Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Swift Boats in the Utopachi River!

SportPolitics Says:
September 13, 2006 - 01:37
I'm still wondering if rhayes school computer ban is in tact RJ.

yep , this computer is the only one that has access to this "forbidden site" and the library was banned or "forbidden access" for a week also
You don't have permission to access / on this server.
Apache/2.0.52 (CentOS) DAV/2 PHP/4.3.9 Server at Port 80"

Remember how he went insane - accusing this site of banning all of the reservations school's computers except his own teachers puter...

Then I caught him lying on several fronts- first he was in OZ, then he was here in the USA at 1am on the reservations computers posting to newsbusters...

douchebag with OCD, if you read this site you will see that Ive been teaching for over a month. I was in Oz in July.

I've considered him a complete moronic liar ever since, but he never did as far as I know find out exactly how other computers were "banned" at his - imaginary? 1am hackfest he was partaking in - on the poor abused mentally retarded native americans school computers...

ok, this is what we deal with when teachers are up for public scrutiny by folks like this. The sad thing is I've worked with emotionally disturbed parents and see the reason the child is that way? I can imagine this poor gentleman up late at night plugging away on his computer, with an oversized gut, one click away from his favorite porno channel!

Remember- he was caught in another awful lying statement, and tried to regain credibility by claiming he helped out the poor disabled kiddies- then same day only way later - we find out he's lurking in the middle of the night inside the school on a computer - he's a creep.

okayyy...and look at the posts from sports politics till what hours in the am? What kind of profession does this homeless man with a laptop by the dumpster have that makes him obsessed with Bush and left over double cheeseburgers from Mcds.

I feel sorry for those kids - noone will believe them when they try to tell what horrible things rhayes has done to them - if they can even speak well enough for someone to understand.

yep amazing how this poor bloke can spin and tell slander...but that's the nature of the neocon party and the human frailties with so many!

I decided not to respond to him as most of the idiot on this site now enjoy checking out my site!

of course this deranged gentleman will be allowed regardless of the ad hominem personal attacks!

by the way, today was a great day! Lots of learning ...lots of chess players improving their self esteem and knowledge

over 31 visitors just in september searching for newsbusters (bullshitbusters) and they find my site! Welcome neocons!
and a few obsessed blokes/bitches with many angry issues do a narcissistic search for their own newsbuster handle .. they can find my site too! wow!!
lata mates!

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