Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"Be realistic: Plan a miracle" (Labor Day)

A 3 day weekend after only two weeks of school!I open a book of sayings that Dad had and I took it back with me along with all of his beautiful Hawaiian shirts just to know that I'm in his spirit...So it says when you need a solution to what's bothering you or for whatever is on your mind, open the book to a page and the answer will be there!"Please God, how do I have a great day and just enjoying myself today?? "the page said the above statement and I laughed to myself almost as He was talking to me.This book coincidentally and synchronisticly (? spell check won’t let me spell it this way) always has a saying for me that pertains to what's on my mind...as my mind goes into this fantasy(?) of there being a God or just the spirit of my Dad talking to me… by the way Muffy told me today she heard tribal music when he was in transition to the other side)He was talking to me ,"You want to enjoy yourself and be happy?, get back to reality!really,G, the way you can be happy is just plan this miracle!"....for me, the miracle is how chess will lift the scores in school and the childrens' self esteem so much, we will avoid reorganization by the Nazis of the Bush regime who thought of "No idiot left behind"!La says I'm a visionary and many times I actually believe her!I see it all happening...everything can all flow with synchronicity, "if you build it, the game will happen"( or something like that from the "Field of dreams"...every time I rewrite this, I feel this spirit and energy..I become verklempt-tears rolling down my cheeks so easily the way I was when I told the principal how I didn't have to come back from Oz, but after 3 more weeks of soul searching, I knew had to come back for the chess, my special boys and the native community of Serindipachi!)...first we get the paint and the permission from our charismatic leader who's had death experiences with cancer so he knows how to live each moment with gratitude, wonderment and awe each time he sees the sunrise paint the high desert and mountain blooming now with beautiful wild flowers ... Muffy told me tonight about Ingmar Bergman's movie "Wild Strawberries" and she thought of me pondering a game of chess the way lonely old man in the story kept going back to this game of chess as if it was a metaphor for his life...I remember that movie as one of my favorites of this very deep Swedish director.so we paint the courtyard into a chess board with maroon and yellow colors..the students (7 asked me to host a practice on Friday when I've only scheduled Tuesday and Thursday practices. There were 6 new freshman from the middle school..a couple had been regulars last year thanks to Raphael's involvement there...I need to call him and Erowyn!)...we build the pieces and then play out the game first with the paper mache(?) pieces and then with the human volunteers....we get as many teachers involved in this whole community project,invite a new middle aged teacher who also has dreams of this school having it's own TV station!!.He's gone back to school in his own mid life to become a teacher...I can see that he will help this school so much too!he was taking pictures for our newsletter last Tuesday!we'll invite the media for the first tournament in October with the youth festival in the city ......we'll get the elementary school and middle school involved...test all the students...ask for a simple math and English Iq test...have a before and after chess test!!
I am so excited I'm getting verklempt the way I was when I was invited to come over to the wonderful principal's home Thursday night and have a heart to heart talk after I was very upset about the way I was treated by these native ladies and the Borg ...
I was frustrated again with the native ladies in the life skills class and my Sped director, who chewed me out over Donovan, (the poor student who can't speak and has problems with sight but I believe is much smarter than he gives on to be)for refusing to get on the van. I asked for help so she was upset that I should be getting him on and wasn’t doing my job. It only took her 45 minutes to coax him with different things to stimulate him till he was happy ..I knew that when a group of bigger people surrounded him he gets on the van without problems...that happened Friday and today!...Two blokes from his center gently took his arm and he went without violent altercations immediately
Thursday was my roughest day..my temper was short with all the tension building up...the students whom I'm able to teach didn't want to go in that class but the Borg insisted that there had to be a teacher there...it was hot and these ladies insisted on not having on the ac …they were continuing to making a very irritating loud tapping sound that almost deliberately interfered with my teaching English and Math to the other students. They insisted that the kids in wheelchair needed to hear that very loud noise for stimulation ..
I asked if they could stop…they became mad and went to the principal ...He came down and observed me teaching basic phonics. He was pleased with the way I was teaching them..I felt so much better that night after talking with him and I asked if I could be in an inclusion class with both sped and regular students..
He said that he would think about it! That was all I needed. Friday became the best day of this school year ! Clay and Marty worked hard along with the other children ..to make a wonderful ending to the day, the Borg came up to me with the great news that I would be teaching algrebra inclusion
I’d be away from these angry old ladies..(that day they all had a native lunch in my classroom inviting two teachers but of course not inviting me while I ate carrots perfectly content to while my time away on the puter ..It was funny..I guess you would have to be there..I see it being made into a screen play or sit com..I'm praying to the Gods that the story will have a happy outcome or at least become sitcom ...like "Welcome back, Garvey!" where he finally wins over these ladies with his inner charm and charisma......Maybe he'll be the "Bahe" again??(Navaho or dine for “bread maker”) to be continued….


  1. "Keep it copasetic & you learn to accept it you know your so pathetic lyrics"

    someone today did a search for these lyrics and my site came up! It is so funny all the searches that folks do and my site comes up!
    I'm flattered!

  2. hippyland's baby names guide

    was another funny search where my site came up and 7 searches about the Bush murders in 1984 that have been hushed up!

  3. Hi John- Have been meaning to send Condolences about you dad for some time. This is Marie (M's friend). Remember? you have spent the last two x-mas's here and M has to wake you up each time you come over. Hopefully we haven't been to boring! Anyhow I have my own blog, so you might look at it. I have been pacing along writing a book, don't know if "M" mentioned it or not. Hopefully your classes are doing well, I am sure the kids are fortunate to have a patient teacher.

  4. Im sorry,Marie, I believe narcolepsy is a genetic trait on my mothers side.. even with the addaboy I was nodding off like M always sees me do when I have the remote in my hand watching cable at her home!
    Im glad youre writing your book...one of these days Id like to publish the best essays from here in a book after its edited of course! :)

  5. Rough draft for chess program in
    the Serindinpachi chess community!

    1. Make survey for teachers and student in all schools interested in chess
    a. How long and how well do you play chess?
    b. Do you ever play with students or peers?
    c. How much would you like to have chess tournaments open to the public in willing chess chapters.
    d. What parent involvement does the chess student have in his/her chapter

    2. Announce request for volunteers to be involved in painting a small section of the courtyard into a chess board with the school colors during, after school , and during a weekend allowing time for paint to dry.
    3. Announce request for those (16- 32) interested in performing chess play and other plays involving many curriculae especially the student TV station?
    4. announce the new chess program to the various local papers, newsletter, Navaho Times.
    5. Announce tournament, Saturday October 14th, in Gallup for youth festival!