Monday, September 11, 2006

Spring time in Early Fall
During 9/11 he was in the middle of a relationship about to get engaged wondering about starting a family. His brother was fine. Ron saw the 2nd plane hit and took the ferry across to NJ. Then he saw them both fall from the banks of Hoboken.
Garvald was in love and excited about the possibility of a new life with a new family with children who would love him. He was scared more of that than terrorists.
Now it is 5 years later and loneliness scares him more than terrorists. Scared of being alone in his old age. But he learns to not feel alone when he's with the beautiful nature springing all up around him in the desert.
There is moisture in the air. ....
a feeling of rebirth in the community...
he senses that good can come out of bad....
flowers bloom in the desert...
he gathers them up while they bloom and soaks in the pollen
he tastes the native honey immunizing and immersing himself in the land
he walks his dog in the nature
the sun paints the foothills of Mt. Serendipachi so beautifully
it's the most beautiful evening since he arrived
How lucky he was to soak this in and
soak in the sun coming out of the Pacific shining onto his beloved beach
He sees that there are so many things to enjoy
the flowers of youth need him
as he needs their nourishment from watching them blossom
for his hungry soul
yearning to feel good about about it's present state of conciousness
in a shell that he needs to keep in good shape
for as long as the body will allow it to reside there...
he is starting to see who his soul is helping him become
he starts nuturing his garden (her)
and (she) smiles at his reflection
he sees how to be happy be again...
he had forgotten how to do that...
maybe the other souls that are with him also enjoy the image too
and they see the hope in his eyes of the many wonderful things to come
in the village of Utopachi!

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