up for a cruxification. Julio was the only one defending me and that upset Jesus thinking that he was one of his disciples too since he has all the ladies including the secretary feeding off of his charm. I'm thinking Karl Rove would be proud of him doing such an effective job of the coup of the special ed department while I'm gone for a few days and the Borg is out!
"We all have to be held accountable including myself! I know how to handle these kids far better than G. Darren does not get violent in my class.(that was as good a lie as "Mission Accomplished" was for Bush!tdf!)
Well, the principal is back today so I wonder what he'll say to me since I became a little loud defending myself under the Rovian attack. Karl couldn't have done a more excellent coup! (Jesus had two years experience becoming the peace corp mayor of a small village in Mongolia) The ladies were all ready to vote for him as the reichminister of the sped department.
Samstag: J left me alone yesterday and it was so nice having my own room without pass interference from the nosy assistance. Marge has been the matriarch of the life skills room for the past decade and Betty Lou has been there almost 20. In that situation the roosting hens will almost always stay and also because we are just regarded as "transient"." They'll s stick around the Bellagonna will leave"
I shouldnt have left for Halloween and listened to my paranoia about how bad it could actually be and it was worse. That is when we call paranoia- a heightened sense of true reality....if you expect the worst out of some enemies, when you see them act worse than you expected it doesn't shock you as much!
Now we have a 3 day weekend and unfortunately it's so close to our Thanksgiving break of 5 days, but we all needed it so badly especially when Jesus is leading the cruxifiction!;) It's best to joke about a bad situation and then the worst. We have a two hour delay meeting and this will be my chance to write a metaphor of pieces working together in chess will be able to win. They will lose when all the power on the board is not used for a common purpose!
I'm off to see Raphael and Erowyns' soulmate haven in that oasis of the desert. We will go mountain biking and all I need to find are the knee pads?? oh well I need to be really careful and at least I have shoes (?)

well the trip went great and I treated them and their friends to brekky...50$ ...It was worth it! I had such a wonderful time biking with Raphael!!
I guess one realizes the older he gets how little time there is to really do the things he wants to do. He walks into Jesus's Life Skills Class. It has become his kingdom! I am amazed how quickly and charasmatically he has taken over the classroom. He is Machiavelli in the demeanor of Jesus. He sees me talking to the band director and wonders if there is a conspiracy. He is attempting to control the land! I have never seen it happen so effectively with my own eyes!
Should I be resigned to it or fight him or learn to let him learn to work with people without feeling that he has to overshadow them. He must know the Borg won't be coming back from her mental leave. He filled the vacuum with consumate skill.
It is really amazing to see someone with so much "missionary" zeal in person!

I could worry myself into an ulcer as he continues with his coup of the school and "my inclusion teachers". He calls them those on his own PDSA's. He has become an effective convert to the Baldridge system. There is no way I could compete with this megalomaniac so I get excited about chess. I borrow a chair for my small overflowing room of young native american chess players from the Life Skill's classroom. Jesus stares at me.
I revel in having a larger crowd of after school kids than ever in my bi weekly chess practice. It is so wonderful to see this kids so excited about a fun game. We got about 8 new recruits and their gfs to come out. We had tea and lots of good games! I am looking forward to asking volunteers to start cleaning the cement outside if it gets a little warmer tomorrow! It was almost tornado weather today and it showed in the behavior of the emotionally disturbed students and Jesus! ;) just kidding, relax any neomentalists that might take offense to naming this character"Jesus"!

I realize it is good to make allies of moral support among the teachers. It is almost as if it is young verses old. I'm dealing with a young Jesus but didn't Christ die in his early 30's? Would His ego be any worse than our new "emergency sped director"!

Your outlook is sure a lot better when the sun is shining in the morning. As always I'm running late, so I drive the short distance instead of absorbing the autumn sun and having a beautiful walk praying that we will have a beautiful day. I was depressed last night thinking about the poor woman who's husband asphyxiated himself last Friday in the garage. She was so helpful to me last year facilitating the Iep meetings so effectively avoiding and preventing the often contentious meetings with young sped directors and shrinks looking for ways to embarass other professionals in order to attempt to make themselves look better.

I helped Clay through his 10 algebra problems while he constantly complained about the way he was taught and that I confused him. I did my best to simplify the work as I have all this year even using computer manipulatives but he still does not completely undertand. Please, Lord, Universal Reiki Energy, help my student learn Algebra. Is that a good prayer?

On positive note, the principal came by our thriving chess club at the end our practice about 520 and saw the interest. I bragged to him about almost having 20 students show up Tuesday. He wants us to sponsor tournaments and sell pizza by the slice 2$ each to make money for our financially strapped club! Even Harold showed up for the first time and dominated after being dormant in chess activities for a couple of months!

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