Saturday, October 07, 2006

Full Moon over the Serendipachi Mountains

Full Moon over the Serendipachi Mountains!
Garvald plays poker with his neighbors not worried about the poker game while he intoxicates himself with the company. He walks Buffy after the game looking up at his moon running behind the clouds.
Another week has happened with his Navaho tribe and he is ready for some more adventures!
He is more aware of his finity in his mortal shell. Another teacher about his age has a stroke helping him realize how little time there is to do the magnificent things he can do while enjoying life as much as he can.
Betty lou makes peace with him setting up a meeting to discuss the behavior contract for Marty. Julio with his Venezuelan accent loves to hear himself speak, so G brings out the chess clock so he can get a point in edgewise . He wants to let him know how J wants to dominate conversations with his Venezuelan accent that others love to hear so much! more later

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