Saturday, September 09, 2006


G wakes up a couple times wondering how to get out of his normal depression, (the feel sorry for himself attitude... feeling sorta left out like Holden Caulfied did in a world that he felt didn't understand him. He gets into this needy state of desire for company that has scared off many girls after Alene's death. He pull up Buffy loyally sleeping by his right side, he pulls her up and she gives that sigh that comforts him into a few more hours sleep. He's happy to just turn off the radio that comes on each morning at half 6 (aussie;)
After a jumbo egg brekkie(it breaks open into 2 embryos?...a sign??) filled with his normal ingredients of garlic, parmesan cheese , fresh zuchini and Tomahto(aussie pronuncation) sauce, cept it's not ketchup but our version with meat out of a can),
He walks over to Tim Gardener, the local Jesus lookalike... he's on the phone with his gf and then as soon he asks,
"Wassup, G?"
his Dad, who's 2 years younger than him, calls before can answer that question...
two folks that love him the most in his life and he wished that he had that love and connection with his own deceased Dad!
Garvald feels bad but he needs to talk with him to express his feelings of hurt but over some cider or a mango...neither help open him up to want to listen...He was interupting his makin' bacon and the phone so adroitly nestled with love in between his beard and shoulder. It was about 11 and he was recently up after a well deserved slumber after a hard week of classes, seminars and football. He was wearing his long pj pants and the clean brown Jesus hair
fell on his upper torso...
G envies him and having the next 2o years ahead of him and still be two years younger than this middle aged man deperately holding onto his lost youth as if it was within his grasp...the others in the small cul de sac are pleasantly distant from his invitations for the aussie way of pallava over coffee or brew. They are an elite corp that have given up the normal american materialistic ways for a chance to really get out of the comfort zone in another world and culture~! He wished that he was in that "church", or club(?) to have devoted yourself to another culture for a couple of years. The world would be such a better place if the govt enlisted peace corp folks the way they do the military as a way to give good will from this country to others that truly need our help in a peaceful way...

after an hour or so, Tim was off the phone and walked back over to his new neighbor's abode that well so immaculate and well gardened.
G thinks with an enlightened but anxious buzz how should he attempt to bond with this Christian hippy?? He pulls out a book from his standing room only literature stocked shelf,
"Jesus and his pipe(?)"
about a man trying to connect the attributes of both spiritualities, native american and Jesus? He briefly reads a bit but his right eye is messed up from the laser surgery (he wishes that he had the presription filled to help his vision! up close and far away! How could he be a visionary if he couldn't see properly?) ......

time is flying by and I wonder how to continue this story,
cept that G's friend(?) might be coming over tomorrow am for some of his freshly ground coffee with Navaho Pinon nut flavoring! Maybe he can help heal the feelings of animosity this good man might have towards him(?)...He said he couldn't car pool on Friday but he picks up Julio for the ride instead and then later G asks Tim for a beer and his continual invitations for bonding time are rejected..
"You don't want to have a beer with me? You don't like me??, " that neediness comes out again..
"No, it's easier to hang out with people (peace corp) where we have things in common"...
the street is populated with folks all a generation younger! When he was their age, they were'nt even out of grammar school??"

Garvald remembers back to the Byron Bay hostel in paradise. The beautful English girl brutally tells him that he's way too old for to be flirting with these young nomadic backpackers!
"You're way too old, G. What are you 45? The oldest girl here is only 25!"

Tim has been the intermediary between G's human angst and his feelings towards the Borg and Betty Lou! It only backfired as far as far as the relationship as peers and potential friends...
Garvald finally gets to say after his long conversatin on the phone,

"Well, you can only take so much shit talking before you've had enough!"

"Hey man, I've gotta go and don't forget your flip flops!" would Jesus say that to me if I wanted to have a beer with him?
G could read the cooled vibes of this mature young man in the drive back from the seminar to their village .....

...oh well, it's almost 4:20 now! Ta, M!

Neocons have a wonderful plan goin!
they can twist words such as these and claim them as their own!
plagiarism: the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own

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