Monday, August 07, 2006


Thanks so much, LA, the savior of my blog!!
I was worried about a high tech neocon lynching of this site (no appologies to the token non caucasian neocon of the right tilting supreme court)....
I'm back to the wonderful high and mostly dry state of enchantment....
Maybe it will finally happen and I'll have a succesful year of teaching...I definitely put myself out of my element coming here but it's ok,
since I'm weird to most okies of the redneck state of mind(I only feel comfortable in the much more eccentric but environmental land of OZ!! ;)...
I only had to wait about haahlf an hour (oz accent) to get on the bloody 'puter in the library about 30 miles from the lonely village of Utopachi nestled in at the base of the Serendipachi range..

I decided to do a top ten list of what I want out of this next school year and my life as the years accelerate by with no chance of pushing pause on life's vcr...(when chatting with LA on the phone enroute back from Flagstaff, she gave the best compliment of the month about believing that I am a visionary like this railroad entrepeneur she is writing about on one of her sites mentioned in
1. Make a chess movie about our highschool human chess play (more details later)
2. Find out Buffy's true feelings about the potential responsibilities of being a very young mother.
3. Make a real connection with the Indian community especially using chess as a way for these often very depressed people to build their self esteem and overall intelligence
4. Develop this blog with film and pictures of my travels while staying somewhat anonymous
until this story is turned into a best selling creative non fiction book and movie (she rolls her eyes at his (delusions ?? ;)
5. Use this blog as a stepping stone, learning tool and creative learning process to find my muse, my style and the way to put this all into a book/dogumentary/movie...
6. Buffy will become the new movie star of the century (she rolls her eyes again ;)
7. Perfect my teaching style a. make my lessons more entertaining
b. learn more about computers so that I can share the learning with my pupils
c. continue to strive on keeping cool under harassment from emotionally disturbed students and teachers
d. everday become better organized from tools and a newly evolved mindset.
8. Realize as I get older the other passions and loves (hobbies,etc) that I can find will be the healthy substitute for a waning libido.. you may not find your perfect soulmate but when you find your true passion (ie teaching chess and helping a poor community learn to have confidence in themselves as I'm learning to think that way regardless of all the people that you wished accepted you but never would)

I'm so excited coming back and so impressed with the new principal and how he will support the chess program. Over a friendly impromptu barbie Monday evening I met the newly hired gentlemen who has over 30 years experience and was a band director for over 20 years...a band leader, I think could make a great principal if all the instruments and music work together in symphony!!

Oh by the way, I had noticed a very warm heartfelt letter to written to my father before he passed away. I did not know that she was writing to him after the break up. It was a shame that she had to write the angry and thoughtless lying comment below. So that is up to Michelle Church to make an issue of thanking her for helping my father out before he passed away.