Sunday, October 22, 2006

The elections are coming up in 3 weeks and I see how this country has become so divided. It is so filled with hate and anger. I want to escape to Australia where folks are friendly. Families stay together even when the going gets tough. Children don't have several different fathers that are never part of their lives.

There is so much hypocrisy in this country. Reformed sinners appear to the be the worst and the most moralistic. Especially if they used to do lots of drugs and quit.They used to be hippies that smoked lots of weed and now they date cowboys that drink Capt. Morgan! tdf Suddenly they are on their high horse and judge teachers that ocassionally imbibe at the end of the day to lower their blood pressure instead of booze!
Bush is a prime example for being a reformed sinner. He smoked weed , did cocaine and drank a lot. Now rumor has it that he's drinking again.
Unfortunately teachers are put on this pedestal where they are not allowed to sin, where as the sinners are the first ones to throw stones if their children are taught by them. So they keep them home schooled where they are very often neglected and lack the ability to socialize with other kids their own age. They are shut out from the rest of the world because of an angry fearful parent.
Yes ocassionally I have enjoyed some herb but usually on lowers blood pressure! There has been a history of it in my family and I don't need any pharmaceuticals. The walmart machine registers about 120/70 but it's about 10 points or so higher when I haven't used any in a while.
An old gf even told me that her doctor recommended it so she wouldn't have misscarriages. Another bloke told me that his cancer went into remission when the Dr. suggested it.

I enjoy the challenge of helping students with emotional problems and severe learning disabilities. It can be a very stressful job, but I try my best and feel the rewards of reaching them on some days. Other days it's nice to relax and enjoy a little after a very hard day.

For those readers who pass judgement think about your own life and your many mistakes before you continue to cast your stones.

Other than that I had a great day enjoying riding in the mountains with Raphael. It's amazing going a little higher up you see beautiful Ponderosa Pines and alpine meadows . You forget that a few miles away and you are in a desert climate!

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