Thursday, September 14, 2006

Today was one of the toughest days and it always happens when you have little sleep. You have no energy to deal with Clay and his tantrums. The assistants hate you so you finally go to the principal to get order back in the classroom that these ladies parked in their chairs have sabotaged any of your attempts to teach and have good rapport. The students pick up on this animosity in another language. A good friend that was a long term substitute assistant in that classroom knows how women are.
"Women hold grudges forever and won't let go.They will always hate you."
"They will only make your life hell"
G's mind wanders to all the ex gfs in his life that have never "moved on"(a common statement that is a blatant lie!). Even when they are old and grey, there is nothing worse than a woman scorned. If he lives to be as old as old as his Dad, will she still hate him?? He often wakes up in the am sadly thinking about all of his failed friendships. He hears Buffy sighs so effectively all of her worries gone in her exhale and almost envies his dog's life. He rolls over in his bed and hugs Buffy. She groans but tolerates her master.
So you are encouraged to assert yourself and get back your classroom! You feel energized and knock on your leader's door hopefully not to late. He comes outside into the cold wind. He listens to you and you feel so good that it will be taken care of.
Afterwards you have a heart to heart with Tom and become verklempt again. Tom's bachelor pad is so much "cooler" than yours. You tell him that there is only so much negative energy that you can absorb from these hateful creatures!
You become verklempt again and wear your emotions on your sleave. He also listens and you actually envy this young man's humbling experience and wisdom from a couple of years in Bangladesh.

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