Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Chess Blossom!

I'm torn between the Balloon Fest or visiting Raphael and Erowyn for Aiden's first birthday in their soulmate haven! They have the most beautiful boy! Breast fed babies are so often the most beautiful babies. M always said that about my head and wonder why my mind loves to go there?? Subconciously does my mind go to that wonderful warm feeling of my long departed mother's warm milk? Does this deep hidden feeling still long for me to be involved again in that beautiful feeling?? Will I ever be a father and relive that wonderful experience through my children?
(post script a day later): I keep talking about weird coincidences! I came home late last night after getting sidetracked on newsbusters and there was this late night news show talking about how mothers are sending their milk to the starving and dying babies of Africa. It is helping them survive. They are able to fight off the aids and start gaining weight again. They are looking so much healthier! Isn't that weird??

Maybe I could still see them on Saturday, pick up some herb and then be in the Land of Enchantment's big city Saturday night??... to see the balloons rise early in the morning! It would be so nice to pick up some herb for the humongous driving through the desert! And it would be such a wonderful site mixed in with the pleasant buzz of euphoria??

So many birthdays in October! Marla's child, Sarah or Sally will be born around October 18th! That would be such an amazing serindipitous(?) coincidence if she is born on the same day of Alene's birthday! I still have that larged framed picture of her as a baby from a very long time ago!
Marla's husband is helping me with the chess project and we need to expedite it before the child arrives. I wanted to buy the paint (stain) for the maroon and gold colors tonight but I had to prepare 3 Ieps for a very long day tomorrow!
Please energies of the universe, help give me strength for such a long day tomorrow.
Give me the will power to push the boulder of this fantastic chess dream! The boulder will create this fantastic avalanche of energy for this community! The force will create this wonderful flower blossoming in our courtyard! There will be so much more painting in the courtyard! It will be a Phoenix in this long dormant desert!
How wonderful to celebrate it with the poker party in my neighbor's garage and then up at sunrise to head for the b'day party! They have such a beautiful place at the base of the mountains right in the middle of the Arizona desert! The different moist environment is like an island or oasis ! It forms it's own ecosystem the way Kilimanjaro does in the middle of the African desert!
Thursday 10/5
Today was almost as if the Energies of the universe answered my prayers! I had compliments all around for the Ieps and I was so stressed about them. They lasted all day but even the Borg said I did a wonderful job! The principal kept giving me the thumbs up too! 3 of the students had been misdiagnosed (?) with the MR (mental retardation) label. They were now making up for lost time and were doing so much better in school! We were excited about helping them gradually get the reading, writing and math levels closer to students their own age!
To top off a wonderful day, my chess players were eagerly waiting to play chess and be in the tournament on the 14th! I was 2-2 against another faculty member who stopped to get revenge on his 3 losses at the start of the year!"

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