Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A cleansing snow is finally coming down over the Serendipachi Mountains

..I didn't have chess practice today and took off from school so I take care of business in town. Just going there and facing it was such a relief. I could not believe how nice the judge was but he won't be the same one in trial. It could be that cold ice queen that others have talked about but I will cross her bridge when I come to it. Sometimes when you think about the worse case scenario it is so pleasing when things are not as bad as they could be. I visited my class with the sub to make sure that he understood the work for the kids and it was so nice to see good behavior from my two boys! They were smiling and clay was working in my comfy chair after seeing that he helped himself to my instant cains coffee with chickory and probably hot chocholate. They love my cocoa/coffee mixture. It was such a treat for them bringing my expresso machine and making Cappucinos for them on the last day before Thanksgiving Vegetation! It's nice to go back to work and then immediately have a day off where I can sleep a few more minutes with Buffy and then really smell her dog breath! I imagine her playing in the snow before I come home. I hope that we get a few inches tonight. It would be so cool to be snowed in but I run out of things to say with my canine soulmate ;)......
I'm not enthused about writing to you . I am almost enjoying the time with Buffy in the snow. It was so beautiful seeing the snow on the mountains and the whole community being blanketed in snow. It was more snow than I have ever experienced here in the Serendipachi range. It would have been so fun to have spent it here all nestled in for snow...we are so alone far away from any major town but there is a comforting feeling being away from it all especially seeing all the problems in the middle east!
Speaking of problems, Jesus coincidentally set up a two hour meeting for our sped dept meeting the day I had scheduled to be off.
the asst. sped director from the district from town was there. The Borg and Jesus had a heavy discussion but according to Julio(this is from a bloke who borrows my sugar for his coffee and I often buy cheap beer, meals,ets), she knew far more about sped than an inexperienced Jesus,so she was obviously still in charge. It was almost a welcome relief to feel that J's power had been diminished I'm sure that he will now be putting his Machiavellian efforts on her.
Julio said that he will cater my birthday party for about $ 200 to 300. He will make Lasagna and have a Carribean theme! He says that then I will recover from my reputation of being cheap. I guess saving money is only popular in Oz and yet everybody still calls me that when I am still paying for everything. It reminds me of John Stossell telling everyone about the cheap rich people when he is a prick and I guess of the token neocons on news journalism. I remember him bashing teachers on one of his episodes.
I think it will be so much fun to have a bash before the last week of school before Xmas. It looks likely that I will stay in the states for the holidays but I need to see my home in Oz so badly. Next summer, I will most likely just stay there. My only ties to this country are Muffy, Buffy and my house. It will be wonderful to finally really escape.
I was roaming through tribes and decided that this ladies' quote fits me best.
"I am a gypsy. I don't mind having a solid base, but this
girls (boys) gotta roam from time to time. It is key to my happiness."

Chess practice was great again!
It was so wonderful to have the band director come by and play a couple games against one of his young musicians that also loves chess! There are a steady group and one that was angry with me for more than a month or more for talking to his cross country coach about his low grades in algebra. His attitude has changed after he finally talked himself into coming to chess again. I was giving out free lemon tea donated by Julio to all the players. It was great seeing how competitive they all are. I visited one of the teachers who's involved with photography and the newspaper. I will write a little ditty about what I want to accomplish with the chess club this year. I felt wonderful and then chatting on the phone again with M spoiled my great mood because of my verbal faux pas of saying like mother like daughter...It's funny how different the relationships are between moms and daughters verses sons and fathers. Mothers and daughters have a much thicker bond even till old age but oh well regardless of the way a daughter treats her Mom and vice versa (ie, sticking the child in an institution!). I loved my father but I would have been to Oz far more if Mom was still alive. I believe he just resented me even being in the same continent. I'm sure many of my ex loves would feel the same way! :( wah

Saturday, December 2nd
So Now I have to go the public library to express my thoughts to you! The school district apparently does not want me to have access to my writing and www.newsbusters.org ... funny... Julio last night said I was paranoid but I have already told folks that and of course they use it against me just like me getting a reputation for being cheap even though I was letting him drink my cheap beer and Boone's farm wine last night along with my intentions of making a big dinner party for my "surprise birthday party"( I will be surprised if anybody shows up;)..I'm joking at my expense!
Well, I finally took my mountain bike in to have a new tube with automatic sealant to stop flats and then put on some shocks ... It will be a lot more comfortable ride! I'm going to get one of my sped students a Garfield tape for her birthday. She is retarded but works extremely hard. She is very motivated to learn how to read especially to her one year old child. She was neglected so much in education. Even last year the Borg hardly spent anytime with her on reading or math...She was out of her class more often than being there so she could schmooze up to last year's in the closet principal and pretend to be an administrator (she had a very large gf that looked like the obese superintendent living with her!)

Wow! I have no idea what is going on with limited acess but something is up. Temporarily we have acess so I can write to you. Chess club is on right now so I will be back later!
Sometimes for brief moments, I have access to this site and then it is blocked. It is so weird!

It seems like only during school hours can I access my blog so I can chat with you! Wouldn't it be awful if our govt. had the same power to limit our freedoms to see sites that they did not want us to see?? Clay wanted to go see another teacher and so I went to the office to say that it was no big deal about him walking out of class without permission. Jesus comes outside and Clay overhears him talking about him from about 100 feet away. Clay threatens to kick Jesus' ass and that might set J on a mission to permanently expel him from the school since it was the 2nd time in the last two weeks that he's threatened him. I'm grilled by the principals about talking to Clay about J wanting to take over the sped department. I deny it but Clay understands all the sped dept. politics without hearing it from the staff. Well, it was nice chatting with you. I'm off to early lunch to check up on the love of my life, Buffy, and emptying my bowels in my hovel of refuge.
Now school is over for a couple of hours. The bus driver from the care center and I coaxed Darren into the van just for him. Darren was violent yesterday but Jesus was dealing with one of his rages for the first time. J had said that Darren doesn't behave that way with Him. He regardes himself as the miracle worker.
I found out at lunch that Clay will be expelled completely for the rest of the year. J had incited the rage of Clay so angry about us talking about him. I guess for so long, he was walking on very thin and eventually a bear will break the ice. Jesus' influence with his administrators made sure that he would be expelled. He had been his friend. How dare he break his trust in Jesus?
You understand that I say this all so tongue in cheek.
So now I'm in town 30 miles from my desert refuge almost wanting to get back to home. For some weird reason I feel at home but very lonely. There is only so much thrill in talking to Buffy and then not having access to chat with you! I have become often depressed and I try to release myself by writing or especially arguing with neocompoops on newsbusterds.com...M says that I do enjoy getting on folks nerves. She can imagine how I am with those closeminded idiots on www.newsbusters.org!

TGI Friday!
It's so nice to relax and walk to school. This afternoon when the students were acting out, I made a joke when Jonathan came back after walking out. I told him that security would come and pick him up....tomorrow...It is no big deal for these kids to be written up ... I am hoping that when some of the kids that are continually truant are expelled, they will learn that they cannot continually get away with skipping. The students that are serious about school will be left so that we as teachers can help them.
It's so good to know that I can talk to you. It seems like the fact that I can't have access to the school computers after hours when I'm free makes me want to talk to you even more! Two weeks till xmas break. Time flies by so quickly. I need to visit the attorney Monday and find out his fees! That court day about the pre trial is hanging over my head. That sorts of adds to the depression that often hangs over my head, but knowing I have Xmas break really helps! Now that I'm here at the library , another thing I can do is go newsbasterds to give those brainwashed neocons a hard time. They have banned my ip and the school doesn't allow acess either! I'll show a little of their conversation sometime.
It's great to say something to you again! Did you all have a great weekend and not let the holiday blues get you down?? I'm praying that I can really get into the old fashioned holiday spirit where folks are actually nice to strangers, friends and even enemies. I will do my best to get along with Jesus and his interfering ways. It was nice to have a productive chat with the Borg. Clay wouldn't be expelled if J didn't continually interfere with my student when he's not even on his case load.
Wednesday Holidays are coming up! There is still all this tension in the school. It would be so nice if I could chat with you in the evening when I have more time to write. It's only during the school day that they have this blog open! It's nice when Jesus and the Borg are fighting each other for control of the sped department! My b'day party is saturday. Things are looking up especially with the interest in chess. I really look forward to our club practice now that teachers are coming by often for chess also!


  1. saturday, december 2, Now I cannot write anymore on my site. The school district has banned acess to this site!
    the witch's curse continues!

  2. It is so wierd that now the school district has banned acess to newsbusters and this site!

  3. "Access Denied
    Access to the requested Web Page or Service has been denied"
    this comes up now when I try to access my writing, or when I try to get newsbusters and even the howard stern site!

  4. Now the district is banning access to writing on the blog and sometimes even leaving comments.

  5. CNN Reporter Promotes Pro-Pot Study: ‘Our Friend Marijuana’
    Posted by Scott Whitlock on December 19, 2006 - 13:57.
    Playing into the stereotype of what conservatives think liberals are interested in, CNN reporter Stephanie Elam introduced a new study on pot by calling the drug "our friend marijuana." Elam, the guest business reporter on Tuesday’s "American Morning," discussed a report from the Marijuana Policy Project [MPP]. The pro-legalization group claims that pot is the most valuable cash crop in the United States, far exceeding corn, wheat, and other products. This information seemed to animate Elam and guest host John Roberts:

    John Roberts: "Corn and soybeans have nothing on America's largest cash crop, and get this: you can't even buy it at your grocery store. Twenty-four minutes after the hour, Stephanie Elam is minding your business this morning. Morning to you."

    Stephanie Elam: "Good morning. I wonder how many people are tuning in now."

    Roberts: "Yeah. What are we talking about here?"

    Elam: "Our friend marijuana."

    Roberts: "Oh!"