Sunday, October 22, 2006

a day ahead sometime in the Future!

I've been so lazy just hanging out here on the beach walking everywhere. I brought my mountain bike to ride up to Surfer's to play chess with the old folks who give me colds in the Ozzie winter sometimes! I had to have the bike shop take the bike apart before sending it to Mermaid Beach. Raphael put it together for me. I was torn between letting them take care of her or letting her enjoy the wonderful warmness of Oz ...a distant land where there aren't faux hippies who camp out in your home a few months and have only hate rather than gratitude. Matriarchal Aussie hippies believe in keeping their fathers around... so there's far less divorce and fatherless puppies in Oz!
I've been waiting anxiously for Buffy to go through the final months of quarantine before she's allowed to run on certain parts of my beach. How will she have puppies when I have a second floor flat? Maybe my neighborly residents of the Parthenon won't keeping them in one corner of the little atrium where we all dry clothes. My beach towels always get stolen by surfers walking through the yard desperate for a towel to dry off!
I never got around to renewing my American license so I can only ride a bike. I would never have got used to driving on the left side.I'm too ADD so I depend on my good neighborly Aussie friends for a lift especially to Byron Bay! That little Shangra La , that Serendipity with nymphs way too young for Garvald or?? Maybe he will find his Ganga maiden. Maybe she won't be bipolar with a litter of children?? Maybe she will like Oz ganga from Nimbin! and not be another one of these reformed hippies who once pretended they loved Hunter S Thompson (what a load of pseudo hippy pagan crap and lies!)
Soon my wonderful friend might give me a ride to TannyMorel to see where Dad was born and find out which house he was born in? Will there be any spiritual connections when I visit that town and go on further into the Blue Mountains??
My health is so much better since I decided to stay here most of the year. There was only so much that I could do for my Native American community with chess. At least I finally got the 100 sq . yds of chess board painted with different colored stains that should last for a few years. We were able to play some human chess with other schools. We even did a play in front of TV cameras from stations around the state. We were doing great until an old psycho bipolar gf told the school district that I ocassionally talked about the benefits of herb and the site got national publicity. They forced me to resign with a great reference of course but fortunately most Australians didn't see the expose on sped teachers that are middle aged stoners.

Oh well, know I finally have a lap top and don't have to worry about them searching my computer to see where I've been surfing. That crazy lady and even her bitch on wheels, Mommy dearest...(these 2 had an ongoing mutal hate between each other, the Joan Crawford look a like confessed to me while the witch was in the bathroom that she had her daughter committed as if that was going to change my opinion of her? It's amazing about jealousy between women even when it's mother and daughter. The mother always wants to feel superior to her smart child so she has her committed.What kind of Mom would commits her daughter to a loony bin??) mounted all sorts of accusations.The old lady and her sent many nasty comments to me and even to the superintendent. The daughter hated her mother and was still desperate for the love her mother never gave her...
Oh well,I'm glad I can run down into the cleansing Pacific anytime I want to! I feel so free of anger and curses when I'm floating in the cleansing waves of the Pacific. I see my little blonde Buffy barking at me running into the waves but fearing stingrays...
ok so
they even interviewed her and her daughter on Fox news. They attempted to make it a national story as a way to "swift boat" my credibility as a special needs teacher.
Fox news and most neocons were very upset at my expose of Newsbusters and the neos. They hated the chess movie about the imperialistic capitalistic neoconquistadors who claimed to be Christians (sound familiar?) They were invading ancient America circa 1500 ad .The guerilla warfare tactics taught to the native american empires by the time traveller sucessfully sent the neoconquistadors back to Spain without any oil!
The neoconservatives thought that the movie was unpatriotic since it drew parallels to the past and the evil ways of the current neoempire. (They managed to steal most of the elections again in November/06 so they kept power.)
Well, I'm wondering about keeping up with the my relatives in America.

I miss clay and marty. I wonder if they will graduate or even stay out of jail now that I'm not there anymore. I miss the chess players and their sucess in academics. Folks get jealous whenever you are sucessful. I don't miss the Jedi Jesus and the Borg. She neglected her own students but was the first to point out that I wasn't following their IEPs. They were learning a lot of math and learning to read but whenever folks are sucessful, it's time for the Borg to be on the warpath!
I sent off a belated birthday card to a loved one. I'm sure it will be taken the wrong way. It seems as if the more you want to show your love for folks the more they resent you. I guess showering folks with love and generosity is the best revenge.

"The One Heart Song Prayer Project was founded 46 years ago. We are an international volunteer, not-for-profit organization dedicated to teaching and assisting the global community to live in joy, harmony, and respect, and to leave the earth a better place for future generations. The two common denominators of most members are a desire for world peace and balance, and the joining in a global collective prayer .Thursday night, 7:30 P.M., has become the established time for people of all faiths to join together in prayer to focus on world healing. It began with one circle of people of all faiths focusing on harmony and peace, and has grown to hundreds of circles that contribute to this world prayer network.The network includes circles of the indigenous peoples of North and South America, Africa, China, India, Turkey, Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia, Asia, and what was the U.S.S.R. As each circle connects, it contributes to the creation of a halo of love surrounding the earth."

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