Sunday, November 19, 2006

New Moon over the Village!

Does he think things are for the worse?? He was stopped the other night ....Was a curse put on him again just as the gypsy had done to him about 5 years ago??
( "Gypsies are justly famed for their psychic powers and the ability to curse or bring good luck to those that cross their path.")Deja Vu or Groundhog evening all over again?? He made foolish decisions Friday night and was happy to see freedom again Saturday after the longest night since 5 years ago in Oklahoma. Then it was only a couple of months after 911 and now it's the post election let down. A husband of a wonderful lady committed suicide a week before. The funeral for him is tomorrow...Maybe he thinks it's a curse but he seems to still have a guardian angel watching over him?? He should have kept Mom's sweater in the trunk as he usually does for protection! You wonder if the area has a curse as so many used to say or do things happen in cycles?? Greatness comes out of adversity!
Brad bought an inexpensive 1750 psi pressure hose machine. I saw him using it on his driveway with his family watching. I was so excited to see the job continuing . Our wonderful chessboard will be made!

New Moonday!
Today we started the board with Brad's help and his corn pollen class! Students were gathering around as I sprayed the high pressure hose on all the old paint spilled while painting the mural on the wall adjacent to where the board will be. In between passing on the warmest late morning in weeks, the young natives filed by the beginning base of our creation and they started a momentary gathering while it was being done. Marty came up and wanted to work the hose! It was the best day in a long while just to see the start of this! Other teachers especially the band director walked by and I could tell how proud he was and the school will be when we we are in the middle of creating this wonderful project!

Who knows?? I might even volunteer to help wrestling too. It's almost as if a voice is telling me more than ever to do these things! Time is of the essence!

I am so excited especially after dealing with all the negativity and trauma the past couple weeks since leaving for Halloween! I see prosperity for our community with the support of the teachers that want to join in on this project!

It is a new moon and I read on a site about how it is best to start projects on the new moon! Clay and Marty were working today. I will go the funeral of my friend's husband this afternoon.

The funeral was very good. If a teacher were to come back and see the impact of the children that he taught, this would be the place. It was so sad that he was such a great teacher with wonderful almost mischievous sense of humor.

11:11 pm
So another day passes in your short life
and you are able to see the sun before it hides behind the hills of your local town...
You have been taught a costly lesson but you are ok other than the handcuffs left sores on the back of your wrists...
follow your first thoughts for safety and stay at a motel!..
.it's less than one 50th the cost of what you will have to pay out,
but you still are lucky than you haven't hurt yourself or anyone else because of a silly accident!!
Would you be able to live with yourself??
and you compare yourself to the poor bloke that was such a good friend to others??
Maybe he wanted to teach you a real lesson and just let the cops stop you being the great teacher that he was
instead of it being another silly accident
he made his life changing moment in a drunken stupor or he just passed out
with the motor running??
A waste of a life when there was still so much to give to his family and crying students...
His brain was cloudy and we will always wonder why!

I'm not sure where to head for the holidays?? East or West?? Gambling in Vegas to win money for my chess club or eat turkey at the Jesus house in OKC??

Saturday I'm still very down, depressed and bored. Life is passing by so quickly. Others are very busy with family. Utopachi is not as joyous as I expected it might be. I have been too afraid to venture out. I have bad experiences when I came back to Jesus taking over the sped department to losing my freedom for a night which shocked me back into depressing reality of things could be much worse. It was nice to have thanksgiving with Marla and Rob. They have been so supportive of me knowing how mean the Navaho ladies can be. I am happy that I have my own room and can have the freedom to do things that I want!
Ok. I know that I need to get out of here before the day escapes me as it has for so many days. When was I the happiest?? That was when I was visiting new folks and making new acquaintances before they get to know me and get tired of my companionship.


  1. Oh G you're bummin me out. LA E & I thought we'd check out your site. Cheer up, Charlie! Love, M

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